Claims in Life Insurance

Are you about to file a death or maturity claim for life insurance? If yes, then it is important that you know the process of filing a claim and the steps that lead to successful claim settlement. This article will help you understand the different types of life insurance claims and how to go about the act in the smoothest of ways.

Different Claims under Life Insurance

Generally speaking, life insurance claims are of two types, death claims and maturity claims.

1.Maturity claims

In most cases, life insurance is purchased in India by people hoping to survive the entire term of the policy undertaken by them so that they are eligible for claiming the maturity benefits linked with the same. In such cases, once the tenure of the life insurance plan in their possession expires, they can file a claim for collecting the maturity sum from the insurance provider in the reckoning.

2. Death claims

In case of your death taking place within the tenure of the life insurance plan in your name, the amount of claim will be payable to the beneficiary/nominee assigned by you while purchasing the plan, or as changed later on. The claim for getting death benefits can be filed by any family member but the sum assured is credited to the account of the nominee.

Claim Procedure in Life Insurance

The steps related to the claim settlement process in terms of filing claims for death benefits are enumerated below:

1. Intimation of Claim

It is important for the claimant to submit a written intimation soon after the death of the policyholder. Urgency shown in performing the act will enable the concerned insurance company to initiate the process of life insurance claim settlement as early as possible.

2. Information in Claim Intimation

The basic information pertaining to claim intimation typically comprises of the policy number, date of death, the name of the insured, place of death, the cause of death, the name of the claimant, etc. It is possible to avail the claim settlement form from the closest branch of the life insurance company in the reckoning. Alternatively, the claimant may choose to download the same from the insurance provider’s website.

3. Documentation

The following documents have to be provided along with the statement by the claimant.

  1. Certificate of Death.
  2. Proof of age of the policyholder if not submitted earlier.
  3. Deeds of assignment or reassignments as and when needed for the purpose of settling the claim.
  4. The original life insurance policy document.
  5. All other documents as asked for by the life insurance company.

In case of early death claim, wherein the demise of the policyholder takes place within three years from the date of initiation of the policy, these additional requirements may be called for:

  1. A statement released by the hospital in case hospitalization was needed for the deceased.
  2. Certificate from the medical attendant giving details of the insured person’s last illness.
  3. Certificate of burial or cremation provided by an individual of responsibility and known character.
  4. Certificate by the employer of the company wherein the insured person was working before his or her death.

Special cases of death claim filing and certification, such as death caused due to an air crash, medical causes, road accident, murder, suicide any other unknown cause will be treated differently and in accordance to the laid-down rules and regulations.

3. Submission of Documents for the Sake of Claim Processing

Submission of all documents, as and when needed, and as early as possible, is important for facilitating the cause of quick and smooth claim processing.

4. Settlement of Claim

In accordance to Regulation 8 of IRDA’s Regulations, 2002, the life insurance company has to settle the claim within a period of 30 days from the date of receiving all the documents in the form asked for; this includes the documentation for any clarifications as sought for by the insurance company. In case any further investigation is needed, the insurance company is required to complete the entire process within a period of 6 months from the date of receipt of the written intimation of the claim.

5. Amount of Claim

Once the requisite documents are received by the insurance provider (including all information about the bonus, nomination, policy, assignment etc.) the same is referenced to the Policy Ledger Sheet. For the sake of calculation of the sum assured under the claim, the outstanding loan amount and the interest amount, if any, are deducted to calculate the net payable claim sum. In general, the claim payments are made via electronic fund transfer.


The importance of correct documentation in the entire claim settlement is undeniable. You may want to visit insurance aggregator and comparison websites like

To further your knowledge about filing and processing life insurance claims in India. With the right inputs in place, you will find it less cumbersome to take all the proper steps, especially those pertaining to documentation – so as to collect the benefits without any delay or difficulty.

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