How can Call Centres improve First Call Resolution?

From the business’s point of view, customers have always been the first priority as they are the factor that decides the fate of any company. Do you know the best way to make customers happy or create a positive image of the business? Solving customer’s issues in one go.

First call resolution (FCR) means how many customer’s queries get resolved successfully by the agents in the first attempt. FCR is a vital key performance indicator that helps in measuring the quality of customer experience and the efficiency of the call centre.

High FCR rate simply meansa less number of customerscould contact the agents twice or thrice to avail the desired services. This factnot only leads to high CSAT score but also ensures that an increase in business’s profitability.

Are you an owner of a call centre? Are you looking for the tips that can help in improving the first call resolution? Have a look at the following pointers that will surely make your life easier:

Monitor repeat calls

Repetitive calls are one of those aspects that can ruin the productivity of any call centre outsourcing company. This is so because repeat calls always affect the CSAT score and increase the call volumes, which, in turn, may lead to a loss of business.

So, if you are an owner of a call centre, it is significant for you to monitor repeat calls as this is the only way to find out the aspects that are affecting the FCR rate.

Do you want to know which factor leads to the hassle of repeat calls? Sometimes agents don’t provide the desired information to customers properly owing to the greed to manage AHT. This aspect leads to a high customer attrition rate and creates a negative image of the brand. Hence, it is significant for the agents to understand that FCR is much important than AHT.

So, make use of repeat call tracking technology to get to know about the total number of repeat calls. With the help of CRM integration, you can also know about how many customers are contacting repeatedly on the other channels.

Promote self-service up to the perfection

The most effective way to improve first call resolution rate is to motivate customers to resolve all the trivial issues on their own. Of course, we are not saying that customers shouldn’t contact call centres to avail desired services.

But if customers deal with all the minor issues, the call volume will decrease automatically and that means agents can do their work without any worry to manage AHT. This factor will surely enhance the CSAT score and bolster the business’s reputation.

The surprising fact is that 60% of customers prefer to contact agents to get solutions even for minor problems. This shows how much it is important to promote the self-service facility. In addition to this, self-service also prevents the hassle of a high customer wait time and long queues. As a result, this aspect leads to high productivity.

All in all, it is crucial for every call centre outsourcing company to ensure that agents promote the self-service facility after every interaction.

Improve agent’s performance

Well, there should be no doubt that agents are the pulse of call centre outsourcing companies. Therefore, it is imperative for the BPO firms to leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving the agent’s performance as this is the best way to achieve high FCR rate.

Here are few suggestions that will surely help the call centres in boosting the staff’s performance:

  • Provide training in such a way that makes all the agents familiar with all the software programs that could be used during the customer interaction.
  • Make sure that agents have all the required information that is related to products, promotions, technical support issues, etc.
  • Always ensure that agents get all the details that are related to new products.
  • Inform all the agents properly regarding the changes in policies, services, etc.
  • Try to make agents understand the importance of FCR.
  • Give live examples to newly joined agents regarding how customer’s issues can be resolved during the first interaction.


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