Common Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Nothing is more important than your life, but with the growing amount of pollution and the irregular lifestyle one leads today, health issues have become common to both men and women. And one such issue that cannot be overlooked is ‘cancer’. Taking into consideration women’s health, it is cervical cancer that is one of the most commonly diagnosed forms of the disease. Fortunately, this cancer type is completely preventable and treatable, but if and only if diagnosed at an early stage. Certain tests like, Pap smear have worked wonders to an extent in bringing down the number of deaths caused by this illness. But, the ignorant attitude towards the early signs of cervical cancer is one of the major reasons leading to the deaths.

7 Signs to Consider

Cervical cancer, according to medical science, is caused by HPV or Human Papillomavirus. This virus comes in different types, but few lead to cancer. The symptoms of this type of cancer are more subtle than other types of cancer, but you can spot them easily on paying attention. Here are a few such signs explained in brief:

# Unusual bleeding– This signifies the onset of cervical cancer. If you end up with unusual bleeding between your menstrual cycles or sexual intercourse, make sure to get in touch with a gynecologist. Remember, this symptom is important even during the post-menopause phase.

# Unusual discharge– It is quite normal for women to experience nominal quantity of odorless and clear discharge. But, at the same time, do check out for foul-smelling discharge. This can be a sign of cervical cancer as stated in the Joey Feeks Bio.

# Pain between legs and back-As the cervix swells up, the flow of blood to the lower back and the legs are likely to get interrupted. This, in turn, results in the swelling up of the legs, lower back and you start experiencing painful sensations. Also, pain in the hips and swelling up of the ankles are common with patients suffering from cervical cancer.

# Pelvic pain- Pain and cramps in the pelvic region is common among women, especially during the menstrual cycle; but in case you end up with frequent or acute pain lasting longer than the normal time-span, make sure to look out for a doctor who can help you to deal with it, thus ascertaining the actual cause.

# Uncomfortable sex– Dyspareunia or painful sex is one of the common symptoms of cervical cancer, and can thus, be attributed to the discomfort and the swelling caused by HPV infection. If you end up experiencing uncomfortable sex, get a checkup done at the earliest.

# Discomfort during urination– Even your urinary symptoms can indicate whether the cancer has spread or not and this should not be ignored. This includes stinging sensations and other sorts of discomfort while passing urine. Also, look for signs like, discoloration or passage of blood with urine.

# Irregular menstruation– Your menstruation phase possesses the power of directly reflecting the state and rhythm of your body and cervical cancer can end up disrupting or fluctuating it. Inconsistencies can also signify cervical cancer, and thus, should not be ignored.

In case of ending up with any of these symptoms, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist without wasting time,  so as to get back to a healthy life.


Packaging Material Testing for Food Products

Packaging is an important aspect for the food industry because it enables packaged foods to be transported safely over long distances. Packaging plays a role in marketing too because an attractive package appeals and provides information to the consumer. Packaging material used in the food industry is tested for its ability to protect foods, prevent contamination and deterioration in food quality. Packaging must also clearly display all labelling correctly.  Food testing laboratories offer consulting and analysis services with regard to the packaging material for all technical as well as labelling regulations criteria.

Food packaging material testing is carried out by chemical and food testing laboratories for a number of reasons. The packaging materials must

  • be compatible with the food product, transportation and storage requirements
  • protect foods from chemical, physical and biological deterioration
  • be suitable for the intended final use of the product
  • have the ability to withstand the stress so it won’t degrade or break in the duration of the food’s shelf-life
Material Testing
packaging material testing

Migration Limits

Testing for migration limits is important packaging material test that food testing laboratories carry out. Migration is the transfer of chemical substances from food contact materials into food. Consumer health can be affected if toxic substances get leached into the foods from packaging material that is in contact with foods. Food testing laboratories test for all substances that can be transferred to the food from the packaging material to ensure that migration of substances is within the limits as established by food regulations. Testing labs use a number of analytical techniques, including toxicological studies to identify the presence of these substances in food products.

Types of packaging material

Packaging material can be flexible like paper, foil, cellophane or plastics or it can be rigid such as glass, cans and plastic containers or semi-rigid like cardboard. Therefore, food testing laboratories use standardised testing methods where conditions like accurate time, temperature and test medium are taken into condition to ensure food safety. For instance testing labs may carry out testing for phthalate which is banned in some countries. Chemical testing laboratories test food contact materials for the presence of phthalates and experienced lab technicians can detect even trace levels of phthalates.

Food Protection Testing

Food packaging must protect foods against deterioration and it must also be able to retain the beneficial effects of processing, retain shelf-life, quality and safety of packaged foods. Testing laboratories test packaging material to ascertain that it offers chemical protection so that there are no compositional changes in the food. Glass and metals provide excellent barrier to chemical contamination. Packaging must also offer biological protection which means that it must offer protection from contamination by microorganisms like pathogens and other spoilage agents and prevent insects, pests or rodents getting entry to the food. Physical protection offers a shield from impacts, breakages and crushing. Physical testing of packaging material is carried out to see that it is capable of warding off the effects of storage, transportation and distribution from the point of manufacture to ultimate purchase.


Steroid- What you need to know about using HGH

Human growth hormone or HGH is typically linked to bodybuilders at elite levels. However, it is not restricted to bodybuilders even though it may appear and feel this way. It is relatively easy to access growth hormone due to online resources and the increase in suppliers who offer a variety of products and brands.

Human Body Development

When used correctly, human growth hormone can have magnificent effects on the body. It is responsible for physical development and growth. Every time a person undergoes a growth spurt, the pituitary gland secretes more of the growth hormone and stimulates he development of cartilage and bones. HGH effects reduce as a person gets older and the growth hormone slows down insulin activity, stimulates lipolyis or using fat for energy and promotes protein production.

Muscle Strength

Growth hormone increases strength gains as long as it is used properly and in combination with a regular training program. Research shows that HGH treatment is useful for increasing muscle strength.

Weight Loss

One of the major advantages of using HGH is its ability to break down fatty acids for energy use. Human growth hormone is a popular option among bodybuilders due to this feature.  It can be hard to stay disciplined and lean during off-season and bodybuilders often use growth hormone to keep minimal body fat gains.

Cognitive Functions and Mood

Growth hormone has a positive effect on mood, concentration and cognitive function. HGH can be effectively used as a treatment for improving mood and cognition.


The growth hormone is secreted most from the pituitary gland during sleep and continues to rise within the first hours of sleep. The hypothalamus and pituitary function is affected by lack of sleep and alters the release of human growth hormone.

Significance of Growth Hormone Effects

  • Supplementation of human growth hormone offers the potential of improving different areas of your physical wellbeing. It is commonly used in therapeutic settings to treat development and deficiency issues in children and adults. These issues can result from a pituitary disorder or diminished production that usually happens with age.
  • HGH can also be used to treat a person who has HIV or AIDS and is beneficial for various muscle wasting conditions.
  • One of the common reasons for using synthetic HGH is its anti-aging properties. HGH is widely regarded as the fortune of youth as it makes the natural aging process much more manageable.

Performance Settings

Within performance settings, synthetic growth hormone has become a highly sought after hormone. For the purpose of performance growth, individuals often use it in combination with anabolic steroids. They work harmoniously but even using the growth hormone on its own can promote rapid recovery. Human growth hormone contains healing properties that are beneficial to different parts of the human body.

HGH supplementation is a worthwhile consideration for adults in performance settings as well as other aspects of life. Growth hormone effects in men and women include decreased body fat, maintain ideal body fat levels, better physique, enhanced metabolic rate, improved sense of wellbeing, healthier skin, increased bone strength, increased joint strength and increased physical recovery rate.

prostate cancer

What you should know about prostate cancer detection?

According to health experts, PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) is considered to be a substance that is created by cells within the prostate gland (of both cancer cells and normal cells). PSA is found mainly in semen. But a god percentage also has been discovered in blood.

Frequently used tests for screening prostate cancer

There are two tests that are used to screen prostate cancer. They are as follows:

  • DRE (Digital Rectal Exam): The nurse or physician inserts lubricated, gloved finger into rectum for estimating the prostate size as well as to feel any abnormality or lump present.
  • PSA (Prostate particular antigen) test: PSA level are measures in blood. A substance created by prostate is the PSA. The PSA levels in blood could be higher among men suffering from prostate cancer. PSA level is likely to rise in various other conditions which might affect prostate.

With the establishment of prostate cancer, PSA level is found to spike above 4. But a level below four does not mean that the person has not been affected by cancer. Around 15% of mean having PSA below 4 are likely to have developed prostate cancer that can be found with biopsy.

Men with PSA level of 4-10 have around 1-4 chances of developing prostate cancer. In case, PSA is found to be over 10, then the risk of developing prostate cancer can be more than 50%.

In case, PSA level is found to be quite high, then the physician at the best Prostate Cancer hospital in India is sure to recommend waiting for a while and to duplicate the test. Otherwise, he may suggest getting prostate biopsy for identifying if the person has developed cancer or not. When it comes to detecting prostate cancer, the biopsy PSA cutoff point conducted by the physicians is not the same. Few may encourage biopsy only if there are 4 and above PSA level. The others might recommend starting at much lower level like 2.5 or 3. There are other factors that might impact the choice made like family history, age and race.

Some elements which might impact levels of PSA

PSA levels may be raised due to various aspects that might take place besides prostate cancer.

  • Old age: Usually, PSA levels go up slowly with age, even if no prostate problem is noticed.
  • Bigger prostate: There are few conditions like BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), a non-cancerous prostate augmentation which affects men as they age and raise PSA levels.
  • Ejaculation: PSA levels may go up for some time and reduce again. Hence, physicians recommend men to avoid ejaculation for about a day or even more before the test.
  • Prostatitis: It is a term that best describes inflammation or infection of prostate gland. It can raise levels of PSA.
  • Certain medications: Intake of male hormonal agents such as testosterone or any other medicines which might increase testosterone levels could cause PSA levels to increase significantly.

Checking at the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment in India will help the patient to get the right treatment.

Looking for the Best Orthopaedic Hospital

Orthopaedics is the branch of medicinal practices which deals with the various kinds of pains and problems with the skeletal system, like bone aches and joint problems. Although it is generally thought that only older people suffer from these problems, more and more young people are also facing similar situations. This is largely due to the quick paced lifestyle that most young employed people lead nowadays. They are always running to and from work, rushing to meet deadlines, skipping meals, not having a proper diet and indulging in other such unhealthy practices. In general, people are engaging is more unhealthy activities and do not have any time for personal care and exercising. This is giving rise to a number of problems.

The leading cause of such orthopaedic problems is due to bad posture. Most people are having to work in small cramped desks, where they sit all day stooping down to look at their computer or laptop screens. Even when travelling, people are getting into overcrowded buses and trains and hanging on. This creates a lot of strain on their backs and necks, which leads to such problems. An unhealthy diet is also a big factor here. A good diet may provide all the necessary nutrients to make bones stronger, like calcium. But an unhealthy diet, like fast foods and fat, not only lacks these important nutrients, but may actually harm the bones. So, the conscious people who are facing these problems are rushing to find the best orthopaedic hospital in India.

Which one to choose?

There are a lot of specialised hospitals in India, who solely treat these orthopaedic problems. Such surgeries can be tricky, and they should be done with utmost care to avoid any mishaps during the operation. So, a few queries should be kept in mind while making a decision about which hospital to get treatment in, and some of these points are discussed below:

Amenities and Facilities

Orthopaedic surgeries can sometimes be long, elaborate processes, requiring precise procedures like replacement of joints with metallic parts and others. For this, highly sophisticated instruments are required. So, while choosing a hospital, patients should take care to ensure that it is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment and machines.

Doctors and other staff

In spite of having the most expensive and state-of-the-art surgical machinery, a hospital will only be as good as the doctors they employ and the supporting team that doctor has at their disposal. It is important to make sure that the consultant doctors at the hospital are highly qualified and have lots of experience with these kinds of cases. Also, the other medical staff like nurses should also be highly trained, since avoiding human error is most important during such surgeries.


Orthopaedic operations are more or less straightforward operations without much of a risk factor involved. But still, the metallic implants and replacement joint parts can cost a fortune since they are very precisely manufactured out of expensive materials. So, patients should check if the cost of the treatment is well within their budget.