Why Blue Screen is Displayed on Your Computer Screens

Why computer shows blue screen? Have you ever thought on these lines? Obviously one thing is sure that there is indeed something wrong with your computer. Many reasons could be attributed to such a situation have arisen in the first place and for a computer user it might be the end of the world.

Here are some tips which you can follow to remove the blue screen on your computer. Most of the problem is not so good and it is not as complex as it resembles to be honest. It could be as simple as some sort of hardware problem might have occurred or some form of virus might have emerged.

Boot in safe mode

The moment a blue screen emerges on your computer, switch off the power supply. Once it turns back up switch to F8, to get you’re directly in the advanced boot up sections. In the event of you being suspicious about some form of virus affecting the system and it will connect to the network once you boot it up, and then opt for the safe option. A close eye needs to be kept the moment yes is entered after the selection. As the computer is being run in safe mode, it would go on to scroll through each driver on an individual basis. If one return with an error then the driver is causing this issue and then driver should be uninstalled and then again installed.

Look out for hardware issues

In case there is no form of issue with the drivers, check to the fact whether there are any form of hardware conflicts. To confirm this fact go to the control panel- then click on the system and then click device manager, here you would need to go through each device on an individual basis, and then look out for any yellow accent icon. If there is any than one thing is sure that the hardware is conflicting. You would need to open up the driver, and a pop up message will spring up which will reveal the problem. If there is no form of conflicts then the onus is on you to move towards the next step.

Do a complete scan of the system

Once you are in the safe mode it is suggested that it is best to run Spyware, Registry and virus scans. If there is a virus in your system which goes on to disable any application in your system, it would be disabled at this very point. You can also run an anti-virus scan, and in the case, it is not there on your computer then it is the correct time to get one done. In addition to this run a registry scan as well as this cleaner app can check your registry for any sort of unknown problems

If you have tried all the above measures and still blue screen emerges, then reboot your system once again and go on to press the F8 option. This time select the” last good configuration”

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