How to become a part of an immigration company

Being a part of any kind of government services is every Indian’s dream.  A government job offers you security, good pay and pension once you retire. This is why most Indian’s don’t even look at the private sector and sit for UPSC examinations as soon as they are done with their graduation. However to be an immigration consultant you wouldn’t need to sit for any exams unless you want to be an immigration officer or an Indian embassy. A misconception people have is that immigration consultancy is a government job. No it’s not. These services are government approved for sure, but they are run by private firms. If you still want to get into the sector, then read on.

What will be required of you as an immigration consultant?

  1. You will have to deal with all the clients and the applicants face to face and interview then thoroughly to make sure that the client is suitable to relocate.
  2. You have to see that all the immigration documents and visa required for the process is given to and recieved by the Government within the given time frame.
  3. You have to run a background check on the client along with a precise checking of all legal documents to make sure that whatever information he or she has put on paper is accurate and absolutely correct. When you are a part of an immigration services in india, how to run a background check on the client will be first thing you will be taught.
  4. You need to prepare all fee quotations and any additional information that might be required by the authorities, clients and colleagues.
  5. Every documention required by the client for immigration must be made available by the consultant. Many a times additional information is required for green cards and different types of visas. Make sure you have them ready or atleast know of a way to get them as soon as possible.
  6. To get the client to trust you and have complete faith in your work, it is important that you get into a strong working relationship with them. This applies to your work environment as well and the relationship you have with your colleagues.
  7. You have to be with your client througout the process, starting with addressing all the operations and issues related to immigration to any change in the legislation procedure. One client will give you enough workload so taking on more than one at the same time will not only be unsuitable for you, but you won’t be able to do justice to both your clients.

Before you take up the job of an immigration consultant make sure that you are fluent in English, or even better, fluent in two languages. This will help you land the job faster and will also help you immensely in your field of work.The best immigration company in india will not hire you if you don’t have a strong hold over both English and Hindi. It will be even better if you can speak another regional language.

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