Electronic Cigarettes in Relation to Pregnancy

If you are an expectant mother, who is into smoking you will be looking at ways to quit smoking. Some are of the opinion whether E cigarettes during pregnancy in the form of Vape tanks or pens are a worthwhile option or not. It is a battery operated cigarette where chemicals are turned into a vapour which is then inhaled.

Is it safe?

The truth of the matter is that there is no form of standard protocol in place as far as e cigarettes is concerned. What is the amount of chemicals or nicotine it contains no clear cut idea is formulated. No studies have been conducted in relation to their safety and the FDA has not approved it at the same time.

Coupled with the fact that nicotine works out to be an addictive substance that casts a shadow over reproduction and hampers fetal brain development at the same time. One thing is for sure it goes on to increase the chances of Sudden infant death syndrome. Any form of tobacco products is it chewing or snuffing it is associated with a higher risk of premature delivery. So the message is loud and clear that Vaping while pregnant or traditional cigarettes should be avoided at any cost during pregnancy.

The worst part is that a lot of pregnant women did not have a clear line of thinking when it comes to e cigarettes. Around 40 % of them considered them to be a safe option, only 57 % felt that it had nicotine in them and the worse aspect is that 61 % only left it could have a bad impact on their health. In the study conducted only 13 % of the population went on to use this form of cigarettes, whereas the others pointed that they did consider it to be a safe option than the regular form of cigarettes.

In the event of you having a hard time to quit smoking then it is suggested that you go on to consider nicotine replacement therapy. It would include nasal spray, gum coupled with patches. Before you go on to use such products it is suggested that you seek the opinion of your doctor. In fact you should be under the close eyes of their supervision as well.

What nicotine does to your body?

Whatever one might have to say any cigarettes be it a traditional or an electronic one, it goes on to put nicotine to you and your baby. If there is exposure to it before birth it can lead to altered brain structure. The worse aspect is that any form of nicotine is going to show up in your breast milk as well.

In the real world there should not be a single woman who needs to smoke. But this is not the case as many pregnant women do smoke. So the message to them is loud and clear the moment you come across the fact that you are pregnant stop smoking.

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