Complete Tour Guide for a Vacation in India

If you are planning a foreign trip which should have diversified options of entertainment and fun along with serenity, then India is one of the best choices for the same. It has got all kind of climates and landscapes which will make your vacation a fun-filled one. So are you dropping your idea for a trip to India due to budget issues? You may want to do a cross check of your currency conversion value like Euro to INR to find out the result.

India is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world. Being cheapest doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the quality of the tour. With India, you can expect a mindblowing experience. If you do a bit of research, you can find that millions of tourists visit India every year. Along with tourism, India is also a popular destination for medical tourism. It offers great and advanced medical facilities and that is also at the most cost-effective ways. So, before finalizing any other destination, just give a look at the USD to INR conversion rate with the help of a currency converter, then you can decide on the same.

Complete Itinerary for India Tour

The tourism destination in India is spread across all the four directions in the country. So, if you are looking for a complete tour of India, then you can follow the same and decide accordingly: –

  • North: – New Delhi can be your destination to land in India. From there you can take a trip to the Kashmir which is also known as the “Heaven on Earth”. You can then go to Ladakh along with a trip to the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. You may not want to miss Taj Mahal in Agra which is among the Seven Wonders in the world.
  • West: – In the western end of India, you can visit the Pink City i.e. Jaipur and get amazed with the amazing forts. The Great Rann of Kutch is a must to visit place in the west. Daman and Diu will be the perfect choice to get some relaxing time near the beaches. Goa in the southwestern side of India is one of the most popular destinations for foreign tourist. It is located in a half a day ride from the Mumbai International Airport.
  • East: – In the eastern side, you can take a ride on the toy train to Darjeeling along with Gangtok in Sikkim. The Sunderban in West Bengal is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers.
  • South: – In the southern end, you can enjoy the exotic beaches and wetlands along with a wide range of ancient temples and others.


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