NEW DATSON GO+ – Can this MUV do it for Nissan

The world has witnessed one of the finest vans and minivans from companies like Maruti Suzuki and Mahindra. They are the kings in this category of cars. But a car that deserves a mention is the new Datsun Go plus. It has been a success since it has been launched by the company Datsun. The decision of launching this car has proved to be very beneficial to the automobile company. Let us not waste time and learn about the specifications of this car.


The category under which the Datsun GO Plus falls into is MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle). It can be considered as a minivan. Its front part is nearly the copy of the Datsun GO. The rear part is extended for accommodating more people inside the car. The car is available in 5 different colours : White, Sun Stone Brown, Ruby Red, Silver, Bronze Grey.


The engine used in this car is 1.2 litre 3 cylinder In-Line Petrol engine. It produces a horsepower of 67 BHP. It is available in the market with manual transmission. The company is trying to incorporate automatic mode of transmission in the car soon. The engine displacement is 1198 cubic centimetres, a standard displacement of the present engines.


The fuel economy or the mileage provided by the Datsun GO Plus is 19.83 kilometres per litre of petrol. This car is not known for the picking up of speed in short duration of time. Hence, it can reach 100 from 0 kilometres per hours, in 14.2 seconds. It has a 5 – speed gear box. The top speed reached by this car is 145 kilometres per hour. The fuel tank capacity is about 35 litres, which is quite low for an MUV, considering other cars of the same type.


The car is very spacious. This is one of the reasons due to which the people are providing a positive response to the Datsun GO Plus. Its length is 3995mm, width about 1636mm and height of 1507mm. The car offers a ground clearance of 180 mm. The cargo volume of the car is sufficiently large (about 347 litre). There are 5 doors to the car. 7 people can be accommodated in this car easily. This means that this car is exclusively for family trips and vacations.

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The interiors give the driver a feeling of belonging to another world. Everything on the interior is very stylish and posh. The exterior changes the stereotyped image of a minivan to be a simple boring box. It’s a trendy and a modern look.


The price of the MUV is surprisingly low. With a starting price of just 3.86 lakh rupees, any car packed with all its features is bound to be a hit in the market.

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2018 Ford F350 Offered with Powerpack Heavy Duty Powertrain

2018 Ford F350 Offered with Powerpack Heavy Duty Powertrain

Resembling as a beast unleashed, The Ford F-350 Super Duty meet the very expectation of any truck buyer in the country. It is capable of fulfilling the everyday needs of the business. The F350 received the major update last year alongside the F-250 and the F-450 Super Duty trucks. This new generation pickup is more powerful, stronger and comfortable, and it features extra technology and luxury equipment than before. But fundamentally, the F-350’s utility as a heavy duty towing truck hasn’t changed a bit.

The 2018 Ford F-350 Super Dutypickup is offered in six trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. It can be used as a regular-cab, extended-cab (aka SuperCab) or crew-cab body, with multiple bed lengths of either 6.8-foot or 8.2-foot. Under the hood lies a 6.2-liter gasoline V8 that produces 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque, while another engine choice comprises of a  turbocharged 6.7-liter diesel V8 that propels impressive 450 hp and 935 lb-ft of torque. The transmission duties are carried out by a six-speed automatic transmissionvia rear wheel drive. Also, there’sthe four-wheel drive available as an option. A dual-rear-wheel axle is also available as an option for F-350.The fuel tank offers massive 48-gallon capacity and with this, the 2018 Ford F350 mpg can be expected to be under 20 mpg.

The chassis is manufactured using high-strength steel, while the body parts are made up of lightweight aluminum, keeping the overall weight intact. Ford claims that the pickup is more dent-resistant and hundreds of pounds lighter in comparison to the predecessor. As an F-350’s cabs are larger than those of the last generation models. Ford has also improved passenger space and comfort.

Thanks to its performing engine and superior build, the F-350 is capable of going through anything. Whether it’s towing heavy weight or taking the family to vacation, the Super Duty impresses everyone with its smooth ride and powerful powertrain.The 6.7-liter turbodiesel handles F-350’s power delivery without any lag.The pedal feedback appears hard at first but happens to smoothen as you travel long.

The F 350 Super Duty’s interior turns out to be very comfortable but also offer great functionality. The digital display is customizable, and you can also keep a checkon tire pressures for both the truck and trailer. There are major physical buttons that are fixed close to the driver side. Most of the functions can be directly used through Ford’s Sync 3 system. The available knobs still control the climate control temperature and the sound system tuning and volume. Ford’s Sync 3 system is responsive and easy to operate. The large touch surfaces make navigation easy, although you can never get the perfect zoom factor on the map. The 10-speaker Sony audio system offers crisp presentation and response.0

Since the F350 received complete overhaul last year, not much has changed for this year. There’s the additionof new Limited trim, which is the F-350’s latest top trim level, and a few minor upgrades to standard and optional feature list.

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