Role of Agriculture Education in Developing an Economy

The purpose of agricultural education is to provide students an understanding of agricultural practices, land management and natural resources and natural resources. At higher levels, it is undertaken to train students for employment in the farming sector. The curriculum of undergraduate and post-graduate programs in agriculture may include horticulture, biology, agriculture science, livestock management, health and nutrition, etc.

If you want to make significant contribution in the development of agricultural sector, then studying agriculture is the best career option for you. This field of career is gaining momentum in recent years, with increasing number of enrolments in agriculture courses.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss a few reasons that why you should pursue your career in agriculture.

Massive amount of innovation in the sector

Whether you’re interested in water, soil or the land, studying agriculture at best agriculture colleges in India will offer to in-depth understanding of all these factors. It will introduce you to current pressing environmental issues and food supply. Further, it will also provide innovative solutions for these issues.

Changing attitudes toward environment and animal welfare

Stress on environmental issues and welfare of animals have created a high demand for eco-friendly faming solutions and practices. It has widened the scope of career opportunities in the agricultural sector. Further, agricultural studies introduce you to the fundamentals and new technologies used to sustain production.

Population growth is demanding better efficiency and innovation in Agriculture

As the global population is on the rise, the demand for food has also increased and hence, agricultural sector is demanding more innovation and efficiency. Studying agriculture at a top agriculture college in Uttarakhand helps in developing new technologies, which can help in improving agricultural production.

Explore the Agricultural Sector

People, who love to explore newer ways of cultivation, soil management and land management and want to contribute significantly for the betterment of lives of people across world, will find any other better career option than agriculture.


With the advent of newer technologies in the domain of agricultural, there is infinite scope in bringing out innovative changes towards the betterment of agricultural standards. People, who want to change the world in a positive way, may find this field to be fruitful.

Better Job Prospects

There are lucrative pay packages offered in both Government and Private sector to graduates in Agriculture. The initial pay packages may lie between 2-4.5 lacs per annum. Further, agricultural graduates can start their own business ventures or practice farming.

Sales Executive- Career Scope, Opportunities, and Job Prospects:

Nowadays, a large number of people may see sales career as a default choice, because it offers a wide range of opportunities and huge scope. In every sector, either we talk about IT or Management there is a huge demand for the sales representative. Without sales people it is quite difficult to increase the business productivity of any organization, they play a crucial role in increasing the growth of any company.  They help in generating the more leads for business and attract new customers every day.

What do they do?                                                                                    

Salespeople usually work with customers to understand what they want and what their needs are. They sell different types of product and services such as Home Appliances, beauty products, electronic items, and cars to customers, companies, organizations or agencies. They tell everything to customers about their product or services. It is an interesting career option, the people who work in sales spend most of their time visiting clients in person, communicating with clients and negotiating contracts over the phone and email. Sometimes they need to attend a meeting with marketing and advertising teams to ensure their activities. They work on different strategies every time and changed their strategies according to the customer habits. They work with the team or individually as a business owner and make plans how to close the next deal.

People who have interest to deal with different types of people and have the ability to sell product in the market can enter into this exciting field.

Education Requirement, Career scope, and opportunities:

It is the best career option for the fresher candidates; anyone can start their career in sales after completion of their bachelor degree in the specialized field. One needs to earn a bachelor degree such as BBA in Business administration, Sales or marketing or can choose according to their interest or the industry they wish to work with. Some companies demand for the candidates with the Master’s degree of MBA.  As well as, one can do diploma in any of them. With the specific education requirement, success in this field requires good communication skills to understand the queries of customers, Problem-solving ability, High patience level to attend to handle every type of customers, good presentation style, good time management skills and many more.

With education requirement and necessary skills one needs to take proper 3 months or 6 months training from any company to understand how to deal with different customers or clients.  Training is a necessary part after completion of the education because in training some expert will teach you how to build strong strategies, how to present yourself, how to deal with your customers and with their queries.  There are number of companies which offers on-job training, they guide you in your every step as well as observe your activities in order to improve them.

It is easy to apply for on-job training after completion of a bachelor degree or Master’s degree. Every day lots of opportunities are posted by different recruiters on job portals.

Job Prospects and growth:

This sector is constantly growing from the past few decades, and expected to be growing faster in near future. This growth opens the door of career for many young candidates. Job prospects are quite good and every day a large number of job vacancies offered by many different organizations in different locations. It is easy for the seeker to find Jobs in Dehradun, Ranchi, Delhi/NCR, and Bangalore and in many more different locations. One can apply easily with the availability of online job portals.

There are a number of benefits to choose a career in sales such as good salary package, bonus, incentive, fast growth, endless job vacancies and many more. One can earn double income by doing work in sales industry.Salary of an sales person is depend on various factors including qualification, experience, company, location, post and on many more different factors. The Average salary of a sales person is around 292,705 per year. At entry level one can as a junior sales executive in any company, but after gaining some experience one can easily switch to another job or at higher post. Take a step forward to make your career in sales and to make a bright future.

Different Job option and career path in this field:

  • Insurance Sales Agents
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Loan Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing Representative
  • Sales Engineer

Benefits of choosing sales as a career:

  • Job Satisfaction
  • Freedom to work
  • Great earning potential
  • Chance to meet with new people
  • Continual Learning
  • Flexible Working Hours

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quantitative aptitude Test

Reason to choose quantitative aptitude Test for Hiring

Quantitative aptitude test also known as cognitive ability tests are considered to be an important part of hiring. When it comes to recruiting, there are two types of solutions that are mostly preferred one is the aptitude test and other one is the assessment test. The prime purpose of such test is to make sure that the candidate is hired who holds a good experience and knowledge in this field. The person that you come across will help you choose the right option in terms of selecting the right project. Not only this, such option is spread across many different companies and is also used for recruiting since it is one of the most preferred solution that gives the right results

Understanding about the quantitative Test:

Quantitative aptitude is one of the popular parts of aptitude test. It is designed especially to understand if the candidate that you have shortlisted is eligible one and whether he can handle the talented programs that may come up in future or not. Such test includes different choices of questions that might have only those set which would help you understand the candidate’s academic aptitude. It also helps you measure the cognitive development among the children and which is why it is one of the best solution that a candidate is advised to go with.

Understanding its categories:

Such assessment platform is categorized into three sectors. The first one is the verbal; the other one is non-verbal and the third one is the qualitative. Depending upon the requirement, you need to choose the candidate with the desired skills in that particular area and so on. Understand, it is all about understanding and learning the new task and even solving the abilities and communication skills to name a few

Why to opt for such Type of Test?

Generally the employers prefer such type of test option is because it offers the better work solution in more accurate and efficient manner. Such test helps to make the right decision without any issue. Besides, it also helps you understand the reasoning skill and make sure that all the problems are easily solved. Other than this, it also helps in gaining the intelligent response no matter what the circumstance will be whether it is the complex issue or the new issue. As a hiring manner, such type of test gives you more clear vision about the behavioural pattern of the candidate with regards to the working culture. You can also use such option in more clever and convenient manner.

No doubt that quantitative aptitude is the best type of assessment that has challenging questions. But the person who clears it with accurate results has more hiring chances. With wide range of question types, you will be given a better understanding about the cognitive ability. That is the main reason why it is advised for you to choose the best platform of hiring since investment is extremely crucial at every point especially when you plan to hire an expert.