8 Best Healthy Meal Replacement Drinks

Dieting, for a long time, had been touted as the ultimate way to keep lean and fit. However, studies have shown that more often than not, diets actually contribute to weight gain. Most diets rely on calorie deficiency to work. This counter-productive approach only serves to induce stress, increase hunger pangs and ultimately results in binge eating. How then does one attain their weight management goals without dieting?

Meal replacements shake, as the name suggests, are the new alternatives for weight management. They work to replace high-calorie diets with a lighter, but highly nutritious option. The shakes are including all the elements of a balanced diet- energy-giving carbohydrates, healthy fats, body-building proteins, vitamins and fiber that curb cravings and regulate appetites.

The shakes come in particularly handy when one is pressed for time and is unable to prepare their own healthy meals. Because they come prepackaged, they provide a form of structure and control when it comes to food portions, as well as consumption of essential nutrients.

As with any other weight loss tools, there is a myriad of meal replacement shakes for women shakes in the market. A good meal replacement drinks should provide the essential nutrients, taste good, curb hunger cravings and be fairly priced. Some of the best healthy meal replacement shakes for women in the market include the following:

  1. Whey & Oats

This shake is a particularly good way to start your mornings. It contains essential nutrients such as complex carbohydrates like oats that are energy giving foods; amino acids that aid in muscle building. In addition to being easy to make, they come in 3 tasty flavors: chocolate-glazed donut, vanilla almond pastry, and blue berry muffin, at a measly 150 calories per serving, which makes for a delicious and healthy breakfast.

  1. Opti-Fit Lean Protein Shake

This powdered protein shake offers a mix of fast and slow releasing proteins, carbohydrates sourced from oats, chickpeas and chicory root, a blend of essential vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber for fullness. It is easy to prepare by mixing with cold water, with a great taste to boot.

  1. Lean Body

This shake provides an all-in-one solution for weight loss. It contains a 50/30/20 ratio of high release proteins, complex, energy giving carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids. Additionally, it provides much- needed fiber that aids digestion, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals that promote overall health. With the promise of muscle strength and growth, immunity-boosting, and a no artificial preservatives, trans-fats or colors guarantee, Lean Body might be the best replacement shake for you.

  1. MET-Rx Meal Replacement Shake

This shake contains Metamyosyn which blend proteins that aid in the building of lean muscles. In addition, it also contains energy-giving carbohydrates, low-fat content, 25 essential vitamins, and minerals. In addition to being gluten-free, it also has no added sugars. Packaged in small easy to carry packets, the shake offers convenience and flexibility of use and can be mixed with water or milk, as desired.

  1. Whole food shake

This tasty plant-based meal replacement tops the list for vegans looking for weight management solutions. It boasts of proteins primarily sourced from plants like peas, legumes, brown rice, vitamins A, C, E, K and B for optimal health and energy, fibers that aid p digestion, and minerals such as iron and phosphorus for their anti-oxidation and cell repair properties.

  1. 310 Shakes

With 90 calories per serving, the 310 Shakes provide a balanced, and tasty nutritional source. The plant -based proteins contains pea, brown rice, and hemp that helps one say full longer, muscle recovery and boost metabolism, resulting in weight loss and overall wellness. With no added sugars or preservatives, the shake, which also comes in several flavors are a good alternative for weight management,

  1. Carb Watchers Lean Body

This meal replacement drinks is a convenient solution that offers reduced intake of carbohydrates, instead of replacing the carbs with high protein for maximum muscle growth, low-glycemic high fiber carbs, vitamins, and minerals. With a 50% fewer carbohydrates guarantee, it is ideal for achieving the lean look. Further, it also comes in 3 delicious flavors: Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice Rema.

  1. RAW Organic Meal

This organic shake combines seven products in one container: clean proteins, greens, fiber, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and sugar. These work together to curb hunger and support weight loss and ultimately promote overall health and wellness

Ultimately, choosing the most suitable meal replacement shake boils down to the individual. Understanding one’s lifestyle, as well as the different nutritional requirements specific to oneself, is key. With that information, one can then adopt a shake that works for them.

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