Why Should You Design Your Website Keeping Social Media Marketing and Instagram Promotions in Mind?

Good web design is a must when it comes to enticing users and captivating their attention to buy your products or avail of your services. Ideally, good web design must be simple and easy to navigate. Incorporating Instagram like designs can be helpful because of this simplicity which is so inherent in Instagram and which has catapulted the social media app to become the most sought-after and lucrative marketing platform on the internet today. In this article, you will learn how you can incorporate various Instagram design patterns in your business website’s design.

The heart-shaped “like” button

Instagram believes in simplicity and so should you. The heart-shaped “like” button on Instagram makes it easy for users to express their interest in a content which they fancy. There are no elaborate options for sharing or reposting on Instagram but a simple “like” button, and then you move on. You can apply this simple trick on your website also. Put a similar “like” button of a design of your choice in your website after you put in your content. This will allow your users to understand that they do not have to navigate through your site too much to get what they want. If a user does not like your content, he will simply move on. Your business website, ideally, an e-commerce website will have lots of visitors and customers. It will do newcomer customers good to see how many people have taken a fancy to your product. This can encourage them to purchase something also.

Post your content in a photo stream feed

This is the unique Instagram feature which you can incorporate into your website’s design directly. Instagram’s core simplicity lies in its visual exuberance. There are no options for posting long textual content but the focus is directly on the product, and the user will look at the photo of the product and decide if they want it or not. This is one feature which you must incorporate. In your website’s design, post the pictures of your products in a photo stream display towards the right-hand side or in the central space of your homepage. Keeps this stream running with simply the photos and no added descriptions. The descriptions will all be put inside embedded links which will come out in bubble-shaped dialog boxes should a customer chooses to probe into a photo of a product which he or she feels is worth fancying. This will reduce textual content on our homepage and make it look not too cluttered with information.


Allow customers and users to comment on the photos of our products on our business website on a separate page. Instagram has the comment feature like almost all other social media platform and although commenting is not unique to Instagram but it is more streamlined in Instagram because people do not post irrelevant comments and only comments related to the products will be featured. You also have to incorporate this design into your website. Feature useful comments both praising and criticizing your products. Even reply back to both criticisms and praises, and try to solve grievances of customers. This will help you in the long run because when users see a business enterprise replying back to their queries directly onto their business page and not just on social media, then it will offer much more credence and generate trust. Users will trust your brand and buy your products more.


Hashtags help to streamline and locate specific information related to products. Just like you put hashtags on Instagram posts. Similarly, you can put hashtags on your business website with the hashtags helping your customers to find other related products on your site. You can make your web design hashtag friendly by simply allowing your search box to put up recommended hashtags automatically to users when they look up something, and you can also use an Autofill feature for this purpose. This move will provide you more sales because when customers are looking for a certain product, it may be so that they would like to buy other related products also and having readily shown up in front of them will increase the likelihood of them purchasing them also.

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What is the need of having an efficient web design?

One of the easiest ways by which you can get more conversion and better revenues is by having an efficient web design. Ideally, good web design should have a simple layout where a user will feel comfortable in navigating through your website to find what he or she requires. The colors and the fonts also need to be appealing. Combining Instagram with your business website can help you in this aspect. Instagram has become the most popular social media platform in a matter of a few years, beating social media giants like Facebook and Twitter in overall monthly user activity. Instagram allows you to seamlessly upload your content in the form of photos and videos which a user can find on his or her feed when he looks for the relevant hashtags which you would have put. This simplicity is what is missing in your web design and which you must implement to make your business website more accessible and usable.  Understand that the goal is to make your site as simple to understand for a casual user as possible while also introducing a degree of familiarity in them. Hopefully, this article would have helped you in understanding how you can apply Instagram tools in your web design.

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