5 Reasons to Take up A Cloud Computing Certification

In recent years, many organizations and enterprises have shown interest in migrating to the cloud. As a result, cloud computing has witnessed rapid growth and expansion. Cloud computing has today become a necessity for being an option. To exist and compete in today’s IT market, organizations have realised the importance of cloud computing, globally. Cloud computing serves as a backbone today for a company’s IT framework.

A large number of business organizations are investing in cloud technology worldwide. It is also anticipated that cloud computing will become a billion dollar industry in the coming years. The revenue of the three popular cloud platforms; Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google cloud are expected to reach more than 30 to 40 billion dollars within the next 2 years. No doubt that the cloud has become an integral part of today’s IT industry, creating more job opportunities for cloud professionals. Being an experienced cloud technician alone is not enough to survive in today’s competitive digital world. You also need various cloud certifications like Cisco Certification training or CCIE Routing & Switching Certification​ training to get your skills validated as a qualified and trained cloud professional.

Whether you are a newbie and have just started a career in cloud computing or an experienced professional and want to upgrade your skills, following are few reasons how cloud certifications are beneficial for you in today’s world:

1.     They Fill The Gap Of Trained Cloud Professionals In The Industry

Despite being preferred globally across countries, cloud technology is an industry that still lacks trained professionals. To fill the void of trained professionals, we need such trained cloud specialists with Cisco Certification training or Microsoft Azure training who have sound knowledge about cloud operations and can design, develop and implement a sound cloud framework effortlessly and effectively. To successfully establish a cloud infrastructure in an organization, cloud training and certifications play a key role for training individuals to design a smooth cloud infrastructure.

There are numerous cloud certifications that are focused towards the services and products of a particular cloud vendor or providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud certifications. Currently, there is more than 20,000 job position for professionals who specialize in the AWS cloud platform. Similarly, the job opportunities for Microsoft Azure cloud professionals has drastically grown as well.

There are a large number of business corporations who seek the services of professionals trained and skilled who can employ Azure cloud services. Therefore, getting a vendor-specific cloud certification is a great way to improve your career and get validated globally. Many businesses prefer to adopt DevOps practices for new apps and software solutions and services. As more and more business organizations are adopting DevOps practices, there is a drastic change in the demand for experienced professionals in app development.

2.     They Can Help You Earn More

Due to continuous development in cloud technology, there is no doubt that cloud computing is a lucrative field. If you are planning to build a career in cloud computing, then are numerous areas that you can work and specialize in. You can either explore the option ofCCNA Cyber Ops developer, designer or administrator. You can even specialize in cloud architecture. Recent studies show that the annual income of a cloud developer, on one hand, ranges from $100,000 to $115,000.

Cloud administrators, on the other hand, can earn up to $80,000, while cloud architects have the highest salary levels. Cloud architects can earn between $125,000 and $180,000. Such pay scales show that cloud computing is indeed a lucrative field, and getting appropriate training from reputable sources can turn to be beneficial for both the employer and the employee.

3.     They Help Professionals To Stay Relevant In The IT Industry

Change is inevitable, and it is extremely important to update your IT skills and knowledge to remain relevant in the industry. Being up-to-date with the latest technological skills can help you to perform your tasks more effectively as you won’t find it too hard to use new softwares, tools, devices and services. Learning new skills not only helps you to perform your tasks more efficiently, but you can also use these skills to help update your portfolio. Since employers, these days prefer such individuals who possess exceptional multi-tasking skills and can perform well under pressure, getting your skills updated is a great way to get better job opportunities and improve your credibility in the industry.

Cloud certifications are also a great way to learn numerous cloud skills in less time. Once you start to work on improving your skills through training and certification programs, you will be able to secure your job position despite the changing dynamics of the IT industry as employers value such employees who are highly trained and skilled in cloud technology and do not want to lose them. Once you get a hold on various cloud computing skills, you can expect better career prospects with high salaries. Therefore, it is safe to say that whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, learning new skills in cloud computing is a great way to boost your career and improve your credibility in your organization as well as in the IT market.

4.     Cloud Certifications Are Recognized Globally

Thereis no doubt that cloud technology is becoming a business imperative for businesses across the globe. One of the main features of cloud technology is data security and its ability to recover data quickly without any additional expenses. Despite its numerous benefits, many business organizations are still skeptical about migrating to a cloud platform due to lack of trained professionals who can manage cloud operations. Many businesses seek for such cloud professionals who can perform advanced level cloud operations within the IT budget of the organization and can plan different cloud strategies to save time and reduce risks to execute your organizational functions and goals through cloud computing.

5.     They Help To Improve Your Career Prospects

If you want to make a successful career in the cloud industry, there is no doubt that cloud computing certifications can improve your chances of securing that job interview. Such certifications help you to stand out from the crowd and improve your credibility for your employers and also help to prove you possess the required cloud computing skillset to perform your job efficiently.

Final word

In recent years, cloud services have completely changed the way companies operate. From startups to large business corporations, all prefer to use cloud technology for their business operations.Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced professional in the field of cloud computing, a cloud certification will surely help you to improve your skills and knowledge in cloud operations to help you develop such qualities that are required for the growth and development of an enterprise.

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