HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER: Qualification, Salary And Successful Career

HR managers are in charge of finding the most capable workers for corporate positions and coordinating them with jobs for which they will be most appropriate. These experts question potential employees through meetings and interviews, trying to hire people who will increase efficiency and assurance, in addition to diminishing job turnover. Chiefs of HR are in charge of managing different divisions which can incorporate business and placement, benefits, training, and work relations. Placement managers are in charge of contracting workers and screening candidates, while representative enrollment specialists are in charge of going inside a network and attempting to screen and interview the best candidates.

Qualification of an HR

If you want to become a part of the human resource group of any organization, there are certain traits and criteria that you would have to fulfill. This is indeed a challenging filed and you would have to handle it with great responsibilities. However, if you are ready to face challenges and thereby overcome all the obstacles that come your way, this is the ideal career option for you. With the progression of days, this field is receiving more and more importance. At the same time, it is also receiving global challenges as well as in many different spheres of life. Therefore you can definitely try out this career option.

  • You need a graduate degree in human resource or any other social field like law etc. to get an entry into a company. Your experience would definitely receive great importance in future and this would pave the way for an entry into a large organization.
  • If you want a direct entry into some big organization, you should pursue an MBA first. However, even in this case, your challenges are high and you would have to prove your skill and efficiency in proving yourself and making an entry into a big organization.
  • Apart from the educations qualification, there are few other things that you need to have to become a part of the human resource group. Excellent communication skill is definitely a prerequisite in this case. When you have good communication skills, you would be able to communicate well the requirements of your company to the employee.
  • Moreover, the leadership skills and the presentation abilities would help you to perform your tasks in a better manner. The possession of negotiation skills is an additional qualification. However, even if you do not possess these, you would be trained before you are hired in an organization to hire others.

Salary Package of an HR

  • Salary package of an HR varies from company to company.
  • The average salary of an HR is around 35,000 per month.
  • If we talk about per annum then it would be Rs 613,085 per year.   

HR manager jobs are much in demand nowadays. There are numbers of vacancies available in the organization for this post. To get into this job, candidates can also rely on Monster India which is one of the leading job portals in India. Thousands of jobs are posted on daily basis on the website. For this, you have to upload the updated resume on the website and apply for the relevant job.

Author bio:Chinmayee Jha is a passionate content writer who writes on career guidance, job search, and interview tips to help job seeker find better job opportunities. In her free time, she loves to read the books and travel.

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Everything you need to know about professional painters

Painter normally prepares, decorate the exterior and interior surfaces of the building by applying some necessary materials including- paint, polishes, wallpaper, special coatings and some other finishes as well.

Usually, painters are self-employed, but sometimes they can be employed by maintenance departments or by construction managers of buildings and some other sort of establishments.

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Primary responsibilities of a professional painter

Here is the quick list of some most common tasks which every painter require to complete in a systematic time duration.

  1. Examining the outside as well as inside surfaces of the building in order to decide which techniques and procedures need to be used and also determine the type of materials are required.
  2. A professional painter makes use of scaffolding if he is unable to reach the height.
  3. He should prepare, protect and repair the surfaces of the building.
  4. Painting and applying other materials on walls or other surfaces of the building with necessary tools such as- rollers, brushes and spray equipment.
  5. A professional painter should properly install wall coverings and mix necessary materials in order to prepare a significant paste for the wallpaper application.
  6. He should pick up debris and do cleaning properly after finishing the job or work.
  7. A professional painter must prepare estimates, analyze and calculate costs after the whole work is done.

Daily tasks of a painter

  • Painter usually prepares, clean and protect interior as well as exterior surfaces which is to be painted.
  • A professional painter normally applies different kinds of paint, other materials, wallpaper and some other finishes to the surfaces.

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