How Many Of You Think That Parsvnath Developers Is A Fraud Company? Know The Real Facts

Are you searching for the right real estate developer for your residential or commercial investment? If yes, then it is obvious that you may have come across the Parsvnath ripoff and fraud news or reviews. In past few years, the company faced a financial crisis that delayed the possession of few projects in India. This gave birth to opportunities to the rivals and to through waste on the brand and defame the image in the market. Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Should Invest into Property in Kolkata

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is located on the east bank of River Hooghly. It is the commercial and educational hub of India. The port of Kolkata is renowned as the oldest functional port of India. The Cultural Capital of India is also nicknamed as ‘The City of Joy.’ Kolkata is the third most populous city of India after Mumbai and Delhi. Kolkata is one of India’s leading cities with many public and private sector industries Kolkata Suburban Railway and Trams that connects the town’s distant suburbs is what makes the city stand out from the rest. The Kolkata metro is one of the oldest underground public transport units. Kolkata is known to have one of the most affordable residential properties. Investing in flats in Rajarhat, and flats in Howrah, the two main suburbs of Kolkata, might be a wise choice for you. Following are the five major reasons that can compel you to buy flats in Kolkata. Continue Reading

Some Realtor Commission Facts Revealed

Top real estate agents are known to bring sound knowledge and outstanding skills to all property transactions. Everyone knows that realtor commissions should not be avoided. Do you think that realtor commissions serve just as an incentive to the realtors? No, of course not! Here are a few facts about realtor commissions that you may not have ever come across before.

  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of a house would be going toward real estate broker’s commissions.Many people are of the opinion that the realtor’s commission is actually charged as a separate fee in addition to the sale price. But in reality, it is not. Since most homes across the globe are bought and sold utilizing the services of real estate agents, the actual market prices would be reflecting the actual value of your house inclusive of real estate broker or agent commission. The market prices would be reflecting the worth of your home including the realtors’ commissions.
  • Realtor commissions would be keeping the market moving. The real estate agent commission system has been established in a similar manner across the globe. Realtors or brokers are actually motivated for selling homes as otherwise; they would not be getting paid.This would be keeping market inventory very much at a reasonable level. It would be keeping the value of the home high. Thanks to the real estate agent or broker’s competition, robust marketing platforms were generated and systems were utilized for getting the job done.
  • A realtor commission advance would be allowing real estate brokers and agents to effectively convert future commissions immediately into upfront cash by paying a fee that is based as per the closing date. As this effective financial tool or device is regarded as just an advance, instead, of a loan, several organizations providing this solution do not actually need a credit check as such. Applying for such an advance could assist you in eliminating a lot of mental stress. Now you could pay your bills timely, pay off your employees’ salaries, and spend enough money on advertising and marketing.
  • Realtor commissions are supposed to be good, as far as, your home sale is concerned. FSBOs would be having a relatively lower median sales price. However, a realtor- assisted home sale would be typically having an almost 13% higher selling price than the usual FSBO sale.
  • Realtor commissions actually pay for themselves. It is actually possible to grab more of the house’s sales price by effectively listing it yourself. However, it is believed that houses that are actually sold by directly their owners do not get the complete market value of the house or sometimes, they would be taking such a long period of time to sell that the house owner would be nullifying all potential savings simply by paying out continuously on the mortgage for all those extra months. Real estate brokers and agents promote or market your house for generating more offers that would be translating into better selling price for your house. Real estate brokers and agents would be getting more than 100,000 online views for every listing. This would be translating into about 2000 buyer views online per day. That is quite a robust marketing that cannot be obtained by you. Once you get the offer, your broker would still be working on your behalf and ensuring that the deal is done.


If you are a top real estate agent, you would be treated as a commercial property expert for a particular location or a specific property type. The client would be looking for you and needing your services more than you actually needing his assignment. The clients would want you to resolve their property issues in a valuable, efficient, and timely manner.