How Certifications Help You In Forging A Career In Big Data Industry?

Big Data boom is everywhere, and everybody wants to be a part of Big Data Industry. However, if you are seriously planning a career move into big data industry either as big data analyst or data scientist then you must know that besides your education qualification, certifications in big data analytics and data science certifications will enhance your job prospects to a great extent.

Skills Required For Big Data Analysts and Importance of Certification in Big Data Analytics

While certifications in big data analytics will definitely help in bettering your prospects, if you are planning a career move into big data industry then you need to be on the top of your game. And by that we mean to constantly upgrading your skills in both technical and non-technical departments so that you are in sync with the industry standards.

The reason for constant upgrading of your skills is that as a big data analyst you need to profess broadly two distinct classes of skills namely – technical and soft. Since the fundamental work of a data analyst is quite a layered one ranging from identifying and defining a problem to testing a hypothesis following with drawing the data and then finally analyzing it for solutions. Once the data is analyzed, the result has to be written, presented and communicated in a simple yet innovative manner to the concerned stake holders. And all these tasks require both technical (hard) and soft skills.

So what are the basic and advanced skills needed for big data analysts before applying for certification in big data analytics? Let’s find out. If we talk about the technical skills required for a big data analyst, you need to be familiar with scripting languages like MATLAB and python, querying languages like SQL, along with other computer skills and soft skills include defining the problem, you should be knowing the audience, and ability to deliver in a format that is understandable to everyone.

Certifications in Big Data Analytics and Job Prospects

If you are well-versed with all the latest technical and non-technical skills required for a big data analyst, then you should apply for certifications in big data analytics. Why you may ask? For the simple reason that certifications in big data analyst will enhance your job prospects and make you stand out. Certifications validate your skills in the field. Big data analyst certifications you may want to check out- DASCA certifications namely ABDA or Associate Big Data Analyst and SBDA or Senior Big Data Analyst, Cloudera Big Data Certifications, Hortonworks big data certifications, IBM Big Data certifications and DELL EMC Big Data Certifications.

When you are certified from a reputed certification institute you become the first choice of recruiters hence certifications in big data analytics will only help you in enjoying a successful career as big data analyst.

Data Science Certifications  

Big Data Scientist is quite a lucrative career because of huge salary and a royalty tag attached to it. However, as it is said “with great power comes great responsibility” so is the case with big data scientist? As a big data scientist you are playing with loads of confidential data hence a certification in big data science will help you present your resume confidently. Data Science certifications from reputed institutes like DASCA, Hortonworks, Cloudera and DELL EMC add weightage to your resume.

DASCA offers two main data science certifications namely – Principal Data Scientist or PDS and Senior Data Scientist or SDS. Depending on your qualification and professional experience you may choose either of the certifications.

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