Popular FAQs on Tubemate

What is Tubemate?

Tubemate is a popular application that is basically used for downloading any video file in your local storage. With the help of tubemate, you can download YouTube videos for free on your local storage of phone. This is the perfect solution for YouTube addicted people’s as using this you can download your favourite videos for free and you can watch it anytime afterwards.

How to download Tubemate app?

You can download and install the tubemate app from its official website. For downloading you can just google search tubemate and the official site will appear on top. You need to take care while downloading it because there are many fake or duplicate app has created with a similar type of name. So make sure you are downloading it from the official website to avoid any trouble. Also at the time of installation, you need to allow third-party app installation setting in your phone. It will ask you to check the box in setting that you can do while installation also.

Is tubemate available in google play store?

No, Tubemate is not available in google play store. For downloading and installing it you have to visit its official website.

Is it available for iOS and windows also?

No, as of now the official version of tubemate is available only for Android. There are many fake and duplicate versions you can find for Windows and iOS. Such apps are not official and tubemate has only android version of the app in its official website.

How can you download videos?

Once you successfully install the app on your phone, It is a very easy procedure to download any of the favourite videos. You can make use of YouTube in-built version search box in the app, through which you can search for any videos. To download the video you need to tap on the green download icon that appears on top right side of the screen. Once you click on that it will ask you to choose the quality of video you want to download. It can be 240p, 360p, 720p for example. Once you select the quality as per your wish soon the video will start downloading.

What if connection lost while downloading files?

Not a problem, download process will be paused in case of connection lost and it can be resumed once the connection is established again. You can make use of this feature while downloading big size files also.

What to do when the app is not working?

Make sure you have the latest version of the app in your device. You can update to the latest version from their website. If you have the latest version and still you are not able to use the app then you can try clearing cache from the app, make sure the network connection is properly established or you can try closing and restarting the app.

Do you need to install an additional converter?

Yes, to download and play every video files on your local storage you should download mp3 video converter. It will help you to download and play all format of videos without any trouble. Sometimes YouTube videos are in a different format which might not be supported after downloading it into local storage. Thus, it is important to download mp3 video converter to have a hassle-free experience.

Why salesforce for HR is good for any organization?

Salesforce is taking part of its technology stack to concentrateon human resources. The plan is to connect workers as clients and be the front-end of HR registration systems. For Salesforce, the human resources attempt means a significant expansion of the company’s path. Salesforce recently initiates a cloud analysis and look like to be dedicated to being the stack of business cloud applications chosen. What instigate with the management of customer relationships has been introducing in new markets.

Salesforce is billing its newest effort, the “employee success platform,” which aspires to spotlight on workers engagement via the use of tools and approaches that also work for clients.CEO of Salesforce will present Salesforce for human resources at a stop for client’s visits to Salesforce Company. According to Salesforce, its human resources platform is based on its cloud, social, data science and mobile tools. The human resource service cloud salesforcewas launched initially as a balance to already presented human capital management systems and as a commitment tool.

Salesforce will be courting Human Resources leaders, as well as chasing marketing executives.

Salesforce tools include the following:

  • Employee trips designed to propose a specific commitment from incorporation to development through multiple devices.
  • Communities for a group effort.
  • Human resources help desk that uses the Service Cloud platform for self-service.
  • Analysis of talent assessment and productivity metrics.
  • Mobile application capabilities to connect employees with business procedures. Appirio, Deloitte, Job science and Lumesse are its first partners.

The Salesforce clients will think that a human resources application from the cloud provider goes together with the systems they already have. Companies could create custom mobile applications on the Salesforce platform and attach parts and bits to the HR registry systems. For example, a business with a PeopleSoft human resources application with a date could utilize Salesforce to renovate the front-end while milking the legacy systems for a long-lasting time.

Salesforce for HR

  • Recently, Salesforce initiates Salesforce for HR: the platform for employee success. By leveraging the powerful Salesforce1 platform, an association like various companies is changing employee commitment with mobile tools, communities and analytics.
  • For the majority of people who work in HR, Salesforce is the same with CRM, a set of marketing and sales-based cloud tools planned to handle all aspects of company relationship with their customer and close new business.
  • Even a company’s stock symbol appears as “CRM”. However, the days of being a unique CRM company have passed since they develop to propose the most versatile and grown-up cloud platform created for the next generation.

Salesforce for HR is a set ofsalesforce human resource services tools planned to enhance employee engagement and maintenance, similar to the way Salesforce has been providing weapons to boost front office productivity for years.

Here is a concise description of Salesforce for human resources:

  • Employee trips designed to offer employees’ commitment from efficient incorporation to employee development.
  • Communities of employees for collaboration.
  • Human resources help desk for self-service in human resources concern driven by Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce HR Analytics for talent-related judgment based on productivity metrics
  • Commitment applications designed to help organizations create mobile apps to support business processes.

The new Salesforce for HR will be balanced with any central HRIS system, mainly if it is constructed natively on the Salesforce platform as Financial Force HCM.

How to Grow Your Business through Effective Web Design and Development

In today’s highly competitive market, where businesses look to surpass their competition by employing a network of customers through valuable and effective services, web design and development plays a pivotal role in this context.

Let’s have a nudge on the fact that how the web designing and development can boost your business and help you get better ROI.

Every company is thriving to get their website design and development in such a manner that they can create a lasting impression on the minds of their visitors and buyers. Have a roundup of the key aspects of web designing and development which helps in the growth of a business. Here we go:


Navigation is one of the most important factors, especially when a website owns various pages. Thus, it is necessary to have a well-labeled navigation bar that would help visitors to check various pages of your website. With the inclusion of proper navigation into a site, users will able to easily explore and understand your website. And chances are they will get impressed and come back to visit again for availing more products/services.

Content and Visual Aspects

Next factor to be considered while web designing and development is to be creating informative, engaging, and crisp content. Apart from that, there should be an ideal choice of the font so that the content used in the site can deliver a proper message to the visitors. Researchers suggest that readers seem to record those words better, which are not only written in a concise manner but also are visually appealing.

Customer Engagement

A website can fetch the attraction of many eyeballs only of its web pages have layouts that can entice the audience. Thus, the position of images, use of content and the layouts of web pages should be attractive enough so that they can give a lasting impression on the minds of customers, which leads in customer engagement.

Brand Uniformity

The brand is what gives an organization edge over the competition and that mostly is done through a logo. So, the design of the logo of a company should be unique as well as be placed strategically on a site so that the audience can be instantly connected with the brand. Doing so will certainly maintain brand uniformity.

Offering 24×7 Accessibility to the Audience

With the advancement of technology, people today are willing to avail service right from their couch. Instead of moving to stores, they prefer to buy things from the comfort of their home. Hence, proper development and best-in-class support enable a website to lure visitors and tempt them to buy online, which results into the growth of a business.


A properly build website provides a lot of convenience to the customers. As they can not only check out the products/services they wish to buy in a matter of minutes but can also get rid of the hassle of roaming here and there. In such a case, word of mouth from one visitor of a website to another plays a pivotal role in greatly enhancing the business of a company.

Helps to Carry Out Marketing Globally

With the creation of a well-developed website, companies can take their businesses to the next level. This will lead in customer base, leads, expansion of business, and finally earn the great return of investment.

All things considered, it can be said that for the creation of a remarkable, attractive, and engaging website, one should reach to a renowned web designing or app development company.  Else, all the efforts made will go in vain.


Please Goddess Laxmi Devi with 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

The type of Rudraksha that consists of seven natural lines is known as the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha. The word Rudraksha is derived from the Sanskrit words Rudra and Aksa, the meaning of rudra is it is one of the vedic names of Shiva and the meaning of aksa is tearfall. Hence, as a whole the word Rudraksha means the tears of Lord Shiva.

Are you familiar with Rudraksha? have you worn any? What kind of Rudraksha did you wear? And do you know how many types of Rudrakshas are available in the present day? Leaving all that aside today in this article we will be talking about the seven Mukhi Rudraksha Original and how to please Goddess Laxmi devi with the help of it.

Goddess Laxmi is one of the many hidnu dieties who the mortals try to please every year during Lakshmi pooja, the reason to please her is quite obvious she is the Goddess of Fortune, Wealth, and Prosperity. We decorate our houses and light diyos to welcome her to our homes on the few days of Laxmi pooja but, what about the rest of the year? How shall we please her, nobody really thinks about that except the exceptional few. So, without any further delay let’s get to the point and find you some answers.

­About 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling god of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is goddess laxmi (that much we know) and, the ruling planet of this bead is Saturn. Any person under the influence of the planet Saturn must work harder that the rest of his family members, and peers. People fear this planet due to its strictness and due to its discipline oriented nature according to the vedas.

This bead can be worn by those looking to gain success in the areas of finance, commerce and business. This bead has magical properties that changes the chemistry of your brain and will help you in realizing your dreams of becoming financially successful. The word magical may be inappropriate so the term magnetic would be right. According to a research conducted by Dr. Suhas Rao in a prestigious university of technology in India he found that Rudrakshas can generate electro-magnetic pulse that can stabilize heart rate and the 7 mukhi Rudraksha original does that to the brain and helps you in becoming successful.

How to please Goddess Laxmi with the bead

As the leading goddess of the seven Mukhi Rudraksha is Laxmi devi by wearing it and chanting the Beeja mantra ‘Om Hum Namah’ every day you will be able to please her. But before doing that what you must do is peform a short ritual that will gurantee the Goddess hearing your prayer and fulfilling you dreams. On performing the ritual the people can please Laxmi Devi.

Every year we please the goddess in the main event of Laxmi Pooja but to eternally be under the shower of her blessing you must wear this bead.

Other benefits of the bead

7 faced bead must be worn by those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body as well. If any part of the body is hurting frequently this bead with the blessings of goddess Laxmi can cure that in no time. It is also considered useful for patients and people suffering from mental states. As the bead stores the energy in its 7 holes inside the Rudraksha it magnifies and then works as a natural healer to help the patient during moments of difficulties.

So by wearing this you will please Laxmi devi and her blessings will do you good.

Furniture Ideas that Facilitate Education for Youngsters

It is always well known and appreciated that a proper study setup is required to make an educational place more attractive and learning process more interesting. Hence before setting up a learning venue, certain things should be specifically noted to make a wise and useful choice of furniture that will make education reach out to all in an interesting way. Before buying furniture to serve the purpose of studies, the following should be given prime attention:

  • Student desk:

One of the most important pieces while choosing furniture is the student desk. Desks are practically needed for storage of work-related items like student’s books and other stationery stuff. But with the growth of modern technologies, mobile classrooms and virtual learning are being introduced which makes the use of desks obsolete.

  • Creativity tables:

These are multidimensional and can be used for studying as well as creative and artworks. They are beneficial for group project meetings targeted for secondary and senior secondary people. Due to the large working space, it is a more convenient option for senior secondary students whereas can be effectively used by younger people for group studies. Depending on the type of activities for which the tables are to be used, washable desks should be preferred.

  • Science tables:

Scientific experiments require proper workstations and platforms. These are specially made for ease of students to help them have a clear view of their experiment and so the area can be cleaned and disinfected easily. One more requirement for science tables includes that they should not skid or slip.

  • Computer setup:

Furniture for computers should be carefully and aptly chosen so as to give the system a proper look and functioning stability. Chairs for the computer are selected depending on the user and also the duration and comfort. For school and college, laptop-desks are mandatory workstations as pupils nowadays are more familiar with those gadgets.

  • What to pick as construction material

What you choose as a construction material for school furniture is a matter of serious concern. School furniture is prone to more jerks and jolts than any other kind of furniture. Therefore, choose plywood for quality, durability, and reliability. To better serve your purpose, you need to identify the best plywood brands in India for procuring the best raw material.

In case you are clueless about which are the best plywood companies in India, then you can approach an experienced interior decorator who can guide you well about it. Taking help of the search engines on the internet is also a fantastic idea to end your search.