4 Tips For Men To Look Dapper Every Time With T-Shirts

Looking dapper is not just about the appearance of a man, it’s also about defining the personality among the peers. The fashion comes and fades so soon but the only thing stays is your style quotient. So, stick hard to that and believe in your intuitions while selecting any type of dress.

Where most of the world thinks that T-shirts are for boys and shirts are for men, millennials tend to ignore this type of quotations and have made their own fashion rule book. But not ever time, it goes right! Here are top four tips for men to look dapper every time with T-shirts. And believe the article, it’s super easy:

  1. Boy Vs Men T-Shirts

Avoid portraying yourself as a teenager and look attractive while boasting your maturity and potion of wisdom among the babes and buddies. Be it casual men T-shirts or sport one, always mind your persona and try to heavy graphics or print aided T-shirts. Despite the popular belief, these graphic men T-shirts won’t lend the funny or edgy or original look yet degrade your dependable look. Avoid over flashy ones and go according to the mood of the season. Don’t blend in the crowd, be the showstopper of every moment.

Opt for solid T-shirts, chequered or striped tees or henleys or polos for a complete transformation.

  1. Of Course, Pairing Is Important

Any confusion? Go with denims and you will never go wrong. And if you want extras, here are the expert tips:

  • Buy online T-shirts and pair them up with matte chinos during summers.
  • Capris are just perfect for a beach side party and neon coloured polo T-shirts.
  • Avoid too much baggy jeans and go for a straight cut if you have a lean physique otherwise regular will be perfect.
  • Embellishments, extra distressing or ripping is a total NO!
  • Big logos on jeans look clowny; avoid that.
  • Straight or exact body fit polos look great with balloon jeans.
  1. Do You Know – Ladies Notice Your Footwear?

Let’s settle it with a quick round:

  • Boat shoes and tassel sneakers are the loud trends of today’s era and they give a confusion-less appearance with men T-shirts.
  • In a hurry? Go with a white T-shirt, dark jeans and any kind of solid shirt for layering and finish off with sneakers.
  • Rugged brown boots are great if the day is special with a mug of beer.
  • Think of beach; think of espadrilles.
  1. Mind Your Accessories

The task isn’t just about ‘buy mens T-shirts online’ but to look beyond that! When talking about looks and fashion, accessories also come on the top list for both men and women. They can easily uplift even the dull appearance of an outfit.

  • Metallic watches are for dappers and leather straps are for serious ones. Choose yours according to your mood!
  • A plain ring can transform your appearance.
  • Avoid flashy or preppy belts and go for natural leather belts.
  • Magnetic button wallets are for the swaggers.

Hunt for classiness and don’t exaggerate on layering or putting additional, and you’ll stand out automatically!

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