Advantages of Buying Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

All of us very well know that a ceiling fan’s primary function is to cool down your home or business premise which is a necessary relief particularly during the summer months. Do you also know something about the advantages of ceiling fans? Do you have some idea about the ability to reverse, that reclaims the trapped heat in the ceiling area and very efficiently pushes it back down to the floor while saving a profuse amount of energy on your bills?

Savings of up to 25% during summer cooling are fully achievable just by turning your thermostat down some degrees. For every digit which you turn down, you can save 7% which ultimately adds up to lots of savings.

If you already have an existing air-conditioning set up at home, then a ceiling fan will compliment it which is one more benefit of the product. Just turn the system settings down by 4-5 degrees centigrade to see a whopping 45% reduction in air-conditioning system’s operational costs. It simply means you will be supporting both the planet and environment by installing the best ceiling fan for office.

Most people don’t have any idea that a ceiling fan takes very less to run. Some are less than a 60 watt light bulb and this is the reason they are utilized all year long as they cost just next to nothing to provide a gentle cooling breeze or the recycling of trapped hot and humid air during the winters.

Things to consider while buying ceiling fans for office keeping in mind energy conservation-

  • Always go fro a brand that is well known for manufacturing high energy saving fans with 5-star status.
  • Always make sure that the fan you are going to buy is equipped with copper motor winding as it will take lesser level of energy for functioning efficiently.
  • The lighter the blades, the lesser the power consumption.
  • Alternatively, in place of a standard fan, go for a fan with 600mm blade in high speed category. It will give you better air flow while consuming lesser electricity.


One of the most important factors associated with energy efficient ceiling fans is the Round Per Minute (RPM) Needless to say, high speed fans run very fast and give the best possible air flow, but they are more prone to get heated in lesser time of operation. Therefore, go only for the brand that you trust most for durability. Almost all reputed ceiling fan manufacturers in India offer unmatched warranty and extended warranties on their entire product range letting you enjoy complete peace of mind for longer times. So, follow all the above-mentioned tips if you are really in search of the best ceiling fan to serve your purpose.


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