Bone Marrow Transplant And Its Types

Bone marrow is the fatty and soft tissue inside your bones which produce blood cells. Often your bone marrow gets damaged or destroyed by serious injury or infection, diseases and high dose treatments, like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. To treat your damaged tissue, doctors often suggest bone marrow transplantation.

There are several high-end hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India. They give the best care to the patients and follow the best procedure. With theskilled doctor and the best caregivers, patients can get back to their normal lives.

How Is Bone Marrow Transplant Done?

Before transplanting bone marrow, radiation or chemotherapy is given. Often, both the treatment can be used. Usually, the treatment can be done in two ways-

  1. Ablative Treatment: Here, high dose of chemotherapy and radiation is used to kill cancer cells. But, this treatment kills all healthy bone marrow and cells so that new cells grow in your bone marrow.
  2. Reduced Intensity Treatment: This is also known as amini-transplant. Here, patients are given low doses of chemotherapy or radiation before the transplant. This treatment is prescribed for older people or for those who have other serious health issues.

Types of Bone Marrow Transplants

The bone marrow transplant is done mainly in two ways, but there are other ways too. Here are the types-

  1. Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant

In this type of transplantation, the transplanted stem cells are derived from the body of the patient who is going to have the transplant. Doctors remove the healthy stem cells from the patient body and store them. Later, those cells are used to transplant again in the body after destroying cancerous and damaged cells. There is no need for thedonor if you go for autologous transplantation. The patient needs to go through stem cell mobilization or bone marrow harvesting for gathering stem cells.

The major benefit of using own stem cell is to avoid diseases like GVHD. Though this method is known as rescue transplant, still, there are certain complications one can have if go through this transplantation.

  1. Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant

In certain cases of transplantation, the stem cells are used from another person who is known as adonor. When is this method used? Often, certain diseases pollute the blood of the patient so much that cannot be used to transplant stem cells. In that case, new and healthy cells of donors can revitalize the growth of stem cells in the diseased person and often kill those diseased cells. Usually, there must be a genetic match between the donor and the patient.

  1. Umbilical Cord Blood Transplants

The best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India have started this treatment too that can be lifesaving. Here, instead of using blood donors, the blood in the umbilical cord of the new-born baby is collected and stored. Umbilical cord blood cells are quite immature and therefore, they don’t need to be matched perfectly.

These are the types of bone marrow transplants that are one of the best lifesaving treatment today. If you are a patient with cancer, don’t get nervous on the first hand. There are ways to get back to a new life.

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