custom sliding glass shower doors

How To Design A Small Bathroom

We often find it challenging to design a bathroom which does not give us much space to work with. However, with the right combination of creativity and materials you can make optimum use of the available space to build yourself an eye catching bathroom.


Colours can change the whole look and feel of a place in a drastic fashion. A smaller space, be it a bathroom or any other room, always benefits from lighter brighter colours. Hence, it is advisable to stick to pale shades of beige, blue, pink, mint or even grey. Bright pastel shades also add a fun element to your bathroom which is quite a pick-me-up in the morning.

Keep in mind to coordinate the colour of your tiles with the colour on the walls.

Another tip to make your bathroom look spacious is to make use of translucent materials. Be it shower curtains or shelves and doors made of glass. If it becomes difficult to find glass doors that fit your space perfectly then you should try custom glass doors. There are various online stores which will customise the glass doors according to your needs and liking.

Shelves And Mirrors

Due to its light reflecting property, mirrors can make small spaces look much larger. Get a large, sleek mirror to fix on top of your sink or adorn a wall with a bunch of small mirrors in different shapes and sizes.

For shelves, go for quite a few near the shows area and a few near the sink to organise your products. Go for glass shelves to tie the entire look together and also make the area look spacious.


When it comes to fixtures, keep it minimal, streamlined and sleek. For sink, choose a modern pedestal sink instead of the bulkier traditional countertops. This is a great way to save space.

Go for toilet bowls which are fixed to the wall. Such designs look very modern and also make the area look larger.

You may skip the whole bathtub situation in a small bathroom. Instead go for a small shower area. It is advisable to go for glass does around the shower are to keep the entire bathroom dry and clean while you take your showers. It also let’s another person use the bathroom while you enjoy your long shower. Glass doors are also easy to clean and the textured ones make the look of water stains pretty unnoticeable. Make sure to get custom sliding glass shower doors. Sliding doors eat up a lot less space when compared to the traditional doors. You can get them in different textures, colours and designs to lift the entire look of your bathroom.


Scented candles are a great idea for bathrooms when you are aiming for minimal decor. Keep a few on the shelves and light them occasionally to fill the area with some relaxing aroma.

Adding a hint of greenery with small succulents and cacti is a very tasteful way to lift the look of the area. These plants not only look cute in but are also very easy to maintain.

Framing your favourite quote or art piece and hanging it on the wall is a great way to fill you with some positivity while you take your morning shower.

Customer Service Assessment Test

All You Need to Know about Customer Service Assessment Test

Whenever you are looking for a job, you need to go through the assessment test, organized by the company or any third party. This is the acid test which shows your capability of performing the job in given situation. Are you willing to go for customer service job? Then you have to cross assessment test for customer service.

What type of test is that? How can you prepare yourself for it? What types of questions will you get there? You will have lots of questions in your mind, right? We have tried our best to answer all your questions. So, please keep calm and read on to know more.

What Is Customer Service?

Every business deals with clients and customers. What are the special roles that you need to perform while going for a customer service job? Well, the customer service table in any office deals with the clients. There are few companies, which establish direct communication with their call centres while others send emails. To get recruited as customer service professional, you should crack the customer service skill test and a practical demo exercise.

Things That Are Checked in This Test

The customer service assessment test includes different criteria. Usually, the focus of this test is on the skill of handling people. Through this test, the competency is tested which is vital to be successful in this job. Each customer service representatives are tested on the following grounds-

  • Cooperativeness
  • Patience
  • Assertiveness
  • Customer focus
  • Multitasking
  • Diplomacy
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solving
  • Sales perspective
  • Quality service
  • Processing speed
  • Stress tolerance
  • Adaptability

Through these parameters, the potential employees are tested and then they got recruited for the post.

The Role Play Scenario

Apart from the test and regular interview session, there are many companies who arrange for a role play events at assessment centres to see how the candidate can respond and perform in given situation. During this session, the employer creates a situation where you get customers and deal with him in any situation. This is a vital test to check out your performance on the real ground. Try to do your best with enough confidence and make a good impression.

Expected Questions in a Customer Service Interview

Not only the assessment test, but you have to clear the interview session with enough confidence and positive attitude. While preparing for the assessment test, you should also be prepared for the interview. The common questions, a candidate face while going for a customer service job, are as following-

  • What is customer service?
  • What do you think about the best customer service?
  • How can you understand a customer query and what can you do to solve it?
  • Have you ever go out of your comfort zone and helped someone?
  • Have you ever showed excellent customer service ever?

These are few of the questions that are asked by the employers. There can be lot more tricky questions. But, if you prepare for the test for a long time and then appear for it with the competencies, you can surely get the success.

water treatment Australia

What do you Need to know about Treatment and Disposal of Waste Water?

Wastewaters are liquids and solids which are water borne and are discharged to sewers, representing waste water derived from community life as well as industrial sources. Waste water composition includes suspended and dissolved organic solids. These are biologically decomposable or ‘putrescible’.

Innumerable numbers of living organism are contained in domestic waste water. These are bacteria or other such micro-organisms whose life activities result in process of decomposition. In cases where decomposition is anaerobic- in absence of oxygen- offensive conditions like hideousness and bad odour results. But when decomposition is aerobic involving dissolved oxygen, offensive conditions can be avoided and water treatment proceeds.

 The complete philosophy of waste water sanitation consists of removing, controlling and treating wastewater in a location which is remote or isolated from centre of activity. Down the years, management practices of waste water treatment have evolved into technologically complicated body of knowledge based on environmental science, applied engineering and past practices.

Two Objectives

There are two general objectives of water treatment Australia:

  • Minimizing or reducing of public health hazards of waste water. These are basic treatment methods used to prevent pathogens from reaching back the consumer.
  • Minimizing, reducing and eliminating the harmful impact of waste water on the quality of the receiving water body

Two Types:

There is much distinction between waste water treatment and waste water disposal. The complete waste water must be disposed away. Before disposal, some waste water is subject to different types of treatment before disposal but some may not be treated.

Waste Water Treatment

It is a process in which solids in waste water are removed partially or changed partially by decomposing complex, highly putrescible organic solids to minerals or organic solids which are relatively stable. The quantum of change depends on the process of treatment. After completion of treatment process, it is vital to dispose away solids and liquids which have been removed.

Waste Water Disposal

There are 3 methods using which final disposal of waste water can be accomplished. The common problem areas in final disposal are pathogenic microbes, heavy metals and organic compounds which are biologically resistant like insecticides or pesticides which enter water supply. In recent times, there has been concern about use of land in both sub surface and surface disposal after treatment of waste water.

Surface Disposal

This is disposal through irrigation. This consists of spreading waste water over the ground surface, usually via irrigation ditches. There is a certain amount of evaporation, but major amounts of water soaks into the ground and supplies moisture with small amounts of fertilizing compounds for plants.

This method of waste water disposal is suited to small populations where land area is available and nuisances will not be created. It is much suitable to semi-arid or arid areas, where moisture has critical value.

Sub Surface Disposal

In this, waste water is introduced to the ground underneath its surface via tile fields or pits. It is popularly used for disposal of settled waste water from domestic as well as institutional users where there is only a limited amount of waste water.

The critical factor in treatment and disposal is the quantum of organic matter that is readily decomposable. Another factor is dissolved oxygen in the receiving water body.

short term contract jobs Melbourne

Advantages of Taking up Contract Jobs

Contract jobs are becoming more and more popular in the freelance economy. As economies are slowing down and budgets are being tightened, employers are choosing to offer contract jobs because they are pocket friendly and effective.

 Come summer holidays and the opportunities for contract jobs really boom. Whether you are a student desiring to earn extra cash in the holidays or a professional with experience who desires flexibility, temp jobs or contract jobs offer many perks. Some of these are:

  • Regular work for good pay

Nowadays short term or temp jobs are in steady supply, particularly during busy times of the year like the period of summer holidays. Though temp roles lack the benefits of permanent jobs like pension schemes or annual paid leave, they are paid a good hourly rate in compensation.

  • Fast paced and flexible

While it takes several weeks for recruitment of permanent staff, it takes a much quicker pace to select contractual or temp employees. Thus it is to the advantage of the temp workers as well as employers if they are ready for a quick start at the job.

Usually you won’t be tied down to long notice periods and as such can switch to other jobs like your dream job as and when the opportunity pops up.

  • Wide range of skills

You can use a variety of skills in a variety of jobs. For instance you might work for a finance company and after that, in a hospitality firm. This permits you to acquire a wide range of transferable skills which could turn out to be priceless if you are a fresh worker or are not sure about your career path.

Temp jobs also help in networking with contacts in the industry, which may prove useful in the long run. They help in adding valuable references in your resume.

  • Impress employer

A temp job offers you the opportunity to impress an employer and may open doors to offers of regular employment.For instance, short term contract jobs Melbourne may throw up the chances for a permanent job in Melbourne.

  • Compensation for additional expenses

Because you are being paid as a ‘contract employee’ rather than a regular staff member, you can press for claims of work related expenses, which you might not be otherwise eligible for.

  • Test different employers

By taking up temp jobs, one can gain experience and understanding of several employers. Valuable experience can be gained by different contracts in various industries.

  • Avoid workplace politics

The only thing you need to do in a temp position is to deliver the goods, most efficiently. Hence you may be able to avoid getting caught up in office politics.

  • Access high level jobs

Nowadays temp jobs are not restricted to low level jobs. As opposed to a decade back, HR managers are much more open to allow contractual employees to take up senior level jobs. For instance, a company may hire the best talent for a short term project like a new marketing campaign.

While projects are being completed, you gain valuable experience, while employer and the company benefits from your hard work.

In sum, depending on your need and personality, contract or temp jobs may be pursued.

Digital PR agency

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