Electrician Northern Beaches offering unique Lighting ideas for Smart Home

The easiest place would be to start with lighting if you are starting to dip your toe into upgrading your home to a smart home.

It can make a huge difference in how you interact with your home as switching out a light bulb requires very little time and effort. Making lighting more integral to our everyday lives the household technology is undergoing a transformation.

We are going to use light to alter our moods, protect our well-being, and safeguard our houses and also saving a bunch of energy to see it in a better way and this is where the electrician Northern Beaches renders their effective help.

From the temporary changes to the permanent upgrades, it is the lighting week and we are exploring the different ways you can make your lighting smarter.

The following are the tips which will help you make the most of the lights which you already have even if you are not ready to get smart lights yet but the emergency electrician Northern Beaches Sydney are already there to help you out here.

Smart bulbs to start from

Smart bulbs are arguably the easiest way to upgrade your lighting. You can swap out the existing ones with the help of the residential electrical services Sydney and replace them with Phillips Hue, Lifx Mini, Eufy Lumos LED, and the other models.

electrician Northern Beaches

To control your lights with your phone or through Alexa or Google Assistant, these smart bulbs allows you to do this. Even if you do not have a dimmer switch, you can schedule them to turn on at any time and dim them as well.

Playing with color-changing bulbs

You will usually get to see two options white only and color when you are shopping for the color bulbs. The color bulbs allow you to set your lights to any color of the rainbow as they usually cost a bit more.

You can have loads of fun with your lights. Many models have light settings that mimic the sunrise or sunset and allows you to change the light from an energizing bluish white to a calming warm orange out of the box.

To change the colors when the alarm goes off you can program your lights accordingly. As you fall asleep or slowly illuminate at sunrise as you can also make them slowly fade to darkness and this is done through the electrician Northern Beaches Sydney.

Trying smart light switches

Smart bulbs can quickly become expensive if you have a lot of lamps or recessed lighting. Smart light switches are what the solution here is.

Allowing you to turn lights on and off on a schedule or with a smart assistant without changing your existing light bulbs, these control all of the lights which are wired to one switch and it is better that you take the help from the commercial electrical services if you face or come across any issue.

Layering your lights

In the look and in the feel of your home lighting plays a huge role and especially when it comes to the electricians in Sydney. It is most likely that your lights would need attention if you have decorated your space to your liking.

From the ambient to accent, start making sure that you have layers of light in each room.

All while you are curled up on the couch, you can call up an app on your smartphone or tablet and control zones that way if walking over to a wall panel is too much effort at the end of a long day. You won’t even have to swipe a finger if your app is voice-activated.

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