Common Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Nothing is more important than your life, but with the growing amount of pollution and the irregular lifestyle one leads today, health issues have become common to both men and women. And one such issue that cannot be overlooked is ‘cancer’. Taking into consideration women’s health, it is cervical cancer that is one of the most commonly diagnosed forms of the disease. Fortunately, this cancer type is completely preventable and treatable, but if and only if diagnosed at an early stage. Certain tests like, Pap smear have worked wonders to an extent in bringing down the number of deaths caused by this illness. But, the ignorant attitude towards the early signs of cervical cancer is one of the major reasons leading to the deaths.

7 Signs to Consider

Cervical cancer, according to medical science, is caused by HPV or Human Papillomavirus. This virus comes in different types, but few lead to cancer. The symptoms of this type of cancer are more subtle than other types of cancer, but you can spot them easily on paying attention. Here are a few such signs explained in brief:

# Unusual bleeding– This signifies the onset of cervical cancer. If you end up with unusual bleeding between your menstrual cycles or sexual intercourse, make sure to get in touch with a gynecologist. Remember, this symptom is important even during the post-menopause phase.

# Unusual discharge– It is quite normal for women to experience nominal quantity of odorless and clear discharge. But, at the same time, do check out for foul-smelling discharge. This can be a sign of cervical cancer as stated in the Joey Feeks Bio.

# Pain between legs and back-As the cervix swells up, the flow of blood to the lower back and the legs are likely to get interrupted. This, in turn, results in the swelling up of the legs, lower back and you start experiencing painful sensations. Also, pain in the hips and swelling up of the ankles are common with patients suffering from cervical cancer.

# Pelvic pain- Pain and cramps in the pelvic region is common among women, especially during the menstrual cycle; but in case you end up with frequent or acute pain lasting longer than the normal time-span, make sure to look out for a doctor who can help you to deal with it, thus ascertaining the actual cause.

# Uncomfortable sex– Dyspareunia or painful sex is one of the common symptoms of cervical cancer, and can thus, be attributed to the discomfort and the swelling caused by HPV infection. If you end up experiencing uncomfortable sex, get a checkup done at the earliest.

# Discomfort during urination– Even your urinary symptoms can indicate whether the cancer has spread or not and this should not be ignored. This includes stinging sensations and other sorts of discomfort while passing urine. Also, look for signs like, discoloration or passage of blood with urine.

# Irregular menstruation– Your menstruation phase possesses the power of directly reflecting the state and rhythm of your body and cervical cancer can end up disrupting or fluctuating it. Inconsistencies can also signify cervical cancer, and thus, should not be ignored.

In case of ending up with any of these symptoms, it is recommended to visit a gynecologist without wasting time,  so as to get back to a healthy life.

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