Amazing Health Benefits of Ultrasound Machine

The technology and medical science have advanced by leaps and bounds. Because of many studies and researches carried every now and then it has become easy to treat almost all diseases. Still, there are few health conditions which require external aid as well along with medicines. In certain cases like paralysis, brain hemorrhage, accidents or major surgeries patients need external aid alongside the medications. There are various therapies that are offered externally to the patient which assist in complete recovery.

Physiotherapy is one of the most popular ways of offering external treatment to the patient thereby helping in overall healing from inside as well as outside. The physiotherapy is given either manually with the help of exercises or with the help of equipments. The therapy is given by a qualified Doctor who is known as Physiotherapist. There are different machines that have made the task of offering therapy easy. They are designed in a way that can offer expected benefits with the completely controlled mechanism. Hence in this age, the relevance of the expert on such tools is also high.

About Ultrasound Machine:

The physiotherapy treatment uses various equipments and machines for treating the patient. The ultrasound machine is one such equipment which is used for the treatment of patients. The equipment is basically used for stimulating the tissues lying under the skin. The tissues are stimulated with the help of ultrasound waves which have a frequency between 80k Hz to 2 lac Hz. Ultrasound therapy machines manufacturers can be contacted online, and the equipment can be bought at a affordable price.

  • The sound waves given by the machine can’t be heard by the human ears.
  • The therapy is given with the help of applicator and a transducer. The applicator created direct effects on the skin.
  • The waves administered by ultrasound machine are absorbed by ligaments, tissues, fascia and tendons.
  • The ultrasound therapy is given to patients who suffer from issues of ligament strain, joint inflammation, muscle strain, facet irritation, rheumatoid arthritis, scar tissue adhesion and osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Ultrasound Machine

  • The ultrasound therapy speeds up the healing process since it increases the blood flow in the affected area.
  • It also helps in decreasing the pain and inflammation in the affected area.
  • It also reduces the swelling along with giving a gentle massage.
  • It helps to ease the movement of the concerned area where the therapy is offered.

The intensity of the sound waves is altered depending on the underlying issue and the desired result. It has been observed that the sound waves with high intensity are used for breaking scar tissue. The ultrasound therapy session takes 3 to 5 minutes. The heat produced during the session is not felt by the patient. However, the effect of the therapy is offered in a way that can help the patient get quick relief from different pain and get it cured permanently.

Ultrasound therapy unit price in India varies from 8 to 10k while on the higher side it ranges up to 25-30k.

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