Taj Mahal

Top 10 Reasons to Choose India for Your Next Holiday Destination

India is a vast country with many different cultures, cuisines, interesting sites and much more. There are several reasons why you should choose India for your next holiday destination. There is a different side to one of the world’s most populated countries. The tourism sector is gaining popularity with many people from all over the world interested in seeing the colors of India. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites too.

Take a look at few of the main points listed below.

1. Pilgrimage Sites & Street Shopping

Street shopping is one of the favorite activities to indulge in when you visit India. You can find them in all the famous metros and north- eastern states too. There is a variety of artifacts special to the area, pottery & art works, useful utilities, handicrafts, etc. – available at a fairly reasonable price.

2. A Visit To The Golden Triangle

Three famous and busy cities including the national capital state of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur together make the Golden Triangle. The combo is a classic tour for most domestic and international tourists. It includes the seven wonders of the world, the Ranthambore National Park & many more.

Ranthambore National Park

3. Tranquil Lakes & Backwaters

There are several beautiful lakes and waters to admire in India. Udaipur- the city has got its name as City of Lakes due to the amazing rivers and waters including the famous Chambal river that goes through it. Kerala is another state down south that is known for calm backwaters which is the epitome of this. The Palace on Wheels India makes its journey through Udaipur where there is also a boat- riding activity at times.

Palace on Wheels

4. Multi-Culture Dance Forms

India is a culture- rich country and interesting range of cultures. Each culture has its own traditional dance form. You can find a variety of dances from culture dance forms, folk dances and group dances too. This is the place where a person who is interested in cultures can learn about several in the same country.

5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

India is a place where you can find old monuments of brilliant architecture. There are several World Heritage Sites in India that you can find all over the country. The most popular ones being the marble structure – Taj Mahal and temples of Hampi in Karnataka.

Taj Mahal

6. Live in Palace turned Star Hotels

There are several Palaces where kings of old times lived. Now they have turned into star/ luxury/ deluxe hotels. Some of the most famous ones to get premium feel is the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi Grand & Hotel Rawla Narlai, in Rajasthan

7. Colorful Beaches of Western Coast

The Western Coasts of the Arabian Sea is dotted with popular beaches. There are the bustling ones like Beach Paradise & if you want a lively time and the beaches not visited so often. You can also indulge in water sports at some of the best tides.

8. Wide Range of Cuisine

As mentioned earlier, as there are various cultures, there are various traditional cuisines from all corners of the country. You can eat a different variety at each meal of the day for one whole year and still find something new every day. There is South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Dhaba Food, and so on.

9. Exotic Wildlife

India is popular for housing several wildlife species like the Bengal tiger, snow leopard, Spotted Deer, etc. and is famous for many wildlife parks & sanctuaries. The Khaledeo National Park is one of the famous ones. Another perfect wildlife destination is Ranthambore which is lined with famous historic buildings and a famous World Heritage Site overlooks it.

10. Largest Railway Networks

India has the largest Railway Networks throughout the country. It is a well connected and complex railway lines where inter- state, inter -district, local trains & goods carriers, etc. ply. The famous names and most popular ones are the Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Nizamuddin Duronto Express, etc. Luxury Travel is soon picking up in India and such trains include the Deccan Odyssey and Maharajas Express that ply on these routes/ tracks.

If you are planning to visit India and move around in trains then the ideal journeys would be one of the week long luxury tours. There are world class amenities offered onboard with select cuisine and interesting facilities. The Palace on Wheels Price ranges from $575 to $865 depending on the occupancy type per person/ per night. You can visit the best historic sites, taste the delicious cuisine, take a day’s wildlife tour, and unwind at the tranquil waters of the calm lakes. You get all this while enjoying the onboard facilities of a 5-star hotel. This makes an amazing journey of a lifetime.

Use the time of Journeys for AN Exciting Trip

Life is always filled with unexpected trips, tours and journeys. When you have to travel to go from one place to another; you should use means like railways. Of course, railways are the best mean to travel in India. It is connected to every corner of this diverse country. It is apparent that people have their different thoughts about their train journeys. However, if you want to make your journeys more exciting and beautiful then you need to step up the standards of your doings.

Bring a Change

Of course, it just means you have to change the activities that you do during your train journey. Well, when you are in a train, you can do myriad of things but you choose to crib about how far you are to go right? Come on, just look at the positive side and you are going to reap positive outcomes. For example, if you are traveling and you know that for next eight hours you are going to be in this compartment of your train; you should start a conversation with your fellow passenger. Such a thing will lighten up your mood and you might end up with some interesting facts and talks.

There are people belonging to different places and areas who travel by train. When you talk to a person, you can exchange your views about plenty of things like traveling, food, cinema, education, politics and much more. This way, you can find a train-companion during your journey. Of course, you must not share any personal things with him but who says you can’t talk general! It is time that you explore the people around you. You can enhance your knowledge by simply talking to someone traveling with you. This is a good idea to stay entertained and learn something new simultaneously during your train journey.

Dive into Reading

If you love to read, train journeys are no less than a blessing for you. Of course, you don’t have much time on your table during your day today works and routine right? Since this is the case, you can steal plenty of time during your journey for reading. Just take along your favourite novel, book or anything you like to read. You can finish an entire book during your train journey. You have plenty of time on your shelf to spare for reading deeds. Indeed, you can enjoy this reading session more than the casual reading you do at home.

While you are reading, you can even eat something delicious that spice up your reading experience. Just use the Train food Service and order the eatables and snacks that you prefer. Come on, just imagine, train is running on a speed of 70, you are reading your book and simultaneously eating something crispy and hot; isn’t it going to be so overwhelming and ideal?


So, just take your train journeys as a chance to experience things that you fail to experience in your day today life. You need to explore the options you have for a fulfilling and satisfying time. Train journeys are absolutely loveable if you are on the right track.

birthday party ideas

Myths about Party Cruises in Sydney

With so many of your friends planning cruise parties on different occasions you might as well end up questioning their sanity at the first place. Are cruises safe? Aren’t they worried about their kids falling off cruises when the entire family is busy in making merry on board? From where do they get all that money to sponsor party cruises?

Let us tell you that we have answers to all the aforementioned questions. Contrary to what many people out there think – cruises are safe and they are not as expensive. You will be able to explore details as you read on because today we will be debunking the leading myths about party cruises.

Myth #1: Cruises are Not Safe for Kids

First things first. As has already been indicated above, there are many who believe that cruises are not safe for children. So, they (these cruises) do not even feature remotely in their birthday party ideas. We would however ask you not to let such assumptions keep you from planning a great cruise party – no matter what the occasion is – i.e. birthday, Christmas or New Year.

Let us tell you that the most reputable cruise liners are backed by the services of competent on board staff members that ensure that your kids are absolutely safe on board while you are busy in your own merriment. It’s not like you are supposed to supervise your children when they are immersed in their own activities on board as well. The cruises always have their own staff to take care of these needs.

So, yes, let us tell you that much against what you believe cruises are actually safe for kids.

Myth #2: Cruises are Expensive

You think that hiring Sydney cruise is a fiscally impossible proposition quite simply because there is a “cruise” involved. Yes, cruise parties are expensive but in no way is it correct to assume that after throwing a party you will virtually be left without a penny. Gone are the days when cruises used to cost people a fortune. Things don’t work any more that way. It has to be remembered that cruise parties are way commoner than what they ever used to be. Since more and more people are now interested to try out experimental party ideas rather than the mundane discs and house parties, cruises are gradually penetrating into the regular party scenario. One of the best ways in which the leading cruise liners can actually make a mark is by lowering their charges—or at least bringing services to people within competitive price brackets. We are not saying that cruise parties come cheap but we are also not saying that they are incredibly expensive.

There are market competitive packages to be availed.

Myth #3: Cruises are full of Germs

There are several people who feel that cruises are full of germs that of course pose a health threat to everyone present on board. However, it’s not true as well. Reputable liners once again resort to commendable hygiene standards (like fist bumps instead of traditional handshakes so that the germs do not spread, very clean buffet and dining areas etc).

Planning to Visit Kerala during Festive Seasons? – Do not Miss These Out

Visiting a tourist destination during a specific time will allow you to experience all the special traditions that come together to highlight your overall trip. This is true especially in India, where the diversity of religion and culture allows you to look at a place from a different perspective every time you visit it. You will be able to enjoy the best dishes and become a part of the tradition and culture of Kerala when you plan your Kerala tour package to coincide with a South Indian festival.

Here are a few popular festivals of Kerala that you mustexperience at least once on your trip.


The 10-day festival of Onam is celebrated in August every year. It is one of the biggest festivals in South India. You can see flower decorations and Rangolis, everywhere you go. Do not forget to visit at least once classical performance during your trip to see the beauty of the Kathakali traditional dance. Attending a feast at one of the big temples is a must too. If you wish to experience the true culture and heritage of Kerala, Onam is the festival that you just cannot miss.



The festival of Vishu is celebrated to mark the Keralite New Year. You must visit Kerala in April to enjoy the celebration of this festival. The local people of Kerala celebrate the festival by beautifully arranging food items on a circular plate and offer it to the gods. This calls for a great picture that you can post on your social feeds. Also, you get to enjoy the best dishes that the state has to offer, once the people have finished praying to the gods.

Aranmula Snake Boat Race

The Snake boat race is perhaps the most exciting and adrenaline-filled festival of South India. This festival involves a group of 20 – 30 people rowing and racing their boats on the river. The race is accompanied by cheering from the beautiful women of the respective towns that are participating in it. After the race, all the contestants and spectators are welcomed to participate in a large feast that includes the famous dishes from all the different parts of the state.

Aranmula Snake Boat Race

Some other popular festivals in Kerala include Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Thrissur Pooram as well as Christmas. By making sure that your Kerala tour package coincides with one or more of these festivals, you will be able to truly enjoy the best trip you can possibly imagine.