All You Need To Know About ACCA

What is ACCA?

ACCA (association of chartered certified accountants)offers chartered certified accountant certification. It is one of the best organizations and is spread across the globe with around 5 lacs students and 2 lacs employees. Students passing out from ACCA are qualified and knowledgeable and work in almost every sector one can think of.

What is ACCA training?

ACCA institutions are spread across the globe. Students can enrol in these coaching centers after completing their 10th boards. The course duration is two years. The course consists of a total of 14 examinations. The student must pass all the 14 exams in order to receive the certificate. The student is presented with 10 years to pass and complete all the examinations. The courses are classified into two categories, fundamental and professional. The students can learn using books, online lectures, webinars, or E-books, etc. The student must have ‘Grade A’ (or equivalent marks) in both math and English, to get ACCA training. The trainers of ACCA are professional and knowledgeable, who would guide you to achieve your goal.

How will ACCA training help you?

ACCA certificate is accepted at the global level. Financial industries value ACCA qualification. The training will help you understand the subjects completely. With a minimum of 3 or 4 years in the finance market, you would know the market trends completely. In a short span of time, the student can develop rapidly and earn a lot. Many leading companies prefer students who have an ACCA certificate. Students and trainers are known for their ethics and professionalism.

ACCA training is acknowledged for quality, teaching, and syllabus. India hosts around 13000 ACCAs. Go for ACCA and become a part of our family.

ACCA in terms of career

You need not wait for 12th board results. You can take up ACCA coaching even after 10th standard. It is a 2-year course and after that, the student would earn like a CA. Sometimes, even more. A student needs to invest only half the time of a CA. the certificate of ACCA is recognized globally and the student would have in numerous job options at the completion of course.

The perks of ACCA training:

  1. The classroom lectures are conducted on weekends.
  2. The student can take the training according to his (or her) comfort as ACCA provides flexible training hours.
  3. The certificate of ACCA holds value globally.
  4. The ACCA qualification is equivalent to a college degree.
  5. The job opportunities are not limited to a particular sector.
  6. The students can take up jobs in any field like accountancy, banking sector, consultation, auditing, tac systems, etc.


If you are unsure with your career plans, go with ACCA training. It is easy to pursue with only two- year duration. With an ACCA certificate, the student can easily get high-paying job offers. Also, the student can get multiple job offers. The job opportunities are not restricted to a particular sector. ACCA students are recognized globally.


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