Clear Aligners Versus traditional Braces: 4 Benefits For Adult Orthodontic Patients

Over the years orthodontic as a field has witnessed great progress. From the time when there were only metal brackets available in Dental Braces to the time when there are braces which no one can hardly spot, the changes had been magnificent.

Patients today have a lot of options when it comes to braces. They can pick and choose from the wide variety of braces depending on their look and also on the type of braces that will suit them.

Each type has its own pros and cons. So through this blog, we will be talking about the new age braces i.e. Clear Aligners.

Clear aligners as the name suggest are plastic trays which are custom made especially for a particular set of teeth. They are considered as the modern age braces because they are hardly visible. Working and young adults usually prefer this set of braces.

The advantages of having clear braces also known as adult braces are as follows:


As discussed above these are plastic trays which are hardly visible. People who are really concerned about their appearance go for this type of braces. Out of these the special ones are working adults. Due to their day-to-day schedule, they are hesitant to wear the metal braces as they believe that it does not go with their personality and some feel embarrassed about the same.

Metal braces, on the other hand, are highly noticeable and wearing them can make the person conscious of their looks. However, if the teeth are heavily crooked, then only metal braces can help in straightening them as the force with which they work is many times the force of clear aligners.

In short, if you really do not want to go through all the hassle of metal wires, then opt for clear aligners, the modern method of straightening your teeth.


The biggest advantage with the clear aligners is that they are removable braces. If you have to attend a party or you have a very important meeting aligned and you don’t want that someone should notice your braces, then there is always an option to remove them. Not only can you remove them during special occasions, but you are not required to wear them throughout the day. They are ideally worn for 20 hours a day and can be removed anytime for the rest of the hours.

Moreover, not being made of metal, they are highly comfortable as metal wires have protruding bits which can harm your gums if not taken proper care. Made of plastic, they do not cause any discomfort and do not hurt your teeth or gums.

Because they are removable, one can easily brush and eat after removing them. This will not cause any issues while brushing nor will the food get stuck between the teeth. So, there is no pause to your favorite food and you can have whatever you like without thinking twice.

Healthy Options

Patients with metal braces find it difficult to keep their teeth clean. The metal wires and brackets do not allow the brush to reach all the parts on the teeth properly. This also makes the food get stuck between your teeth which then can be hard to remove. All this contribute to the poor oral hygiene which can lead to various other problems which are connected with oral health.

It can sometimes happen that the patient can experience the calcium deposits on the teeth which will not be visible with the braces but once the braces are removed they are clearly visible. If this is the case, then either you might need to undergo the cosmetic procedure or have to live with the spots on. Though with proper care and protection this will never happen, yet, there are slight chances of this happening.

Know the results in advance

The advancement in dental technology has led to a lot of innovation. One such innovation is knowing in advance what to expect. The entire process of getting clear aligners is digitalized which allows the patients to know well in advance the results he/she is going to get. During the time when you are making the treatment plan, your dentist with the digital means will help you to know the results of the treatment. Metal Braces, on the other hand, does not give such an option.

All-in-all clear aligners are a great deal when it comes to getting dental braces. Though the teeth braces cost with clear aligners is a bit high, yet, it is worth spending every penny on aligners which are the new-age braces.


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