Cruising Around Cannes

Whether it is for a birthday party or just a trip, it is always fancy to go on a cruise. It is possible to invite some people or family member to sail out in the sea and visit another country or discover another great spot to fish. If your boat is going to stop by or you are going to go to the South part of France, it is safe to say that Cannes is the best place you can pick for a vacation or just a great time. Continue Reading

Vehicle Mounted awnings

How Vehicle Awnings can be Helpful for Your Brand?

Brand evenness and clarity should be at the forefront of a business owner’s mind and this should also incorporate their vehicles. For fleet owners, making your brand as observable as feasible should be a prime concern, as you’ll desire as many people to see and recognise your business as possible. A striking van awning decorated with your brand logo can surely help to advertise your business and grab the attention of more possible customers. For many businessmen, it is important for them to be able to complete the activity outside of the commercial vehicle, either to use tools or to basically prepare equipment. Van awnings are an apt solution for keeping workers and essential equipment dry and safeguarded, meaning no loss of business on rainy days.

If you have a fleet of businessmen that carry out numerous jobs publicly or in a specific area, keeping your branding stable with matching van awnings is the best way of getting your brand observed. They are fast, easy and operational, serving many functions for your business and are a marvellous deep-rooted investment. We have van awnings to be convenient for most commercial vehicles, so whatever your business, we will be able to deliver you with a favourable awning. Not only are vehicle awnings advantageous for tradesmen through and through on a job, they are also apt for buses, trailers and vans placed particularly for promotional and event purposes. Awnings are alluring and give welcome shelter for onlookers on a bad day, so you can install a stand or display table in shelter and ease to advertise your brand and engage with possible customers.

Vehicle Mounted awnings hold a series of advantages for motorsport fanatics. From the racers themselves to the spectators, our motorsport awnings give the ideal shelter so that you can enjoy the fun of participation or observing a race without having to be anxious about possibly wet and windy weather. If racing motorbikes or carting is a daily or irregular occurrence for you, then opportunities are that you repeatedly require transporting your bike or karting to race tracks and possibly carrying out maintenance before and after a race. The fast and simple solution of a van awning can make the whole method distress free, protecting yourself, your tools and your racing vehicle from the elements. This will let you to carry out work in ease, or leave your vehicle under shield, at the same time not in use.

Our van awnings are favourable for most commercial vehicles, so we will have a panel van or a race-truck mounting awning to suit your requirements. Our motorsport awnings also offer a superb chance to give an enclosed or open space with which to present a team or amuse guests in a friendliness area. Not only does this give good protection, it is an apt chance to display your brand with an indicated design that we can tackle for you in house.

solo traveller on a train

Tips for solo traveller on a train

Travelling in India is a fun thing to do especially, if you are travelling alone. Like in any other country, you will have to be extra cautious of your luggage, belongings and yourself when you are travelling in India. As the biggest transportation system in India is the railways, most of the solo travels do travel on a train at least once in their life. A train journey is long, relaxing and interesting. You meet new people, probably make some friends too. It will be the most memorable part of your travelling. But, there are some things that you must be careful while you are traveling on a train, alone.

Here are some handy tips for the solo traveller on train –

Tickets –

Book your tickets prior to the day of the journey. These days you can book the tickets online too. Online train ticket booking will eliminate all the trouble of standing in long queues and not getting tickets at the last moment. So, book your tickets early and keep the tickets in a safe place. You must guard the ticket safely until the end of your journey because ticket checking is a norm on trains.

Climbing and getting off –

A train is a marvellous vehicle, but it can be dangerous too. You must be very careful while climbing in and getting out of the train. Do not try to get in or get out while the train begins to move. Climb in only when the train is not moving.

Seats –

Sit on the seat that is reserved for you. Do not sit elsewhere causing problem to other passengers. Take your seat and be seated. Get up once in a while if you feel stiff or have to use the washroom.

Toilets –

The toilets on the train must be used only if it is very much necessary. Try avoiding the use of toilets as they may cause infections. Also, do not forget to flush after you use the toilets. It is the responsibility of the citizens to keep the public properties clean.

Luggage –

You are responsible for your personal belongings when you are on a train. So, do not throw your things here and there and miss them. Keep your things safety inside your bag. As you are a solo traveller, you can use a lock on your bag if you area travelling for more than a day. Carry your money, expensive and tickets in a purse wherever you go and don’t leave it on your seta or in the bag.

Food and drinks –

It is advisable to carry your food and water on your own because you do not know what quality of food is sold on the trains. If the train provides food, well and good, but if not, make sure you carry at least a pack of cookies to munch on when hungry and a bottle of water.

Strangers –

You may talk to fellow passengers but don’t get too chummy. Do not give out personal details. Also, don’t eat or drink whatever they give.

Stay safe and alert and enjoy your train journey.

Taj Mahal

Top 10 Reasons to Choose India for Your Next Holiday Destination

India is a vast country with many different cultures, cuisines, interesting sites and much more. There are several reasons why you should choose India for your next holiday destination. There is a different side to one of the world’s most populated countries. The tourism sector is gaining popularity with many people from all over the world interested in seeing the colors of India. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites too.

Take a look at few of the main points listed below.

1. Pilgrimage Sites & Street Shopping

Street shopping is one of the favorite activities to indulge in when you visit India. You can find them in all the famous metros and north- eastern states too. There is a variety of artifacts special to the area, pottery & art works, useful utilities, handicrafts, etc. – available at a fairly reasonable price.

2. A Visit To The Golden Triangle

Three famous and busy cities including the national capital state of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur together make the Golden Triangle. The combo is a classic tour for most domestic and international tourists. It includes the seven wonders of the world, the Ranthambore National Park & many more.

Ranthambore National Park

3. Tranquil Lakes & Backwaters

There are several beautiful lakes and waters to admire in India. Udaipur- the city has got its name as City of Lakes due to the amazing rivers and waters including the famous Chambal river that goes through it. Kerala is another state down south that is known for calm backwaters which is the epitome of this. The Palace on Wheels India makes its journey through Udaipur where there is also a boat- riding activity at times.

Palace on Wheels

4. Multi-Culture Dance Forms

India is a culture- rich country and interesting range of cultures. Each culture has its own traditional dance form. You can find a variety of dances from culture dance forms, folk dances and group dances too. This is the place where a person who is interested in cultures can learn about several in the same country.

5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

India is a place where you can find old monuments of brilliant architecture. There are several World Heritage Sites in India that you can find all over the country. The most popular ones being the marble structure – Taj Mahal and temples of Hampi in Karnataka.

Taj Mahal

6. Live in Palace turned Star Hotels

There are several Palaces where kings of old times lived. Now they have turned into star/ luxury/ deluxe hotels. Some of the most famous ones to get premium feel is the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi Grand & Hotel Rawla Narlai, in Rajasthan

7. Colorful Beaches of Western Coast

The Western Coasts of the Arabian Sea is dotted with popular beaches. There are the bustling ones like Beach Paradise & if you want a lively time and the beaches not visited so often. You can also indulge in water sports at some of the best tides.

8. Wide Range of Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, as there are various cultures, there are various traditional cuisines from all corners of the country. You can eat a different variety at each meal of the day for one whole year and still find something new every day. There is South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Dhaba Food, and so on.

9. Exotic Wildlife

India is popular for housing several wildlife species like the Bengal tiger, snow leopard, Spotted Deer, etc. and is famous for many wildlife parks & sanctuaries. The Khaledeo National Park is one of the famous ones. Another perfect wildlife destination is Ranthambore which is lined with famous historic buildings and a famous World Heritage Site overlooks it.

10. Largest Railway Networks

India has the largest Railway Networks throughout the country. It is a well connected and complex railway lines where inter- state, inter -district, local trains & goods carriers, etc. ply. The famous names and most popular ones are the Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Nizamuddin Duronto Express, etc. Luxury Travel is soon picking up in India and such trains include the Deccan Odyssey and Maharajas Express that ply on these routes/ tracks.

If you are planning to visit India and move around in trains then the ideal journeys would be one of the week long luxury tours. There are world class amenities offered onboard with select cuisine and interesting facilities. The Palace on Wheels Price ranges from $575 to $865 depending on the occupancy type per person/ per night. You can visit the best historic sites, taste the delicious cuisine, take a day’s wildlife tour, and unwind at the tranquil waters of the calm lakes. You get all this while enjoying the onboard facilities of a 5-star hotel. This makes an amazing journey of a lifetime.