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Time to Change your Car

How to Know it’s Time to Change your Car

Looking forward to change your car? You need to spend a lot of money on this venture. However, sometimes it becomes very necessary to dump the old car. Here are some things to consider in order to determine if it is the right time to change your car:

Future Repairs

Let your trusted mechanic to take a close look at the car for spotting looming issues. He should also give you advice on how serious the entire thing is. If forecasts climb or repair estimates are more, decide on a new car.


Older cars including those maintained in excellent condition tend to wear out. So these pose risks of breakdown while driving. The latest cars are equipped with standard safety equipment such as better handling, advanced airbags, brakes, side airbags, electronic stability control, rearview cameras, etc. Some of the other safety features include drowsiness alert, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert, lane departure warning systems, automatic parking, etc. So a new car is certainly the best option.

Gas and Mileage

If the present car eats up a lot of gas and mileage suffers, you need to replace the car. This problem cannot be fixed. Old cars are less fuel-efficient because they lack fresh engines and engineering advancement. The capacity will continue to go down.

How much is your Car Worth

Prior to making the decision, pay for repairs on the old car. You should take ample time to find out its worth. Speak to an expert to determine the retail or trade-in value of cars similar to yours. You can also use the “50-percent rule.” In case, repairs cost 50% of your car’s worth, replace it.

The Cost of New Car

You need to have a good idea of the next car you wish to purchase. Apart from having a good idea about the cost of new cars, figure out the way you would be pay for it. Calculate the down payment, the rest of the amount you wish to finance and insurance. It would be a good idea to calculate if the monthly payment for the next 3-4 years is more or less than the expected yearly expenditure in repairs for the present car. Consider replacing the car if annual repair bills go more than 10% of the price of the new car you wish to buy.

Insurance Costs

First do your homework well. You need to calculate the actual difference in the costs of annual insurance costs for the old car as compared to the brand-new one. If your old car is not worth that much, it is better to drop the idea of buying a new one. It’s also important to understand that luxury or sports cars would cost more to insure as compared to regular family sedans. To know more, read about car specifications in Hindi online.

Incentives and Rebates

Many times, zero percent or low financing may seem to be a good deal. In case, you wish to lease or get attractive incentives by automakers, it is time to dump your repair-prone car and buy a new one.

Changes in Lifestyle

These changes may dictate that it is time to replace your current car. For instance, change in size of family, longer/ shorter commutes to work, change of the child’s school, change of home, lack of space etc. call for change of car. A requirement for hauling items will also need a new car.

You’ve Had Enough

Have you had enough of your old car? Sometimes, you just don’t feel like continuing with what you have. It may be because you genuinely need a new one, got a promotion, need to travel a lot, or get one that’s appropriate for your new business. If you think your finances allow you to invest and a new one has been occupying your mind, go for the new car.

Towing Service in Melbourne

What is the Importance of Towing Service in Melbourne?

Towing service is generally defined as towing of two or more object to a bigger power source and being pulled by it.

Towing Service in Melbourne is offered by roadside assistance contractor or roadside service operator. The future is always unpredictable and full of surprises that may be pleasant or an unpleasant event. In this fast-moving world, travelling fast to reach your destination has become a necessity.

This may cause car breakdown, collisions or irreparable damage and breakage, at a distance away from your home or garage. The importance of towing service is felt in such a situation where your schedule is delayed. At such time a towing service can help you out by towing your vehicle to the garage or your preferred destination.

Mishaps like a horrible accident, collision or an irreparable towing service that can tow your vehicle. It can be a great help in this state of emergency. The main assistance provided by a towing service is to tow and bring the vehicle safely.

Some companies are only interested in getting your vehicle to the desired destination quickly. They do not consider if any damage is done to your vehicle in this process. A wrong choice can be an expensive affair.

It is advisable to keep the roadside assistance number or that of your towing service handy for any kind of vehicle emergency while travelling. Towing services are used by traffic police to move vehicles parked in no parking zone, to tow vehicles involved in a criminal case or an accident.

 The demand for towing services has increased now. The solution providers are also upgrading themselves by using modern trucks and techniques.

The soltuion providers are required to meet the high standards of demand. The towing services require a proper certified license, failing to get this license, allows them to provide their services only for restricted hours.

Most owners of the tow trucks work on their own to provide towing service. The big towing companies hire subcontractors for their agencies. The owner of such companies has a higher responsibility than the workers as he needs to maintain the flow of finance and obtain a certified licence. A certified licence allows providing unrestricted towing service, round the clock, throughout the year.


Insurance document must always be kept in the tow truck and should be provided when they are demanded by any officer. Insurance is an important document for tow truck owners as it covers the insurance risk for his trucks, his employees and the vehicle that needs to be towed.

Background verification

The drivers employed to drive tow trucks must have a clean record, without stamping of major offences like DWT (drinking while intoxicated). They should not have any criminal record and need to clear drug test. Owners licence will be cancelled if employ’s a criminal.

A professional company having a good reputation, equipped with the best tools will provide the best service, without any damage to your vehicle.

Things to Know about TPMS

3 Things to Know about TPMS

If your car belongs to 2008 and years after that, then it must be having the Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS for short) installed in it. This feature has becomes standard in the cars that are manufactured either in 2008 or the time after that. The newer models of the cars are enjoying this amazing feature. If you notice, the TPMS symbol is either an overhead view of the car with all four tyres exposed or the cross-section of a tyre with an exclamation mark. These symbols are actually assigned by the Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA for short).

The consideration of the automobile manufacturer differ quite a bit that’s why the TPMS warning lights won’t really blink until the tyre pressure is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommendation. As per the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (RMA), this situation exists just because the recommended pressure of some vehicles is enough to carry the vehicle’s maximum load. It means that you might end up driving on an underinflated tyre while carrying enough load. Red Alert! It will cause either overheat or blow out. Here are a few important things you must know about the TPMS before wander through some amazing car tire deals. So let’s dive in;

Recognize the Lights First

Whenever you see the TPMS light illuminating, it’s time to check the tyre pressure as your tyres may be underinflated. It’s not necessary if the TPMS blinks, all the tyres are lacking pressure. It can be that only one tyre needs to be properly inflated but that time you are supposed to check every tyres once for the safe side. But here’s one thing that you don’t know. Your TPMS might also blink when all your car tyres are properly inflated. Why does it happen? It’s because you may have installed one spare tyre due to some reason and the TPMS is unable to detect the sensor of the original wheel.

Losing Control

Did you know that the tyres, underinflated by 5psi can fail? As per mechanism, underinflated tyres will flex more as compared to the properly inflated one. That’s the reason as to why it creates heat. Due to the excessive heat, the chemical bonds and components inside tyre are broken down. One should be very much vigilant about the tyre pressure especially when the weather is hot and speeds are high. Therefore, temperature is one of the major factors that can affect the tyre pressure and triggers the TPMS light. Just keep in mind the simple rule, tyre pressure will drop when it’s cold whereas the pressure will rise when it’s hot. 

Driver is the Best TPMS

If we eliminate one thing out of this process, it’s all meaningless. It’s you! Quite obvious and reasonable, if you are willing to take the responsibility and regularly check the tyre pressure, you don’t need any automated system. Even though the automation is a precious perk itself but that doesn’t end your responsibility. Therefore, don’t solely rely on the TPMS. Whenever you head on to check out numerous car tyre deals, make sure to commit to the regular tyre pressure check.