5 Symptoms of Gas Leakage in Split AC

Gone are the days when air conditioners were used as a status symbol. Now, air conditioners have become a necessity as nothing can provide such a relief from the blazing heat outside. ACs have become a boon in summers. Once it is turned on, nobody wishes to switch it off. Due to the continuous usage, there may arise some problems later. The minor problems may also lead to the improper functioning of the air conditioner.

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How to Choose Art for Your Home?

Home decoration is not about your likes and dislikes only. You have to choose the art pieces very carefully.  Single wrong choice can ruin the look of your home. There are many factors, which you need to keep in mind, when you select art for your home. If you are living in a place like Los Angles, it’s easy to find galleries there, which offer a verity of art pieces. You can also go for the interior designers Los Angeles, who can solve all your problems. If you want to choose art for your home yourself, keep these factors in mind. Continue Reading

Home Renovation

How Planning in Advance can Save Huge Money in Home Renovation

Deciding upon home renovation can often be a baffling and complicated task. There are a large number of aspects to be unfailingly considered, and at the same time, there are full chances you might want to have something more which you already have covered within a pre-determined budget. Let’s begin by saying that strategic home renovation jobs can be quite different and diversified, particularly with regards to expectations and scales, and so, it makes perfect sense to take a few crucial tips. Continue Reading