Current Christian Movies to Watch on Crossflix

Dramatic changes have been seen in the industry ever since the first movie was released. Consumers are swaying in the path of streaming services and DVD’S are steadily disappearing from the market. Many companies are steering towards family and faith – based entertainment.

Crossflixis the latest and best one to enter this market. If you want to enjoynew Christian movies, free trial subscription is also available on this leading entertainment platform. Classic movies, documentaries and animated movies for children are mainly streamed. They all are family approved and faith-based and there is nothing to aggrieve conventional viewers. Bible sermons and teachings are also offered in addition to movies. Here is the list ofcurrent Christianmovies that are streaming on Crossflix.


This is the story of a marriage in which Heather and Darren Turner anticipated to spend their lives serving god, country and their family. But when battle etches scars, their marriage also face bitter consequences. It is based on real life story of an army officer and his wife. Indivisible stars Justin Breuning, Tia Mowry, Sarah Drew and Jason George.

God’s Not Dead: a Light in Darkness

It’s the long awaited flix series which returns after conquering many hearts.This movie shows how a small petty flame can brighten up lives even if a relationship is ended, a congregation is silenced and a church is demolished.

The riot and the dance:

The riot and the dance takes viewers towards the wonders and splendors of the creations of God. Biologist Gordon Wilson discusses his individual experiences at the cross path of science and faith and takes audience to a nature journey. The charismatic dramas are being played out by birds, snakes and beasts in their regular life. For the ones who are fascinated by nature, a perspective is added to their life after watching this single night theatre event.

A wrinkle in time:

At last, the cinematic charisma is got by Madeleine L’Engle’snovel that it deserves. Since the day it has been published, it garnered significant response for its dynamic characters and writer’s ability to combine faith with ideas of science. To consider your place in the universe -is the main ideology behind this adaption.

I can only imagine:

This movie elaborates the incredible real story of vocalist Bart Millard who wrote the song “I can only imagine”. This is the motivational song by MercyMe which is known by almost every Christian. This song explains Milliard journey to the world of music despite being born in a troubled home. Millard father’s transformation into a new person adds amazement to his life with Christ’s grace. Forgiveness gives beautiful power to rise above all the odds is centre idea of this song.

Sometimes when you want to just relax and chill, then watching a good movie is the best option. And as you know, Crossflix offers wide range of new Christian movies. You can watch any sort of movie and enjoy your weekend.

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