The Future is Green for the UK

With technology and consumer needs on the rise, people are beginning to ask how we can make the future greener here in the UK. Waste disposal is a must, but what if we could find ways to make our waste useful again? Let’s explore some of the ways that this question is being answered.

Reducing Pollution in New Construction

7.7 million tons of biodegradable municipal waste are sent to landfills annually; what if we could put that waste to use and reduce the carbon emissions produced in the construction of new roads? Aston University’s European Bioenergy Research Institute and the Aston Institute of Materials Research have teamed up to offer an ingenious solution that does just that. They’ve created an environmentally friendly alternative to the bitumen used in asphalt by melting down food, plastic, and paper waste, meaning what used to be trash could literally pave out the roads of the future.

Recycling by Manufacturers

Manufacturing industries tend to be carry a stigma of being wasteful. One sauce company however, has made a genuine effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Panesar partnered with a waste disposal company in order to recycle the jars of sauce that would otherwise get thrown out. Where all those glass jars used to be transported to landfills, they’re now being reused to their full potential. The glass is separated from the food waste and taken to a waste disposal and recycling centre, while the food waste is used to generate energy. Not only is this practice more environmentally sound, but Panesar says that it has also cut their waste management costs in half.

Recycling by Consumers

Often, the impact of recycling at home can be overlooked when we think of ways to increase our sustainability. When Millom started receiving kerbside service, however, the amount of material collected by waste crews for recycling was nearly tripled in just 4 weeks, from 124 tonnes to 300 tonnes. In fact, there was such an increase in recycling participation that those working to collect the waste have found themselves working overtime. This is just one example. Recycling services are becoming more accessible throughout the UK and with time we’ll be able to see just what a difference this makes.

While these are only isolated examples, they serve as excellent proof that our options for sustainability are expanding. Further research and scientific advancement will surely inspire ever more useful ways to address pollution in the modern world.

Wedding Bliss: 8 Tips to Help You Achieve a Unique Wedding

Wedding Bliss: 8 Tips to Help You Achieve a Unique Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the unique events in your life. It’s the start of another chapter of your life which you’ll be sharing with your significant other. It’s only natural that you’ll want to make this event as unique as possible.

Weddings have been going on for thousands of years, so it might be hard to come up with new ideas which will make your wedding stand out. You have to be extra creative, and you have to think outside the box at times.

To help you generate fresh ideas for your awesome wedding, here are some tips that you can examine to achieve a unique wedding which your guests will remember for a long time.

Brevity is Beauty

Yes, weddings are special events, and people flock to these kinds of things. However, when you’re in the planning stage, don’t let it stretch too long. The ceremony will get dull after a while, so it’s best to keep things short.

You can maintain the traditional parts of the wedding, but if you want to add something else, it might be better to do that during the reception and not the actual wedding ceremony itself.

Make your Vows Personal

It’s a formal event, but your promises don’t have to be all stiff and formal. You’re making your pledge to your partner, so say what you want to say. Add a bit of humour to keep things light.

Heartfelt vows are more memorable for you, your partner, and also for your guests, so make sure that your wedding vows are worth remembering.

Show your Appreciation

Do you have guests who are travelling from somewhere far? Let them know that you’re grateful for their presence. Your gratitude isn’t something tangible, but your guests will remember your appreciation for their effort to be present at your wedding.

Personalize your Guestbook

If you don’t want to stick to the usual guest book where people sign their names, you can make a personalized guest book. There are a lot of ways to make your guest book unique. You can look for a big canvas frame and have people write messages on it so you can hang it on your wall after the wedding.

Make your Wedding Program

If you want to add a personal touch, you can make your own if you’re not too busy. Choose the design and the colours that you want, and add details which relate to your wedding.

You can also add instructions which you want guests to follow, like if you want them to stay in their seats and not take photos on their phones because it won’t look good on your wedding photos and videos.

Get your Guests to Participate

Your wedding is about you, and the people who love you. Make sure to include your guests and make them feel like they’re a part of the event. You can create a role for your guests in which they can participate.

You can get your guests to share their messages for you. You can also have games where you can test how much do your guests know about you as a couple. It can be your bonding time with the people who have come to witness your special day.

Upbeat Reception Music

Sure, the classics will always be a part of any wedding reception, but a bit of modern music on the dance floor wouldn’t hurt, either. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, or Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You can bring life to the dance floor.

Picture-perfect Memories

Pictures are the best records of the memories that you want to keep. When it comes to your wedding, you can hire photographers and have photo booths outside.

To make your photo souvenirs more memorable, sites like Magnet Me turns ordinary photos into unique magnetic photographs which you can stick to your fridge or a magnetic board. You can see your photos every day, and it can serve as a reminder of your unforgettable wedding.


Wedding days are special events which require your full attention. There are some things which you can do to make your wedding unique and make your wedding day memorable.

Make your vows heartfelt. Say what your heart wants to say, and this can make your wedding feel special. You can also customize your invitations and guest book. Let your guests feel the extraordinary quality of your wedding day. Show your appreciation and include them in your program. Play upbeat songs to spice up the dance floor.

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Men’s Wedding Bands – How You Can End Up Damaging Them Even Without Trying

It is very important that you know how to take the best care of your ring and avoid common mistakes that can damage it. Some top mistakes that you might be making:

It is very important that you know how to take the best care of your ring and avoid common mistakes that can damage it. Some top mistakes that you might be making:

  • Not Cleaning It Periodically

When at home, clean your wedding band regularly by rinsing it in warm water and scrubbing off the grime with the help of a soft toothbrush and liquid detergent. You can even give it a nice soak in alcohol; gin or vodka should do the trick if you can spare it for such a mundane purpose. Once in six months or even a year make it a point to visit a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned. For a nominal charge or even for free, they will steam clean it and you will love the fresh new looks.

  • Wearing It When Applying Creams and Lotions

If you are in the habit of applying hand lotions or creams then you should remember to take the ring off before applying it because the stuff has a habit of leaving residues that can harden and be difficult to remove after some time. Further, the chemicals in them may react with the metal of the ring and cause it to discolor; you should be really careful if the metal is platinum or white gold or if the stone is colored.

  • Wearing It When Cleaning the Bathroom or Kitchen

The risk of wearing rings when cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen should be apparent but most people don’t seem to appreciate how easy it is for rings to slip off the finger and disappear down the drain or sink. You also run the risk of exposing your ring to the very harsh chemicals that are present in toilet and kitchen cleaners that can react adversely with the metal of your engagement ring and cause it to tarnish permanently. Be especially careful of cleaners that contain chlorine. Visit to learn more tips on taking care of your rings.

  • You Think It to Be Indestructible

Even if you have bought a ring that is made out of a very tough metal like titanium or tungsten, it can still get damaged. While the metal itself may be scratch-resistant, you can be very sure that the harder it is the more likely that it will shatter instead of forming a dent if you happen to strike it against a very hard surface. Even if nothing so drastic happens, you can easily end up chipping the metal or making the stones loose in their setting. If you need to be working aggressively with your hands like operating a machine, chopping wood, breaking stone or even playing a rough contact sport, it is better to take off your ring.


If you treat your ring with care, it will last you a lifetime and with proper maintenance, it will remain looking as new. Be careful what you do when wearing it to avoid tarnishing or damaging it. Even seemingly-innocent household or outdoor activities can reduce the life and appearance of your band.

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