Combine Your Instagram Promotion Efforts with Email Marketing for Improving Revenue Generation

For business owners, it is imperative that they continuously find innovative as well as new strategies to market their products in this vastly competitive world today. Marketers must constantly evolve their strategies to stay at the top of their game. Otherwise, they risk falling behind, and other people will woo their clients. In this article, you will learn about an innovative way to combine your email marketing techniques with Instagram marketing to create a new strategy of marketing which will boost as well as improve your business revenues greatly.

Traditional email marketing

Many businesses have, over the years, traditionally used only email marketing to market their businesses and connect with users. In email marketing, users would receive emails where entrepreneurs would explain to them about their products and services and why anyone would be interested in using them. Marketers would explain in detail about the benefits of choosing a particular company or service, any upcoming special deals, any information deemed necessary for a user to know and so on. However, one of the problems with this method of sending emails was that the content would be completely textual as well as the chances of every recipient opening the emails and reading them completely would be quite slim.

Today, traditional email marketing lacks the widespread outreach and volume of the social media platforms. One can become easily enthralled with fast pace at which social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as Instagram, etc. have grown and nobody can truly deny the potential that email marketing has with around 4 billion active email users throughout the world. Thus, when you make a combination of these two, you may get yourself stunning results.

Using Social Media for Engaging and Generating Leads

A platform like, for instance, Instagram has around 900 million active users who log in and use the social platform on a monthly basis. This is attractive to the email marketing agents. Business owners can now showcase their products and their services on Instagram quite efficiently and gradually build engagement with users who are interested, and this can lead to generating new leads and converting casual users into paying customers. Brands can encourage people to avail of their products by simply showing them photos of their products and services.  Platforms such as Instagram who has more than 800 million active membersmonthly are especially attractive to the email marketers. The main function which Instagram serves is in increasing the brand’s visibility and then nurture their leads into more sales.

Some essential and practical techniques to use Instagram for expanding the email marketing lists:

How can you optimize your Instagram’s business profile?

One of the essential steps which you need to take to acquire leads for your email lists via Instagram is by adding an easy signup form over in your bio section.There you must include your website’s URL. These types of online forms can be a lot of help to generate good quality leads to help you in the email marketing campaigns. The reason is more people will see your content, and more people will like them, and consequently, they would want to learn more about your products and hence would like to sign up. It is also important for you to understand that creating these sign-up forms is not that difficult. In fact, there are a lot of services for e-mail marketing which you can successfully use to generate custom-made signup form to integrate your Instagram with theother various social media pages.

You have to make it positively sure that the forms are simple to fill and will still have a lot of fields to capture the basic profile of your leads. However, you have to strike a balance and not make your form too exhaustive so that people will simply tire up trying to fill it and then would eventually quit.

One useful strategy you can apply to persuade your Instagram followers that they sign up,byoffering attractive incentives to followers in Instagram as well as present them with something good and valuable. One of the things you could give them is good discounts, gift coupons, free entries to special events, samples of your products, etc.

Give good content to the Leads to win them over more

Once you have successfully captured a lead, you have to now make a very precise idea about the type of profile they have, for instance, their preferences, their likes, and dislikes, what social pages they follow and like, what type of products they like to buy online, what they expect from online shopping and how they view your brand and so on. Once you have done this, you can now divide and segment these leads into different groups and then send them personalized emails which they will feel to be more attractive and more enticing. You have to pay heed to see that the user’s experience is satisfying and they are very happy, this will ensure that they will recommend your products to other people.

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Instagram has revolutionized the way business is conducted; brands share the photos of their products which users like and when interested they pursue the brand to learn more about their details and finally end up purchasing the product. Hopefully, this article would have given you some insight on how you can get more benefits out of Instagram.

Author bio: Edwin K. Donaldson is a digital marketing expert who has written for various blogs and reputed websites about different innovative ways business owners can use social media to market their products and services. He wants more and more people to learn how to harness the potential of social media for their business purposes. Edwin recommends you to visit Gramista to learn how to increase your followers on Instagram effectively.

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