10 Best Careers Beyond AIIMS, IIT, IIM, CA

If you have completed your education in AIIMS, IIT or IIM or even if you are CA holder, you might be thinking about the best career options. Let us explore.

Every year, more than 9000 students get through the competitive JEE Entrance exam and they enter the most dreamt gates of the Indian Institutes of Technology. This holds true for the top-rated IIM and AIIMS as well. Students getting out of these institutions are seen with great respect in the society and this continues in the job market as well. Organizations show interest towards hiring IITians with great interest says Career Expert Mr Mukesh Maheshwari. Here are the career choices available for candidates getting out of these top institutes and those with Chartered Accountancy qualification:

  1. Data Analytics: Data Analytics is an excellent career option available for IITians. Data analysts also have the option to become entrepreneurs.
  2. Public sector jobs: Be it an IITian or even if a candidate has passed out from IIM, AIIMS or even those with a CA can look for public sector jobs.
  3. Social entrepreneurship: There are instances, where IITians have turned out to be entrepreneurs of big social media sites and they are making differences in the lives of many people.
  4. FMCG: It was predicted by the India Brand Equity Foundation that the market size of the Indian FMCG sector will reach a value of US$ 135 billion by the year 2020. So, those getting out of the elite institutions and even CAs can consider starting their career in the FMCG industry.
  5. Education: Many educational and research institutions recruit IITians and IIM Graduates as faculty members. The reason is that they have educated themselves in the right manner even to get admission to these institutions. So, education is an excellent career choice even for AIIMS and CAs.
  6. Research & Development: By the year 2020, NASSCOM has reported that Engineering Research & Development will reach $40 billion. Innovation is the need of the hour in this industry with a shortage of resources. So, AIIMS pass-outs and IIT and IIM pass-outs can enter this domain.
  7. Engineering Services: NASSCOM has reported that India will soon be an international hub for engineering services. Product lifecycles are turning out to be shorter and so organisations across the segments try to give extra value to customers these days. So, this is yet another promising industry.
  8. IT Sector: Of course, most IITians get into this career. But, this sector has opportunities even for IIM and AIIMS pass-outs. Even, CAs can serve this industry as they will have welcoming opportunities.
  9. Career in Counselling: IITians are generally known for their leadership skills. When they develop their knowledge on different career options, they can turn out to be career counsellors. It is a lucrative career choice for CAs, IIM and AIIMS graduates.
  10. Financial Service Sector: It might look that financial service is a sector that will suit only IIM passouts and CAs and not IITians and AIIMS graduates. But, still, this industry has career options for these candidates as well.

So, if you have completed your graduation from an IIT or IIM or AIIMS or even if you are a CA, you can consider the above-mentioned career options.

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