Cloud Computing: A Dawn to the New Era

For those who don’t have any idea what cloud computing is? As simple as it goes- its just a part of the internet. Everything you see, hear or perceive through the Internet, they are somehow related to the cloud computing.

Well, what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a mode of providing access to internet resources from anywhere anytime. Now with the cloud, anyone can acquire or provide virtual services for storage, application, platform, infrastructure, network, database. From a simple spreadsheet, we use to store our business information to the smart CRM applications offered by Salesforce like giants- it’s all cloud.

Transforming Businesses: Did you hear that?

“Almost 80 percent of the organisations have already migrated their business over the cloud.”

Statista research reveals that the cloud computing market will touch $411 billion by the end of 2020. Currently, the global cloud computing market for Software, Platform, Network, and Infrastructure as a service is worth $180 billion offering a better chance to vendors with the CAGR of 24 percent. Big vendors like Amazon, Google, Microsoft have marked their presence by offering valuable cloud services for both public and private computing models. This transformation has availed chances for all small to medium enterprises to focus on enhanced productivity growing at the rate of 19.6 percent. 57 percent of European organizations think that cloud computing plays a critical role in this trending digital transformation.

In this digital transformation, cloud computing is the main player driving the soul of modern technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, IoT, blockchain etc. Now, the development of the smart application has become very fast and easier. In the traditional computing environment, it was very challenging to create such applications as they demand vast infrastructure, thousands of line of codes, upfront costs, team and most important time. But with the cloud, they can access these resources from anywhere and the best part is- only pay for what you used.

You require infrastructure such as vCPU, storage including input-output bounded SSD or HDD, operating systems, a virtual private network (VPN) etc., or you need a platform for testing and deployment- it’s just a few click task. Similarly, you need to check traffic, use an application over the internet such as for writing a letter, closing deals, attracting customers, order/inventory management, geographically targetting customers, data storage etc., everything has become so easy.

In this fourth industrial revolution- cloud is a major player to add intelligence to the traditional computing events. Platforms like Lex, Polly, IoTCore, Alexa or applications like Einstien analytics, Cortana, Google analytics are empowered by cloud as one can access them anytime paying just for the resources they used. To become part of this development, you can go through the resources like AWS Technical Essentials Online Course, blogs, video tutorials, online development playgrounds, FAQs etc., and explore in the depth of this technology where you will encounter the development of the websites, applications, networking, public/private/hybrid clouds.

Also, the cloud allows organisations to scale their computing resources with an increased or decreased demand. Those days are gone when companies have to buy expensive server setup to scale their operations. Now, they don’t have to worry about server security, extra upfront costs, or resources in order to expand their business.

Apart from these services, security is the major concern of all the organisations keeping their data over the server and cloud is the best solution. Companies can leverage protection, storage as a service keeping their confidential business information safe. They can store their data under own defined security rules or VPNs. Cloud vendors clone all this data at multiple data centres to recover it in case of theft or any other lost/ cyber attack.

Thus, we can see how cloud computing is transforming our businesses through its incredible services. This overall market is heading to its peak providing a golden opportunity for new joiners and old businesses to earn as much as they can by becoming the part of this innovation.

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