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Download Third Party Apps From 9apps

With the development of smart apps, numbers of smart users have also been increased. Users can use the smart apps by downloading and installing them from the official play store. Everyone knows that google play store is the default app store in most of the android device. Smart users make use of this app store to get top rated android apps for their device. But with the availability of many app stores, it is suggested to try out some other app store like 9apps. Through this app store, the user no needs to pay for the premium apps, and in addition, they can find any third party apps at ease and comfort. Continue Reading

Tubemate – Best Way To Download Multimedia Content

In today’s busy and hectic life, technology helps people a lot more than we people think. With the rapid growth in technology, many people utilize its advanced features to make their work simpler than ever. Above all, it is also important to entertain ourselves even in our busy schedule. This way, one could live healthier for a long time while lowering the issue of depression and stress. That is why there are many entertaining apps are being developed by the software developers day by day in the digital market. Make use of it and live your life easier than ever before.

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Is Your Internet Speed Enough for Gaming

If you are into playing online games who would better know, how annoying it is if you lose a game, because of your internet connectivity faults? But how to ensure that your gaming experience stays upright every time you are playing online? Of course the answer is, getting a high-speed internet connection at your back end. But how much is enough? Well, here we would try to answer all your questions so that, the formula for winning the games never fails.

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QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060

Dealing with QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is a powerful tool for your small business to accept Credit card or debit card payments. It allows you to manage inventory and synchronizes them to your QuickBooks to make your work easier. While working in QuickBooks Point of Sale, you may come across QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060. You may also receive an error message that says “QuickBooks POS could not create some necessary accounts in your QuickBooks Financial Software”.  Don’t worry, in this article you can know the causes and solutions to resolve QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060.

Why does QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060 occur?

It is important to know the cause of this error to resolve it. The following are the two causes of QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 100060.

Cause 1: During the first financial transaction, if the account is already active in QuickBooks Point of Sale, you may get QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060.

Cause 2: If the user is logged in without the permission of the Administrator you may get this error.

Solutions to resolve QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060

Now you might have found what caused this error in your QuickBooks POS. If you find the above-mentioned Cause 1 as the reason for your error you can resolve it using Solution 1. If it is Cause 2, you can resolve using Solution 2. You can also get support from the QuickBooks Technical support at 1-888-986-7735 to resolve this error.

Solution 1:

Follow the given steps one by one to resolve Quick Books Point Of Sale Error 100060.

  • You have to Open the QuickBooks Financial software
  • Now go to Edit and select Preferences and go to Accounting
  • You can go to Company Preferences and clear the ‘Use account numbers’ checkbox and click OK
  • From QuickBooks Point of Sale, you have to perform a Financial Exchange
  • Now go to  QuickBooks, Edit and then in Preferences over to Accounting.
  • You have to Click Company Preferences
  • Select Use account numbers checkbox to reactivate the account number feature and click OK

Now you can use QuickBooks Point Of Sale to make your transactions without any errors

Solution 2:

If the user is not logged in without the knowledge of the administrator, then follow the given steps to resolve the error.

    • Go to the Point of Sale Company Preferences and click Cancel
    • Now in QuickBooks, you have to choose File and Close Company/Logoff
    • Now click Open on the No Company Open screen

  • You have to Log into the company file as the Administrator and choose Window and Close All
  • Again in Point of Sale, you have to choose File and select Preferences as Company

  • Choose Accounts under the Financial preference head to verify that all accounts in the Basic tab and the Advanced tab have no brackets
  • If any accounts contain brackets and the account cannot be found in the drop-down list, you have to create the Account in QuickBooks by following the below steps
  1. Go to QuickBooks, choose Lists and select Chart of Accounts
  2. Click on Account in the lower left of the screen and choose New
  3. Choose an Account type of your choice and name the Account (fill the additional fields as per your requirement)
  4. Now Click OK and close the chart of Accounts

These two solutions should have resolved your QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error 100060. If you find it difficult to follow the solutions or if you got stuck anywhere during troubleshooting it, you can get help from the QuickBooks Support line at 1-833-400-4030 to get it resolved easily. The QuickBooks helpline will give you Quick and reliable solutions and explanations for all your questions and doubts.