Efficient modernization IT architecture with Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi one of the most used cloud-based low-code integration platform. This helps the customers to execute smart integration process to transfer data between on-premises and cloud application. A good number of present organizations make use of this platform for efficient modernization of IT architecture.  It is turning to be one of the cost-efficient solutions for better movement and management of data in the organization. Here are some of the important factors that made Dell Boomi one of the most preferred integrating platforms.

Promotes total digital transformation

There are several problems faced by organizations when executing digital transformation. One among them is the understand and establish interconnectivity of data among different business applications and systems. Dell Boomi with its multiple purpose platform makes the integration of different applications that work on the cloud, internet and in-house easy and effective to promote total digital transformation. There are reputed companies in the country to provide customized dell boomi web services for the organizations to keep the IT architecture really working.

Robust automation solution

Dell Boomi is rich with robust automation features that provide a unified view of data management. It helps the business to view and track the complete data movement between different organizational applications and systems. It makes the business free from the use of any of the external and additional applications and any extra coding efforts. This platform is developed to simplify the integration process in all terms and to enjoy better control and management of data.

Better data categorization

Automated features of Dell Boomi helps the organizations to quantify and categorize the database and data. This helps the business teams to make use of the data in a better way to build and explore innovative and related service areas and business applications. It also helps the business system to better communicate with the databases and data in a more strategic and secured way. This feature is what makes Dell Boomi the best platform to deal with legacy system data.

Better business decisions

Easy access to data by diverse business systems helps a lot in taking business decisions. This opens up wide opportunities for the business to explore additional incomes streams from new innovations and solutions. The data transparency, easy movement of data, instant access of data at any time from any of the locations with the help of the cloud technology helps the business heads to take the real business time decisions.

Applications for all sectors

Dell Boomi applications and platforms best suit for the business of all sizes from different sectors. Managing of data and integration of different systems and solutions from a centralized platform plays a good role in reducing the operating and IT expenditure and to increase the efficiency with less involvement of manual staffs. If you think your business needs modernization of IT infrastructure, then it is time to consider dell boomi consultation with one of the leading companies in the country to provide Dell Boomi consultation and integration services.

Upload and manage a large volume of information in the database with a convenient and comfortable number of integration projects with the best-centralized management platform.

Why Kolkata is known as the Street Food Hub of India?


Indian cuisine is best known for its rich and diverse tastes and spiciness that burns the tongue but soothes the heart. Indian food is served all over the world in many settings, such as from fine dine restaurants to rustic dhabas on the highway. But the place where one can taste the true essence of the Indian flavors is on the roadside, at street food outlets in dingy alleyways. It may sound shady but trust us when we say that the food tastes heavenly.

A lot many cities and towns of India are known for the mouth watering street food their streets have to offer, but having surpassed and beaten them all, the true winner emerges to be Kolkata to become the hub of street food. Kolkata is the epitome of infusion of the old and the new. On one hand where there are some of the best 5 star hotels in Kolkata, such as the Lalit, which provide their visitors with food at par with the best adjudged internationally, on the other hand the diverse range of street food that the city offers will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Puchkas: The endless debate over whether they should be called puchkas or gol gappe continues but what we can’t argue upon is the fact that it is the most loved street food of India, with people gobbling up a number of them at once. Served with spicy and minty water, the flavors cause a happy riot inside your mouth. Don’t forget to ask the puchke wale bhaiya to give you a sookhi papdi once you have had your fill of the puchkas.
  2. Chinese/Tibetan Street Food: Be it vegetable filled fried momos with spicy chutney or a bowl of steaming thukpa or a plate of noodles, the best place to have them is China Town at Tiretti Bazaar. The place has been historically known to be the home to 20,000 Chinese, but the numbers have gone down drastically over the years. But the essence of the place lives on in the food that is served to thousands of people on a daily basis.

  1. Fish Fry: We can’t talk about Kolkata and skip over her most beloved food, the fish. The fish fry leads the bandwagon of street food of the city. It is made by using small fish like parshe and mourola and big fish like katla and rohu. It is available at almost every corner of the city and is a favorite of the young and old alike. Food does unite all.
  2. Jhal Muri: The amount of time it takes to prepare this dish is almost negligible but its taste stays imprinted on our tongue and our heart for a long time. It is prepared by mixing puffed rice with chopped onions, tomato, chilies, spices, coriander and nuts, all tossed in mustard oil. You would find it being sold almost everywhere, and eaten with great zeal by all.
  3. Singara: Singara is the local, bigger variant of the much loved snack known as samosa. A singara is usually stuffed with aloo, mutton, chicken or dal filling. It makes for a perfect meal on rainy evenings when accompanied by hot, piping tea. It is easily available on the streets, with a lot of vendors calling out to people passing buy to try the delicious preparation.

A city as vibrant and happening as Kolkata cannot be missed out on your travel shenanigans, and more so for the food. Take your taste buds for a joy ride while you have amazing continental food at the restaurants of the best hotels in Kolkata, don’t miss out on the variety of street side food the city has to offer.


Hire Top PR Company in India and curb down your chances of loss-making

Why hire a PR company? We are investing so much o the real estate project and why again to spend on the PR firms. This is the notion of the mist of real estate firms of India, but it is time to think about your decision to hire the Top PR Company in India. To rethink in the notion the thing that you need is to get through the differential function that the PR firms do carry one in the market. Once you get through those, you will soon stand in a condition to decide – whether or not to hire a Real estate pr company for your service.

What a PR form do for you?

The first thing that comes to your mind now is the duty that the PR firms do for you. here are the specific things that the Top PR Company in India will do for you –

Locate the area

The first thing that the PR firm will be doing for you, while hired is to locate the area, where you will be erecting your real estate project. Fixing and confirming the area, where the project has to be drawn is the primary aspect that is going to be your aid provider, as that is the place where you will be making most of the profit, after your investment. Hence, reach a Real estate pr company faster and before scheduling your project work. They will be the ideal one to guide you in the aspect, in a way, which you cannot avail from anyone.

Fix the pricing and budget

The next thing that the Top PR Company in India is going to give you is the idea of the pricing that you might fix for the real estate project. What will be the right pricing for your project that will not make you stay in a hold is the project. Once the pricing is perfected, you can fix the budget that is going to give the best support to you in real time for fixing the budget that you need. Hence, if the budget can be fixed well, you can organize your project in the perfect swing.

Reach the proper clients

Proper client pointing out is the last thing that you need. When you won’t get the area where you will get the proper clients who will be booking apartments in the real estate projects, your investment is going to be on hold. So, make the right decision to get in touch with the Top PR Company in India. They will help you to make the right decision to give you to choose the right client support. When you find the right client base with you, then you will feel yourself that how much in a safe position you are for your real estate project.

Hence, just get through the PR support from any Real estate pr company and make your firm stand to get the best help for your company.

Fix the Quickbooks Error 1904 and Their Reasons

In case you are keeping up a medium or autonomous endeavor, you will understand that it is so crucial to keep wakeful to date on all the business reserves. Once in a while you need all the help you can get just to grasp all of the numbers. Everything considered QuickBooks Payroll Support is the perfect course of action. It is an item that fulfills a huge gathering of accounting assignments including paying bills, recording trades and making reports. While using QuickBooks you ought to guarantee your PC system is up to date. Given that your structure is moderate then it could no uncertainty irritate the QuickBooks programming and cause botches, as QuickBooks bungle 1904. In case these slip-ups are exorbitantly ceaseless and they begin to adversely influence your work, you can contact QuickBooks customer sponsorship and address the master about how to examine the issue. You can in like manner experience the strong tips given in this article to endeavor and resolve the issue soon.

QB Installation Errors

  • QuickBooks foundation bumble 1326
  • QuickBooks foundation bumble 1602
  • QB foundation bumble 1402
  • QuickBooks foundation bumble exe connector botch

Never be worried, if you are anxious to proceed all the way to the finish, you can fix all QuickBooks Installation Errors yourself. All you need is to apply clear walks on the most ideal approach to fix QuickBooks support Error 1904, and the rest of the related QB Installation Error. In the opening of this article, we see the purposes behind QuickBooks Error 1904. In case you have orchestrated gathering a need, or upset to take on to fix QuickBooks Error 1904 yourself. Take help of our Certified Quickbooks Support Number ProAdvisor for the minute fix.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error 1904

  • Establishment of another Windows working structure.
  • Hurt QuickBooks installer archive.
  • Overhauling QuickBooks Desktop application adjustment.
  • Any Windows security application is meddling with QuickBooks foundation.
  • The customer isn’t having required approvals for foundation on Windows.

Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Select Ignore on the bungle message and let the foundation complete.
  • Restart your PC.
  • In case the foundation did not complete, download and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • In case running the instrument did not resolve the issue, sanction the natural Administrator and present QuickBooks under the verifiable head account.
  • Actuate the Built-in Administrator& Administrator Account

Stage 1: Activate the Built-in Administrator

  • Press the Windows key once on your reassure.
  • Type and right-click in cmd.exe, select manager, run.
  • On the request brief window, type in net customer manager/dynamic: yes and press Enter.
  • Quick tip: If you see a slip-up, type net customer chief/dynamic.

See Additional headings on Safe mode from Microsoft for more information.

Stage 2: Switch to the certain Administrator Account

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your support, by then select Switch User
  • Windows 8 customers: Press the Windows key and select the customer image on the upper right of your screen.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select the default Administrator account.

Stage 3: Hide the inherent Administrator account

  • Press the Windows key yet again.
  • Type in CMD and don’t hit enter.
  • Right-click on cmd.exe.
  • By and by, pick Run as Administrator.
  • On the course short window, type in net customer official/dynamic: no
  • Directly, hit Enter.

Stage 4: Change the security settings of the foundation vault

  • Investigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files.
  • Right-click on the Common Files envelope.
  • Pick Properties.
  • Pick Edit under Security tab.
  • Pick Users under Group or customer names.

Under Permissions for customers, Choose to consider the assents that we have referenced underneath:


❏Rundown Folder Contents



❏Pick Apply and OK.

Stage 5: Install QuickBooks

Attempt to present QuickBooks Desktop.

When you are done presenting QuickBooks Desktop, change to your remarkable customer login.

In the event that you need more data about Error 1904 or some other QuickBooks Error you can contact QuickBooks Support and request to address a prepared proficient. The QuickBooks helpline is accessible 24 x 7 so you can call at whatever point you need to determine any sort of specialized blunder.