How Best Divorce Advocate in Hyderabad can Help?

The top divorce lawyers in Hyderabad offers two types of divorce cases normally as,

  • Divorce cases with mutual consent
  • Or divorce cases without mutual consent.

Normally the mutual consent divorce takes around 6 months. Although, parties are also having option to file second motion of the petition between 7 months to 18 months from date of filing of petition of the mutual consent divorce. The parties which go for it are perplexed always as how they can initiate process, terms and conditions, role of court, child custody, maintenance issue, duration, place where these petitions are filed and more question. It is suggested by the best divorce advocate in Hyderabad that the spouses must talk to one other about their future course. If both of them reach out to conclusion that their marriage is not working, then they must ease out tension surrounding them & must accept that their marriage has complete broken down.

Granting first motion

These top divorce lawyers in Hyderabad helps them in understanding that they must forget all fear of society. No one knows the situation overall better than husband & wife, and the impact which it leaves on their kids. One must accept it that there can be sometimes agreement as well as disagreement. Once the divorce petition gets filed, the party’s presence is needed in court for statement recording. In event, if one party doesn’t appear, then such party can also appear through their power of attorney. This must be a family member of spouse. As soon as the statement gets recorded, first motion gets granted.

The best divorce advocate in Hyderabad helps in it and explains that soon after passing of first motion, the parties get called for waiting for around 6 months period prior moving to the petition for 2nd one. This period also get extendable for around 18 months. The 6 months period in the mutual consent divorce is generally called as the cooling-off period. 6 months period are given to the parties for thinking about their relationship once again. it is offered for the reconciliation.  These 6 months of the period can also be waived by family court and on filing application for 6 months waiver.

Dissolving of marriage

The family court is having discretion for waiving of this period. Thus, the time period of around 6 months can get waived and might be reduced to less than 15 days or one month. Even after 6 months period, the parties are unable to solve differences between themselves, and then they have to appear in court once again. Thestatement of parties gets recorded once more. during the period of 6 months or prior moving to 2nd motion, both the parties holds liberty of withdrawing their consent for the divorce. After this, when court passed order for dissolving marriage and by granting decree of the divorce, the marriage stands as dissolved. On all these matters, these top divorce lawyers in Hyderabad really helps and plays major role for both the parties. For best assistance, fix an appointment with them now.