Best Luggage Brands for International Travel

You may be going to your office, college, or someplace for a trip. Although one thing that is collateral is that you need something to carry your stuff. Yes, but finding a great brand to buy your bag can be tricky. A good quality branded quality bag comes at a price. Although, even if you know the brand where can you find such great bags. Home depot has a wide range of luggage bags. Also, the best part is they also got great Coupons. Therefore, you can purchase your bag on Home depot and also save some money in the process.

1. Pacsafe

It is a great brand if you are looking for some Anti-theft features. The brand excels in making a great variety of bags. The luggage bags that they offer are of some really great quality. The company originally resides in Hong Kong but they have their offices in USA, Germany, and China. They have a wide variety of bags like backpacks, urban, leisure, Women’s bag, and many more. They make some of the best luggage bags that can be taken with ease. The bags are sturdy and are capable enough to carry your luggage with ease.

2. Travelon

The company started almost 30 years from now. It started as small but because of its great quality, it is leading in the market with an example. Travelon is known for its products that are both easy to travel with and safe enough. The company has a range of almost 400 different kinds of products. The company feature two really great features to keep your luggage safe that are RFID Blocking and Slash Proofing. If you are going out somewhere and need something to keep your luggage safe then this is some of the best options among the best brands.

3. Rockland

If you are looking for some great colorful luggage bags. You are getting all kinds of solid as well as chequered print bags. Also, the camouflage pattern that you are getting simply rocks your style. The bags are offered with trolley and have a really great design to support the stress that they might impose on your shoulders. The bags are available in multiple sizes and capable of befitting your luggage in one place.

4. Viv & Lou

Viv & Lou is a brand for trendsetters. The company not only makes great bags but also other kinds of products. You can purchase bags & totes, backpacks, apparels, and much more. The company also makes great Luggage bags for you. You can find a variety of luggage bags as per your need. If you have luggage beyond your capacity to carry then you can check out great bags by Liv&Lou. It is a great brand and can be purchased anytime without any second thoughts.

5. Mancini

Mancini or Mancini leather is something that can be purchased if you wish to up your game of style. The great leather luggage bags by Mancini are made to suit your style. The best part is that leather is evergreen which means it’ll never go out of style. Mancini is among the leading brands that makes bag. Although the company is not known for just that. Mancini also has other products like Business cases, Bags, Wallets, and various accessories. The trolley bags that you can purchase from the brand are light in weight. Also, they provide ample style to get you grooving while you are on the move. The brands offer some really great options under the price tag of 120$.

6. Heritage

Looking for a classic option, well, you got three. The Bags from Heritage are being offered on the website Homedepot at three different price points with three different styles. Talking about the Heritage 17 inches 1680F. The bag is made of polyester and comes with a trolley to stroll it wherever you go. The bag is black in color and really amps up your style. It is offered to you at a price of 89$. The other two options are of 15.6  inches although completely different from each other. If you are looking for a stylish tote/carry bag then you need to pay 139$. Although, if your need is not that much then the sling style bag will look absolutely fantastic for a price of 39$.

7. Olympia USA

Olympia USA makes all kinds of bags as per your need. Whether you are looking for Briefcases, Duffel Bags, or Totes. Although, we are here to talk about the luggage bags. Well, on the website Homedepot you are getting five really cheap options. These options are starting at a great price of 28$ and goes up to only 48$. The best part is that all the three bags features a trolley for ease. Although, they may be cheap but are adequate enough to fill in your needs. The Pink Roller Overnight is the most expensive options among the lot and is designed like a duffle bag. If your need is a lightweight tote for shopping then you have the option for the 2 Piece Rain Forest Tote Bag. Also, last but not the least the rolling 26 inches duffle bag. The bag is being offered to you in three great colors. The color in which it is being offered is Sky Blue, Navy Blue, and Black. You can also select different shades as per your need.

8. Ful

After Heritage, these are slightly expensive. The bags are being offered in all shapes and sizes as per your need. It is a great company to begin that always delivers to its customers. The company has many options that you can purchase on the website. These options that you are getting are Shoulder Messenger Bag, Rolling Duffle Bag, Messenger Commotion bag, and a lot more. The company something for everyone. Although, I personally like the Ful Tour Manager Deluxe 30. It may be the most expensive option with a price of 139$ in the list but is equally unique and stylish for the price you pay.

9. Mobile Edge

The only option that you get on the website is the 17.3 inch Messenger Bag. The bag is adequate if you have documents or just your laptop. It is a sling bag made in Kazakhstan. There is a dedicated laptop compartment inside the bag. The strap that is provided on the bag is padded. Also, the best part is that the laptop compartment is also padded that will protect your device from any sort of accidental wear and tear. The exteriors of the bag are made from Canvas Cotton. Also, the fasteners that are custom designed holds the bag in place. The bag from MobileEdge is being offered to you at a price of $33 and 66 cents.

10. Swiss Digital

Last but the not the least the brand has a niche design. It means that your bag will speak out loud that it is by Swiss Digital. The company offers several varieties of bags to suit your need. The bag can range from a size of 17 inches to 20 inches. Each of the bags that is being offered has their own unique to suit your need. The starting of the bad is from $73 and goes up to 129$.

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