The Boom of Kidney Transplant Surgeries in India

The two kidneys in the human body are the primary organs for eliminating harmful and toxic waste products from our body, by the passage of urine from time to time. The kidneys help to filter blood, thus extracting all the harmful chemicals from the blood that are built up inside the body due to our normal metabolism, and then eliminates those toxic products via urination.

Although a healthy adult human only needs one of the kidneys to function properly for daily activities, the complete shutdown of a kidney is still a cause for concern.

With the rise in the number of diagnosed cases of diabetes and high blood pressure in today’s world, mostly due to the fast and tiring schedule of modern life, complications are arising in blood flow and kidney functionality too. Excess or too much blood flow, or high blood sugar ultimately causes kidney or renal failure. In such cases, the patient requires kidney transplantation. Since the kidney transplant cost in India is relatively lesser than other countries, it has fast become the top destination for medical tourism globally, for patients suffering from renal problems.

India is home to few of the top hospitals in the world, adhering to international standards and yet maintaining a lower procedural cost than other equally proficient facilities around the globe. This has caused kidney transplantation procedures to boom in India.

The benefits of having kidney transplantation surgery in India are as follows:

1) Low Cost

Although some of the best hospitals in the world are in India, they continue to provide international standards of healthcare at much cheaper rates than western countries or even other Asian countries.

2) Availability

Kidney transplantation surgery is a risky procedure since the donor kidney may not always be a right match for the patient’s blood type and genetic makeup. But with a population of 1.3 billion people, India has lots of donors for kidneys, and hence finding the right match for a person is easier.

3) Professionalism

The top Indian hospitals employ doctors who have studied from the top universities from across the globe. Even the management and other staff of the hospitals are extremely courteous and helpful, with even translators being provided for various languages, making it easier for foreigners to travel here for medical help.
4) Connectivity and Communications

Almost all major cities in India have international airports, making it easier for people to reach the country. And English is listed as an official language by the Government of India and spoken widely, making it easier for people from other countries to communicate with the local people and get their desired medical treatment.

With the rise in hectic daily activities and extreme competition in today’s corporate environment, people are suffering from many health complications, kidney failure being a major one of them. The need for kidney transplants are on the rise, and since the cost of kidney transplants in India is much lower than other countries, it has quickly become the go-to medical tourism destination for patients with kidney problems.

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