Treatment Of Disc Herniation By Neurosurgery In Mumbai

The spine usually consists of 24 vertebrae – seven neck vertebrae, twelve thoracic vertebrae, and five lumbar vertebrae.

There is an opening in each vertebra, the vertebral hole. All vertebrae stacked above each other thus form the spinal canal, which contains the spinal cord and nerves (up to the second lumbar vertebra). From the second lumbar vertebra (downwards) there are only nerves in the canal and no spinal cord. Viewed from the side, there is an opening (foramen) between two vertebrae, through which a nerve comes out. Continue Reading

5 reasons why we should opt for a UV water purifier for home?

The ultraviolet water purification method allows you to destroy dangerous bacteria and microorganisms and make the water drinkable. This type of cleaning does not require expensive equipment, so the costs will be minimal. In addition, the maintenance of the UV water purifier filter is quite simple and does not require the use of any chemical reagent. UV disinfection is composed of stainless steel or plastic and inside there is a UV lamp that protects against moisture.

Top 5 reasons to opt for UV water purifier

The industrial facilities are quite large, even though additional filters for mechanical cleaning. This is necessary for rapid and effective disinfection of large volumes of fluid. On industrial scales, the number of UV lamps can reach several dozen. For domestic use, you can buy the best UV water purifier model with a UV lamp. These filters are produced by several manufacturers, their cost is much lower than in the industrial versions. Maintenance does not require the constant presence of a person, since the control unit is responsible for lighting the lamp.

  1. It kills remaining microorganisms

Do you know that 100% microorganisms that are harmful to you can be destroyed with UV water purification system? And, it happens without pouring any kinds of chemical substances or, changing smell and taste of the water. Often, UV water purification comes along with RO, and Active carbon facilities to offer you more pure water. In a water purifier with ultraviolet system, the water passes through an elongated chamber where it is exposed to the intense light of the mercury lamp. This, killing remaining unwanted substances.

  • Chemical disinfection

UV systems are an effective means for disinfecting residential water. They are installed at the point of water entry and thus disinfect the water of the entire house. UV water purifier is highly suggestive for the users those who believe that their water contains giardia, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, viruses or bacteria. It is important to avoid the consumption of water that may be contaminated by bacteria to protect you from bacterial diseases transmitted by water.

  • Free of chemical products

UV purification does not use any chemical such as chlorine and does not generate any harmful by-products. It is environmentally safe and easy to use, there are no dangerous chemicals involved, nor are there any risks of overdose. UV light does not add any chemical taste or smell to water. Chemistry of water remains the same without changing the pH, taste, conductivity levels. It is one of the most effective ways to kill the germs that cause diseases, since they destroy them by 100%. UV system is much effective than chlorine when it comes to disinfects if the water.

  • It requires very little energy

It uses approximately the same energy that you would need to light a 60-watt bulb. Once you have installed the system maintenance is practically nil, you only have to change the UV bulb annually. Simplicity and ease of maintenance make it an ideal system. There are no moving parts that wear out. The initial cost is low, the operating costs are reduced compared to similar technologies, such as ozone, chlorine, etc.

  • Immediate treatment process

There is no need for holding tanks, long periods of treatment, etc. You can treat hundreds of litters for very little money. No special attention or measurement is needed, it is an easy to use system. There are only two water connections and one connection to the power supply. Compatible with all other water purification processes. As for example, reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters, etc.

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