Best Websites to Watch or Download Animated Movies

Movie buffs belong to different categories. Some of them love thrillers and horror kind of movies. Some love romantic comedies. Some guys love animation. Animation movies are fun! Most of the people think that animation movies are for children. No, animation movies deal with some of the best mature themes and they are also made for adults. There is a vast section of the audience who love to watch animation movies. Animation movies always feature interesting plots and heart touching characters. They always assure the best cinematic experience. They are rich in visuals and good at drawing you into the cool imaginative environment.

There are special categories for animation movies on all the popular free movies websites. But there are just a handful of websites which are dedicated exclusively to animation movies. We’ve listed down the best websites where you can watch the animation movies for free.also check out the unblocked movie sites for more movies

Animation Block

Animation Block is the best film festival especially for animation movies in the United States of America. If you are an aspiring filmmaker and made an animation movie, you can submit your movie on their website. If your animation short movie is good enough you may win some prestigious awards. There are tons of animation movies on this website which are submitted by many participants in the contest. The design looks modern and the interface is user-friendly. It’s easy to search for the animation movies on this website. You can find lots of short animation movies. Short animation movies are great to watch especially during your break times.

Animated Short Films

Animated Short Films is a YouTube channel where you can find dozens of animated short films. This YouTube channel is slowly gaining popularity. Right now there are around 20,000 subscribers to this channel on YouTube. If you are busy and have a very short time for watching movies, we recommend you to watch short animated movies on this website. Though short movies have a time limitation, there are many cool plots in most of them. Short animated movies are generally made for film festival submissions. So most of them feature an exciting plot and theme.


Though movies are not exclusive for animation movies, they have got an excellent collection of animated movies when compared to the other movie websites. You’ll be surprised to find the recently released animation movies on their website. The website looks simple and stylish at the same time. The user interface is awesome and you can find many different animation movies using their search. The best thing about movies is that you can also download the animation movies from this website. Majority of the movies are available in high definition. You need not worry about quality on movies website. There is a “Turn Light Off” feature which provides the best environment for watching the animated movies. You can also add animated movies in watch list to watch them in future. It loads the advertisements in new tabs whenever you click on the movies. It may be little annoying at the beginning of the movie because of the advertisements.. But the good thing is that you will see very less number of advertisements during the movie.


MovieWeb has categorized the animation movies in a perfect order. It’s super easy to find the animation movies on MovieWeb. If you love watching latest animation movies, then definitely you need to check out MovieWeb website. The website is clean and clutter free. You can see the top rated and popular animation movies on the home page. It load up the movies at a good speed. Some of the movies are available in HD.


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