4 Frequently Asked Questions On CEREC Same-Day Crowns

With the latest advancements in technology, you can now easily get same-day crowns. All the patients who are broken, weak or damaged teeth can go for this treatment and get the custom-filled teeth in just a few hours. Doesn’t that sound impressive?Now, coming to the details of the procedure, many people have doubts about whether they should be getting the treatment or not. To make your search easier, we have incorporated a few ideas that will help you know more about the procedure. So, let’s discuss in detail!

Q. How do the same day crowns work?

The CEREC same-day crowns use CAM/CAD technology which helps to create the crowns in just a few hours. In this procedure, the dentist uses a special camera to take a picture of the tooth which needs crowns. This helps to know the current condition of the tooth and help to display that on the color screen. Accordingly, the technology is used to design the restoration.  Generally, the procedure takes around an hour, and you get significant results.

  1. Why do people prefer CEREC same day crowns over the traditional crowns?

One of the major reasons why people go for same-day crowns is to avoid multiple dental visits. With the hectic workings schedules, we hardly get any time, and nobody likes to waste that time. With the help of same day crowns, you can now get the work done in a single visit. No need of temporary crowns, you will get permanent ones in a matter of a few hours. These crowns are created with a durable, thick block of porcelain which stands the wear and tear. You will instantly get the natural-looking crown matching to the other teeth.

  1. Why do you need dental crowns?

 The dental crowns serve an aesthetic and functional purpose. Looking at the functional perspective, the dental crowns helps to protect your natural tooth which looks flawed. The treatment will perfectly blend in the flawless smile and give you a natural appearance. Are you wondering, who all needs dental crowns? Well, the treatment is commonly needed by people who have – broken tooth, decayed tooth, chipped tooth, or severe discoloration of the tooth.

  1. How long do the dental crowns last?

The average life of dental crowns is between 5-15 years. There are many crowns which need to replaced due to the cavity being formed underneath the crown. To avoid these circumstances, you need to take good care of your dental hygiene. The dentists usually recommend flossing and brushing two times a day. Not just that, you must get the regular dental check-ups to avoid any further problems.

All in all, the dental crown procedure can help to replace the damaged or broken teeth and give you a natural appearance. Just make sure you choose a reputed dentist like – Wainright & Wassel DDS. Refer to the official website to know further details. So, what are you wondering? Schedule your appointment today!

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