Watching Movies in Kolkata in a Multiplex

Kolkata, the City of Joy, has been a connoisseur of arts and artists for ages. When it comes to movies, Bengalis all over the world take immense pride in the heritage that has seen the rise of likes of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen and other contemporary filmmakers who have time and again produced critically acclaimed movies that have given them and the country international acclaim. The industry that started way back in 1920s have provided solace to Bengal’s heart and soul by its rich cinematic renderings of Rabindranath Tagore’s plays and dramas. Continue Reading

Best Websites to Watch or Download Animated Movies

Movie buffs belong to different categories. Some of them love thrillers and horror kind of movies. Some love romantic comedies. Some guys love animation. Animation movies are fun! Most of the people think that animation movies are for children. No, animation movies deal with some of the best mature themes and they are also made for adults. There is a vast section of the audience who love to watch animation movies. Animation movies always feature interesting plots and heart touching characters. They always assure the best cinematic experience. They are rich in visuals and good at drawing you into the cool imaginative environment.

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Enjoy Watching Movies at PVR Logix IMAX Noida Like a Royalty

Enjoy Watching Movies at PVR Logix IMAX Noida Like a Royalty

When it comes to watching a movie, nothing but the best must be chosen and PVR Logix IMAX Noida is the best in the city. Its premium location, close to the Wave City Centre Noida, Sector 32 makes it very easy to access. It is this reason that movie-watchers from other NCR Cities like Faridabad, Delhi, and Ghaziabad love to come here and catch their favourite movie. If you are new in the city, just find out about PVR Logix IMAX Noida Address and reach on time to catch a much-awaited movie. Continue Reading