5 Reasons You Should Invest into Property in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is located on the east bank of River Hooghly. It is the commercial and educational hub of India. The port of Kolkata is renowned as the oldest functional port of India. The Cultural Capital of India is also nicknamed as ‘The City of Joy.’ Kolkata is the third most populous city of India after Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is one of India’s leading cities with many public and private sector industries Kolkata Suburban Railway and Trams that connects the town’s distant suburbs is what makes the city stand out from the rest. The Kolkata metro is one of the oldest underground public transport units. Kolkata is known to have one of the most affordable residential properties. Investing in flats in Rajarhat, and flats in Howrah, the two main suburbs of Kolkata, might be a wise choice for you. Following are the five major reasons that can compel you to buy flats in Kolkata.

5 Major Reasons to Invest in Property in Kolkata

Affordable Prices

As compared to other metropolitan cities, property in Kolkata is much more affordable and pocket-friendly. Kolkata has emerged to be the best regarding infrastructure, engineering, industries, education, and culture. Migration is the most common in Kolkata due to the low property prices with such advancements.

Real Estate Advancement

The 4th most populous city in India is now a major hub of Financial Companies, Information Technology Tourism, Restaurants and Real Estate in India. Kolkata has shown a significant increase in the commercial as well as residential real estate sector. The residential real estate sector of North Kolkata is appreciated more than the rest city. Government’s active participation has resulted in the development of the city.

PDQ Suburb Development

Kolkata’s constant urbanization has demanded an increase in the area of living. The suburbs of Kolkata are expanding for centuries. Kolkata was once known as the British capital which was lost to Delhi in 1911. The urban population of Kolkata is decreasing gradually, and the population of the suburbs is increasing due to the development of the area. The most sought residential suburb areas are Rajarhat and Howrah.

Cost of Living

The cost of Living in Kolkata is low compared to other metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai. The suburbs are known for their low property costs. Especially if you buy flats in Howrah or Rajarhat, the rent would be more efficient. Thought the prices of property in Kolkata are increasing, the cost of living remains low comparatively which makes the city more likely to live in.

Education & Career Choices

The city is home to many reputed schools and colleges giving a comprehensive option for schooling in Kolkata. The booming industries and companies in the city offer more career choices for people planning to migrate to the city.

Flats: How are they a better choice?

The best reason to buy a flat in Kolkata is that you can live in the suburbs that demand to live in a lesser area with more transportation and other facilities. Bajaj Finserv offers various property options on Homes & Loans,  where you can also choose home loans that would help you buy the house of your dreams. Investing in 2 BHK flat in Kolkata can give you the double benefit to taste the ancient tradition along with the high-tech development and amenities of the suburbs of Kolkata. If you are planning to move to Kolkata, do not have a second thought, you can pack your bags!

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