Doctor Loan

When Can A Doctor Loan Be Helpful?

Medical is one of the most honourable professions worldwide. However, India being a developing country is in an immediate need of quality health. Many things have changed over time, and so is the medical profession and this has created a need for modern technologies and advancement. No matter how super specialist you are as a doctor, without these equipment you cannot diagnose the patients properly.

Although this equipment is a necessity, they are still priced high. To upgrade the facilities of your clinic or hospital or to serve your patients well you will, of course, need more equipment and a technical up gradation at your workspace. However, a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFCs) can help you here. NBFCs offer tailor-made loan options, especially for doctors, as they understand your needs and requirements. Now, they don’t only offer you financial help for professional purpose. Instead, they also allow you to borrow some money for a personal need.

Suppose, you are planning to buy a house which is quite huge and priced at INR 2 Crore. You can easily do that with the help of a Doctor Loan. As, you know the expense of all the commodities has raised high, which is why at times you might need to borrow funds from a financial institution. Now, since a doctor loan provides you with three options: personal loan, business loan and home loan, you can easily finance any of your needs. It is not mandatory that you might always need funds to buy an apartment or to upgrade your clinic, there can be many more monitory requirements that a doctor loan can fulfil.

What does a doctor loan offer?

  • When you apply for the loan, you don’t need to compromise for the amount, as doctor loan offers a loan amount up to 3 Crore; which is one of the highest amount offered on loan.
  • One of the best things here is, you don’t need to keep a collateral against the amount borrowed or present a guarantor when applying for the loan.
  • The loan also allows you to choose a flexible tenor option between one to five years.
  • Assess to personalised online account, which can help you track all your transactions and repayments without visiting the lender.
  • Flexible repayment schemes – Here you can use the part-payment facility to repay your loan, without paying any extra charges. However, you can also re-avail this amount when you need.

How to apply for a doctor loan?

Whether you are a graduate, postgraduate or have an inherited clinic, you can easily apply for Doctor Loan. However, if you are a postgraduate or graduate, you will need a post-qualification of minimum experience of 5 years to 8 years, respectively. Now, this experience can also depend on what category of doctor you follow in. Besides this, you also need to have a minimum salary of INR 40,000 to INR 75,000. Apart from this, there are also certain documents you will need to provide the NBFC.

Now, the application process is quite easy and simple, as you only have to visit the website of your lender and apply. During the application, the NBFC will ask you for very limited documentation which makes the application process quite hassle-free. However, before you apply for the loan, you need to check the doctor loan interest rates offered by all lenders, as it differs from each. Usually, you are offered an interest rate of 14% to 16%.

Concluding with, since there is no such limitation for the usage of the loan amount, you can easily allocate the funds coming from doctor loan to buy a house, upgrade your clinic or hospital. However, a doctor loan can help you manage your financial needs without affecting your work.

Home Loan

Benefits for Women Applying for a Home Loan

Around a decade ago, it was unusual for women to take a decision pertaining to finance. Most of the women even the working ones were heavily reliant on men when it came to financial investments such as insurance, investment and taxation. The only form of investment in which women actively used to take part was buying gold. However, the investment landscape has changed in recent years. Back to back initiatives taken by the ruling governments to encourage women to invest in financial sectors has paid off. More women are inclined towards investing and making the decision independently. The situation has changed considerably, and women nowadays are open to taking risks and investing in not just financial market but real estate market as well. To encourage it even further, financial institutions are offering exclusive benefits to women to enhance their involvement. Among the benefits that are being offered to women, here are several outlining ones: Continue Reading

Web site Redesign

How to Create Audience Personas During Web site Redesign?

To “know the audience” isn’t enough but visualising unique user types before designing is an effective way to craft a web design experience that resonates.Understanding these critical facts is a way to ace website redesigning which is user-friendly.

Uplift the site to reflect the company

Most of the clients that approach digital agencies have an existing website released more or less three years back however obsolete in terms of design and functionality.

What’s more important yet unfortunate are websites that lack the details of the customer value while the company association remains vague.

Success factor of all such companies drop rapidly but those who crave web design per the current trends emerge victorious.

A common example/description

Perhaps yours is a growing business and website requires immediate upgrading to match the performance level so as to streamline everything. In all this growth and excitement, it’s likely that the website has slowed and probably become obsolete which disconnect the customers. Although they may return being loyal; not through the website but some other source.

It’s all quite logical

You’ve been probably working hard to scale the business and foster new innovations. In all this commotion, you and the team have little time to brainstorm over the official website, its purpose and to whom it may serve.

This is when audience personas steps in which is a great way to craft user-centric and engaging websites that communicates all about the business. It also helps in understanding mind-set of the audience so as to streamline the decisions accordingly without compromising corporate expectations.

Being creative with personas

When going through the web design or redesign process, it’s obvious to be hyper-focused on the personal design preferences and ignore the content which is actually presented to the user; both during the presentation as well as composition. All this would make it difficult to understand the website and how it fits into the company’s overall marketing strategy.

The first question you should ask or least realise is for whom the website is being developed. In today’s highly competitive industry, a single site serves dynamic audience belonging to many different niches. If a persona for each is created especially the up-front audiences, it’s quite helpful during the website redesign process.

Creating a persona isn’t too much of a challenge as long as you remember a few basics. Read on to know more;

  • Personal profile

It includes the basic details such as name, gender, employment designation. Pick any of your liking however make sure employment designation is close to the business service.

  • Company

Choose a company where persona fits perfectly. It can be relevant to ecommerce such as online product selling either B2B or B2Cwhich provide professional services to a variety of industries.

  • Academics & other characteristics

Here’s where you’ve space to play with words and include a lot of details. Start with academics such as a college or university degree as well as some work experience. Other details must be relevant to professional relationship with peers and overall industrial expertise.


When considering web design or redesign, personas help define the corporate niche by touching multiple touch-points concerning audience and services being offered.

BMW service in Dubai

Five Luxury Car Detailing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Regular washing, cleaning and detailing all kinds of vehicles are essential not only to maintain their appearance but also to conserve their performance in long run. All auto owners want to enjoy the comfortable drive in every season. To keep vehicles functional and available at the time of need, complete detailing is an essential activity. It has to be performed at least seasonally or after excessive exposure to severe environmental condition and excessive use.

Irrespective of the kind of automobile, detailing process typically involves deep cleaning of interior and exterior. However, detail steps and product requirements depend on the type. You can’t use same methods and products used for average cars. Only a luxury auto detailing vendor can use right products and methods to offer BMW service in Dubai.

Below I am sharing five reasons you must avoid whether you are detailing your luxury car on your own or at professional car wash center.

Washing vehicle in outdoors

Automobiles must not wash in outdoors. Standard auto care facilities always have an enclosed washing area. Direct sunlight and open air environment are harmful not only for the exterior body but also make washing process difficult. Sunlight air dries water and cleaner quickly before the body is washed and cleaned properly. This leaves water spots and swirl marks on the body. In case you are compelled to wash car under direct sunlight due to unavailability of covered area, keep spraying water to cool the surface.

Using same cloth for different products

Detailing process involves application of several products like the cleaner, polish, wax and rubbing materials to remove rust and minor scratches. Don’t use same cloth or applicator for all products. Use of same cloth builds up product residues over the body, which also contaminate next product and reduce its capability to perform its function. For example applying wax with the same cloth you have already used to wipe off the cleaner will pollute wax and affect its capability to develop lustrous layer.  In simple words, use of the same applicator throughout the process push the dirt back on the surface, instead of picking it up.

Using ordinary towels to clean remaining residues of dirt

Whether you are cleaning exterior body or interiors; always aim to completely clean all the dirt and grime. In case few of the residues remain on the surface, never try an old piece of ordinary towel to clean it. The old towel will set in the dust particles instead of removing them from the surface. Excessive rubbing with an old towel can even chip off the paint and produce scratches. Always select high-quality dusters or microfiber cloth.

Applying wax and polish directly on the surface

Never pour wax and polish directly on the vehicle surface. As these products are tending to bind quickly, direct pouring produces dark and uneven streaks. This can be prevented by using a proper applicator. Applying compounds like wax and polishes with the help of applicator also protect you excessive application. Excessive use of the product doesn’t mean to give more shine. It has to be wiped off to perform its function accurately. Maximum two rounds of wax and polish coating are enough to make body shiny.

Using wrong cleaning product

Automobiles are made up of various kinds of materials like metal, plastic, rubber, glass, leather and fabric. When choosing a cleaner to keep these differences in your mind. If you use soap made for exteriors for interiors, you are actually destroying your vehicle. Instead of cleaning it will develop mildew. Similarly using a greasy cleaner on the dashboard will leave greasy residues on the surface. Greasy residues cause not only reflection but also trap heat, which produces cracks.

Endnote: Ensure to avoid these mistakes when doing BMW Service in Dubai to obtain desirable and lasting results after car detailing.

clean hard water stains

How to clean hard water stains from the windows?

Hard water leaves white and hazy spots over a glass surface due to the presence of alkaline and mineral deposits. Indeed tough to clean, there’re several methods with which you can get the stains off the glass and restore the original lustre. Here’s how to clean the windows in your home!

Non-liquid cleaning

Before you buy an expensive industry-standard toxic cleaner, try the usual scrubbing technique. Use anti-scratch sponges to clean the glass safely and remove as much stain as possible. Avoid hard-bristled brushes and other abrasive tools to prevent etching the surface. The scrubbing technique work best on fresh stains that aren’t set deeply and small hard water deposits.

Older stains and large area of residue build-up requires extra effort. Here, baking soda comes in handy as it’s quite an effective, natural home remedy and readily available in almost every household. Being alkaline, the chemical can be used to counteract the effects of mineral deposits.It’s an eco-friendly product and a fine alternative to harmful chemical cleaners.

Apply a little vinegar to the stain first, let it sit for around 30 minutes and throw some baking soda afterwards; wait some more, scrub and rinse away the stain. If baking soda is unavailable, use toothpaste as an alternate. Apply some to a damp towel and rub it in circular motion over the stains. Before rinsing off the paste, smear some white vinegar mixed with water for best results.

Commercial cleaning products that come in adhesive form are also good. Paste over liquid cleaner is preferred as it won’t leave its own streaks. A small disadvantage is of a foggy haze that’s left behind by paste if not buffed. Carefully follow the instructions on the label thus avoiding any side-effect.

Liquid cleaners

White vinegar helps to break-up mineral deposits and effective against staining. It’s a natural liquid cleanerthat isn’t toxic so it won’t burn your eyes and lungs like various industrial chemicals. Mix lemon juice and vinegar to boost effectiveness as well as for a fresh scent. If you warm the juice for around 20-40 seconds in the microwave, it’ll eventually become more effective.Let the solution sit on the glass and let it stand for around two to three minutes before wiping it off with a paper towel or a lint-free cloth.

To get hard water stains off from the window or any other glass surface;treat with a mixture of water and vinegar, rinse thoroughly afterwards that’ll surely bring back the shine. Ammonia; when added to the usual cleaner works as adrenaline for it super-charge the solution and clean far more effectively.

When all of the above home remedies fail, it’s finally time to invest in a strong and acidic chemical made for household. You need to be extra careful as it’s also harmful for the skin; wear protective gloves and eye-wear before you work the cleaning agent over the glass.


If you’re scratching your head over how to clean windows in your home, read the above details to bust-off those hard water stains and restore the original glass shine.