4 Things to Know Before You Use Online file Converters

There are a lot of people who change the file formats regularly. Especially, if you are a designer, you would have been through these file conversions a lot. We all go through a point where one must change the file format in order to make it compatible for a particular device or software to be used. For that, people usually use the https://onlineconvertfree.comĀ that help in converting the files into desired formats and return back with the conversions in no time. However, the question is that should you really use them? Here are 4 things to know before you put your hands on a file converter.


First of all, you should know that all the websites are not safe. There are cases when the sites are hacked and whatever data or file you are trying to convert is no more safe. There can be virus on the server which can infect your files and you will end up with Trojans and viruses in your system. Moreover, some sites might ask for email address where they would send you spam and unwanted mails. So, always go to a trustworthy and reliable website.


The quality is another matter of concern when we are converting online files. For instance, converting a CAD text file into a Scan2CAD file, you will end up with a number of different results. First, you will have quality services that would simply reformat the text while keeping the things in order. However, if you end up converting with a low quality service, you may find that the text is not in order or there are unwanted gaps and spaces in the text. Moreover, even with vectors and other images or files, poor quality conversion can lead to numerous problems.


Almost all the file conversion softwares, including the paid and free converters, online and offline programs, all would tell you that they delete the files as soon as they are converted. However, it is a bit hard to digest and there will be sites that might keep your data for numerous reasons. Now, while you are converting a sensitive file, maybe a business proposal or an exclusive design, things can become tough as these sources may use the file later on any platform. So, be cautious about your privacy.

File size

Another thing that you must watch out for is the file size. Generally, the online converters have a limit of anywhere between 50 to 150 MB for a file size. While working with graphics, things tend to be heavy and you might end up with a file that is larger than the prescribed size. Thus, take a look at the permitted maximum file size before you use converter.


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