5 Major Benefits You Can Expect From Bulk SMS

In a country like ours where cell phones outnumber toothbrushes SMS is a reliable mode of communication. It is a reliable and sure shot approach in reaching out to your targeted audience. At the same time it does provide to be a powerful medium where you can reach out to a large chunk of audience at a single go.

High ROI with minimum degree of effort

TV advertisements or open air forms of communication are restrictive for medium sized organizations. In setting up of bulk SMS the running costs can be executed for a small fraction of a cost with stable conversion rates. This has to be in comparison with the conventional marketing methods. Being cost effective and ensuring exceptional yield from a functional point of view, showcasing of SMS is basically a tool promoting instrument for SME.

Open messages

98 % of the time messages are opened and read by the receiver. All this happens in a time frame of 5 seconds. In addition 20 % of the messages are opened within 48 hours. So if you are looking for people to read your messages, then choose SMS on all counts.

Flexibility and speed

Most of the organizations are expected to align with the competitive demands of the business world. In this regard adaptability along with versatility is the key indicators to the changing demands of a business. In bulk SMS advertising there is zero time and this means that the message can reach out to the intended audience in just a matter of few seconds.


With SMS it can be aligned to the needs of a user and this will reach out to them in just a matter of seconds. It can be figured out as per the clients past purchasing power in combination with socio economic factors. On the basis of personalization and demographic segments you can also classify the messages. If you are looking to achieve this same degree of specialization in other form of tasks it can prove to be a difficult task. With free SMS API for website things become a lot easy as well. It does appear at a low cost and does have a positive impact on the beneficiary.

You can easily target the messages

Gone are the days where you fired messages out in the open without having concise idea on where it will reach. It has to reach out the intended party as then only the purpose of the advertisement is going to be served. If an organization operates on a restricted budget they need to have an eye on the costs as this you can expect under a given situation.

With SMS ape integration it would be easy around 7 times to pick up a client, rather than picking up a new client and communicating to them about the new product or services on offer

These are some of the major advantages associated with bulk SMS that you cannot afford to ignore.

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