The Crispy, Juicy and the Meaty Experience

This particular snack is so popular that any evening rendezvous, any particular occasion, any tea party or even any particular official meetings remain incomplete without it being served. It is such a tasty dish that during any outings when such hot snack is served with salads and sauces the mood is automatically elated. The name pakora hails originally from Sanskrit term Pakvavata meaning a cooked round cake made with help of rice grains. This particular snack is part of the food items in the Muslim festival of Ramazan and it’s in fact a great native fritter. It is very popular in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and of course, India. Previously, it was the spring time when this particular snack was served, but today you find it any restaurant and even in the street corners. Today, it is an all season and every occasion snack.

The traditional starter

In fact it is a traditional appetizer or starter which is served in all types of occasions and on regular days too. In fact the moment it starts raining there is a tendency among the people to relish such sort of snack. Though this snack initially hailed from the northern region in this country but there is particular preparation of it in the southern region also, this is known as the Andhra type. In general the crispy outside layer is rightly matched with the juicy and meaty filling that provides real delight. When you have guests in the house then you should not keep on wondering what type of snack to be served since you have the best choice in the form of this snack.

The perfect reminiscences

This crispy and delicious snack can be very conveniently served in birthday or marriage or any celebration party to the delight of thee guests. In every party, you will find that chicken pakora is served as a starter and the fabulous taste add up to the grandeur of the particular occasion. The classic reminiscences go very well with the taste of this snack and you can hear the rain falling outside. It got to be the crispy and juicy effect that brush up your memory completely. Now a particular health conscious resolution taken in the New Year may be avoiding fried snack. But the moment you get the authentic and mouth smacking feeling as this type of snack is within the sight then there is every possible chance is that you may forget the resolution.

The fascinating journey

 Somehow this snack does not contain that much of fat. In fact, chicken is quite high in terms of vitamins and the protein content is not that high. In nutshell, it is healthy because it helps to maintain the body weight at an optimum level. The journey of this snack across this vast subcontinent and the neighbouring countries has been really fascinating. More importantly the popularity has not decreased in any way. It has been found that the foreigners really relish such snack. And you will find the name of this appetizer in the Indian restaurant menus overseas.


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