6 Prevention Tips For a Fit Car This Winter

With free fall temperatures, the risk of frost and snow, not to mention the ice that threatens, Midas garages recommend that you prepare your car for the winter. Indeed, some preventive measures can allow you to avoid winter automobile breakdowns. The most common problems are with the battery, tires, fuel filter or air conditioning, as well as the general visibility in the cabin of the car.

You can contact your Midas specialist directly for control of these points, most of which are free. And if a repair or replacement is compulsory, it will be based on a clear and precise quote, and for a correct and transparent price. Do you want to be sure you have a vehicle in good condition as winter approaches? Better to have complete maintenance of your car.

Adequate Tires, For Better Adhesion

When the temperature falls below 9 degrees, it is better to mount winter tires on your car. A small mnemonic: it is done each year more or less at the same time as the change to winter time.

Winter tires are designed to guarantee optimum performance when temperatures are low and in winter conditions. They are made of a weaker rubber than conventional tires and are also equipped with so-called slats. They, therefore, adhere better to damp, snow-covered or frozen ground. Winter tires are easy to recognize with their mountain-shaped logo surrounding a snowflake. Their grip is better not only in case of snow, but also in rainy weather, and their braking distance is 4.6 meters lower, as well as their handling is up to 25% higher in turns.

Checking the Battery, To Avoid Failures

A very common problem in the winter is flat batteries. A question is all the more important that the battery is not only a starter. Good to know: electronic components account for 40% of current cars. All of these parts depend directly on the condition of the battery.

The Water in the Fuel Filter Can Cause Failure

Fuel filter failures are also common during the winter season. The occurrence of water in the fuel filter is a problem in winter. This water can freeze, and bacteria can also develop. This is why it is significant to have the presence of water checked in the fuel filter before the beginning of winter.

The Importance of Good Visibility

Who says reduced visibility in the passenger compartment of the car, says not only lack of driving comfort, but also the risk of an accident.

Some prevention tips will keep you on the road:

Clear the windows and roof of your car in case of snow. Many Belgians do not know that it is mandatory to clear the windows and the roof of cars, in case of snow accumulation. Carefully remove the windshield wipers, so they do not get damaged in case they get frozen. A good scraper will do the trick in a while.

The wipers and especially their blades suffer particularly extreme weather conditions. So remember to control them and possibly change them: you will avoid seeing anything in the event of a shower.

Also, make sure you have plentiful washer fluid and antifreeze in it. Each season, its specific liquid. In winter, it is better to opt for a washing liquid with antifreeze. You will prevent fluid from freezing on the windows of your car, and even worse, freezing in the tank or lines, which can lead to system failure and damage to the lines. Always have spare fluid in your car or home. However, do not use the methanol-based washer fluid as it is harmful to the environment.

Conditioned Air Is Useful In Winter Also

The air conditioning system is the best way to effectively defog the windows of your car. Check in good time the proper functioning of the air conditioning, to avoid seeing nothing through your windows.

Do Not Forget Anti-Freeze

Change the antifreeze fluid regularly, according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer. Always ensure that the tank contains enough. In case of lack of antifreeze, you run the risk of damaging your engine and breaking down. To avoid any risk of failure, have the quantity of product checked each winter.

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