Is Himachal Tour Package Provide Hassle Free Trip?

The touring now become trending in recent times that is because of the improvement in transportation, food, accommodation and many. This kind of tours will improve the relationship between the couples and increases the chance of knowing each other. The Himachal tour package is one of the favorites among the people in the country and also for the foreigners as the place is very cool and gives complete pleasure for the tourist people. The different packages are available with the various time limits and therefore the cost of these packages varies according to the days of stay. Whether the people want to go for a tour with the family or with the friends these packages will be much comfortable for them.

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Why Kolkata is known as the Street Food Hub of India?


Indian cuisine is best known for its rich and diverse tastes and spiciness that burns the tongue but soothes the heart. Indian food is served all over the world in many settings, such as from fine dine restaurants to rustic dhabas on the highway. But the place where one can taste the true essence of the Indian flavors is on the roadside, at street food outlets in dingy alleyways. It may sound shady but trust us when we say that the food tastes heavenly.

A lot many cities and towns of India are known for the mouth watering street food their streets have to offer, but having surpassed and beaten them all, the true winner emerges to be Kolkata to become the hub of street food. Kolkata is the epitome of infusion of the old and the new. On one hand where there are some of the best 5 star hotels in Kolkata, such as the Lalit, which provide their visitors with food at par with the best adjudged internationally, on the other hand the diverse range of street food that the city offers will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Puchkas: The endless debate over whether they should be called puchkas or gol gappe continues but what we can’t argue upon is the fact that it is the most loved street food of India, with people gobbling up a number of them at once. Served with spicy and minty water, the flavors cause a happy riot inside your mouth. Don’t forget to ask the puchke wale bhaiya to give you a sookhi papdi once you have had your fill of the puchkas.
  2. Chinese/Tibetan Street Food: Be it vegetable filled fried momos with spicy chutney or a bowl of steaming thukpa or a plate of noodles, the best place to have them is China Town at Tiretti Bazaar. The place has been historically known to be the home to 20,000 Chinese, but the numbers have gone down drastically over the years. But the essence of the place lives on in the food that is served to thousands of people on a daily basis.

  1. Fish Fry: We can’t talk about Kolkata and skip over her most beloved food, the fish. The fish fry leads the bandwagon of street food of the city. It is made by using small fish like parshe and mourola and big fish like katla and rohu. It is available at almost every corner of the city and is a favorite of the young and old alike. Food does unite all.
  2. Jhal Muri: The amount of time it takes to prepare this dish is almost negligible but its taste stays imprinted on our tongue and our heart for a long time. It is prepared by mixing puffed rice with chopped onions, tomato, chilies, spices, coriander and nuts, all tossed in mustard oil. You would find it being sold almost everywhere, and eaten with great zeal by all.
  3. Singara: Singara is the local, bigger variant of the much loved snack known as samosa. A singara is usually stuffed with aloo, mutton, chicken or dal filling. It makes for a perfect meal on rainy evenings when accompanied by hot, piping tea. It is easily available on the streets, with a lot of vendors calling out to people passing buy to try the delicious preparation.

A city as vibrant and happening as Kolkata cannot be missed out on your travel shenanigans, and more so for the food. Take your taste buds for a joy ride while you have amazing continental food at the restaurants of the best hotels in Kolkata, don’t miss out on the variety of street side food the city has to offer.


Limo service in Seattle has the complete blend for your road trip

Seattle is a beautiful city to travel with your loved ones. You can visit various places to witness the real Seattle.

Limo Service Seattle has always provided professional and luxurious traveling solutions to everyone who is seeking the finest limousine rides. Whenever you visit this limousine, you are provided with the professionally attired limousine chauffeur who will take care of your luxurious rides and comforts. The chauffeur is well trained, polite and licensed professional, who gives their best to make every ride worth and enjoyable.

As we will move ahead, you will find the reasons to hire these limos.

How to book the Rental services of a limo in Seattle beforehand?

Limousine is a car well-versed with all the luxurious facilities possible. You will be delighted to witness our services and the quality of the hospitality we provide.

There are the steps to book your Limo

  1.    Decide the time when you want to ride a limo.
  2.    Pick the Limo rental company.
  3.    Check out the company’s credentials.
  4.    Go through the public reviews.
  5.    Ask the package details that are to be provided.
  6.    Check out the services they will be providing.
  7.    Choose the payment method through you want to make payment.

Steps mentioned above make you clear about how to book a limo for yourself. Seattle Limo Service will make your trip memorable.

Limo Airport service has the complete solution for your airport conveyance

Seattle Airport Limo offers the best airport transportation in the city of Seattle to the airport. They offer the rides at nominal prices, hassle free and on time service to all the passengers who are traveling to and from the airport. Their dispatch services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of every valuable rider.  As far as the limousines are concerned, you are always free to choose your own ride according to your desires and requirements, from the largest group of motorcade available. All the limousines from our motorcade are in the best condition.

Not only for the airport, but you can hire these limousines for any purpose or any occasions including wedding, bachelor or bachelorette parties, proms or any corporate or special events.

Hire one of the comfortable city tour rides through limo service

From the time you make a booking of your limo until the time we drop you off at your destination our well-trained working professionals including the chauffeur and our dedicated customer service representatives are working for you throughout:

  •    Meticulously clean, and maintaining a vehicle.
  •    Experienced, well dressed, well-trained and courteous drivers.
  •    Hassle-free experience: from pick up to drop-off.
  •    Affordable prices.
  •    Top quality customer service.
  •    Space to accommodate up to 30+ passenger at a single time.
  •    Enough space for your luggage.

We are not done yet, Limo Service Seattle hire the chauffeur who has licensed and they have entire knowledge about road safety rules.  All you need to do is board the limousine, sit back and relax.

Trust your chauffeur he will make your ride unforgettable

Seattle Limo Servicewill help you throughout your ride. The chauffeur that we hire at Seattle Limousine Service has many positive attributes:-

  •    They are courteous and hospitable.
  •    They are experience and well-trained and thus, drive smoothly avoiding busy roads.
  •    The chauffeurs are professionals who are aware of the entire driving rules of the city.
  •    They understand the importance of time for you.
  •    They also lend a helping hand with your luggage while you can take care of yourself and your family.

We assure that with the help of the above mentioned usefulinformation, you would be able to know about the features and services offered by the Seattle Limo Service in the town. In case you want to know more about the offers, attributes or services offered by the leading Seattle limo, youare always welcomed on our website.

Brief history of Arunachalam temple

Temples and religious places have been the major reason for many visitors to come to India. One of the most elegant temples of India is Arunachalam temple which comes in the state of Tamil Nadu. Lord Shiva in the form of Agni,resides at this place as per the mythological stories and legends. Today, we will know the history of this temple and the mythological stories behind it.

Mythological facts of the temple

There are two famous  stories of Tiruvannamalai which we will  discuss here. As per the historical facts, Goddess Parvati unknowingly closed the eyes of Lord Shiva. This act of Goddess Parvati brought darkness in the whole universe. Seeing this, she realized her mistake and decided to punish herself. Lord Shiva then appeared in the form of Agni “Fire” on the top of the hill. This column later turned into Agni lingam and came to be known as Tiruvannamalai.

There is also another interesting story related to Arunachalam temple in the mythology.  Once, a strong debate took place between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma to decide who is the greatest among the two. They requested Lord Shiva to become the judge of this debate. Lord Shiva set the conditions that the one that would be able to reach his crown and feet first will be announced as the winner. He then took the form of Agni Lingam or Fire. Lord Vishnu took the form of Varaha, the boar and dug the earth to touch Lord Shiva’s feet first. On the other side, Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and flew in the sky to touch the crown of Lord Shiva While flying towards the sky, Lord Brahma saw a flower named Thazhampu falling from the crown of Lord Shiva. He asked the flower how much more he should fly to touch the crown. The flower answered that it had been falling from thousands of years and is unable to touch the ground. Hearing this, Lord Brahma changes the flowers and shows it to Lord Shiva. He then says that he got this flower form the crown of Lord Shiva. But his lie is quickly caught by Lord Shiva who then cursed Lord Brahma and the flower both. Since then, there are no temples of Lord Brahma and Thazhampu flower is not used in worshipping the Gods. These mythological stories are found written on the walls and paintings of Arunachalam temple.

Some of the greatest saint poets of India have visited Thiruvannamalai such as Thirugnana Sambandar, Thirunavukkarasar Sundarar, and others. One of the famous saints of India, Saint Manickavasagar stayed at Thiruvannamalai for many years and composed “Thiruvempavai-20”. A temple is constructed on the Girivalam path in the memory of this saint.

Arunachalam temple has many beautiful paintings and inscriptions of the olden period. It has many facts and stories behind its construction. Faith and devotion of thousands of devotees have made this temple famous not only in India but in many parts of the world.