5 Symptoms of Gas Leakage in Split AC

Gone are the days when air conditioners were used as a status symbol. Now, air conditioners have become a necessity as nothing can provide such a relief from the blazing heat outside. ACs have become a boon in summers. Once it is turned on, nobody wishes to switch it off. Due to the continuous usage, there may arise some problems later. The minor problems may also lead to the improper functioning of the air conditioner.

Following are the common problems that are generally faced by the users:

Frequent Switching Off of Compressor: When the filter of the split AC gets blocked due to heavy accumulation of dust, it becomes harder for AC to intake air. This disturbs the circulation and the operating temperature of AC goes above the ideal. This leads to cut off of the compressor. To set it right, you can simply take out the filter and wash it.

Foul Smell: At times the split AC emits bad odours on getting started. This happens because of the blockage caused by the dust and debris in the drainage system of an air conditioner. Due to this, water gets accumulated and starts smelling bad.

Ice Formation on Cooling Coil: As the level of refrigerant goes less than the required amount, the temperature of cooling coil drops below the normal level. This is the reason that the moisture gets condensed on the coil and freezes.

Refrigerant Leakage: This is one of the common problems noticed with split ACs. The refrigerant (known as AC gas) is mainly responsible for cooling the air. If the refrigerant level is low, the AC stops cooling properly. The refrigerant is stored at a high pressure which creates a constant pressure on the curves and joints of the copper pipes. These pipes may get weak and develop a leakage due to humidity. For this problem, you can call the professionals who provide AC gas filling service in Delhi.

Too much Noise: On starting the AC, the indoor unit makes too much noise. This is due to the fan inside the indoor unit which gets imbalanced sometimes. Additionally, the noise can also be because of the accumulation of dirt on a fan. This problem can be fixed by dismantling the unit and cleaning the fan.

With regular maintenance and service of the air conditioner, these problems can be avoided. In case of any problem, contact the professionals at Lifeasy who can fix the issue in no time. Without delay, just call them professionals and get Split AC service in Delhi. Their technicians can provide reliable service through their years of experience and comprehensive knowledge.



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